Remote Control for Vizio TVs for Android

Vizio is one of the leading brands offering the most advanced television sets that come with Vizio TV remote control features. While the Vizio TVs are affordable, there is an advantage of remotely controlling the television channels through the TV remote for Vizio smart TV Android apps.

Users of Vizio TVs just need to download the Vizio TV remote control app for Android and watching television becomes so convenient. The advantage of using this smart TV remote Vizio app is that it starts working immediately after installation and does not require you to configure or setup your device.

Another benefit is that this remote control app for Vizio TV works like your real remote control and can be used with the older versions of your Vizio TVs as well. 

What Vizio TVs Remote Control Apps would do?

With the amazing Vizio remote feature of universal remote app for Vizio TV, it is possible to control the functionalities of a TV with the Android mobile application.

The benefit of this Vizio controller app is that even if you have lost your remote control, you can switch on your television with the Vizio remote control app and enjoy watching your favorite shows.   

Some of the top Vizio remote apps are as follows:

1. Peel Universe – Smart TV Remote Control

Peel Universe is the best TV remote app for Vizio which is very popular among the fans. There are over 50 million users who enjoy using this Vizio universal remote app and its advanced features. Other than the Vizio TV, this Vizio smart TV remote app works with all the television models from the leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG and others.

You need Wi-fi connection to set up your device with this app and can then later on use the IR feature remotely. This best Vizio remote app works like a universal TV remote and has an awesome feature of sending notifications to the mobile device. Not only TV but you can remotely control other devices also such as Blue-ray player or DVD and other smart appliances with this peel smart remote Vizio. 


Peel Universe remotes for Vizio smart TV app is available for free with in-app purchase value ranging from $1 to $10. 


The compatibility of Peel Universe Vizio TV remote app varies with the Android device. 

2. VizControl

VizControl is another great Vizio smart TV remote app which is easy to use and works well with all the television models other than Vizio. With this best remote app for Vizio TV, you would love to watch the TV programs you like by controlling them from distance and switching the channels with your remote app for Vizio TV app sitting remotely within the range of 3 to 15 feet.

This Vizio Android remote app has all the main functions similar to your original remote control and can be a good substitute for it in case it gets lost or stolen. Setting up streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix is also possible with the Vizio remote app Android. The application of this Vizio app remote includes other features as well.

With this Vizio TV remote control app, you can control your TV on any phones with the Infrared interface and the local network. 


VizControl sony Vizio smart TV remote app is available to download for free. 


The VizControl Vizio TV remote for Android app is compatible with Android 4.4 version and above.  

3. TV Remote for Vizio TV

The TV Remote for Vizio TV app is one of the best remote for Vizio TV apps that works with all the popular models of television sets such as D series, E series, P series and others from the Vizio brand. This Vizio smart TV remote app Android is available to work using Wi-Fi, IR or IP connections.

Just be within its range of your quick remote Vizio app and start controlling the television such as changing its channels, controlling the volume and basic operations such as turning your TV on or off. This Vizio TV app remote application is easy to configure, simple to use and can be a good alternative solution in case your actual remote runs out of battery or gets broken.     


TV Remote for Vizio TV, one of the top remote apps for Vizio TV, is available to be downloaded for free. 


This Vizio TV remote app for Android is compatible with the Android version of 2.3 and beyond. 

4. SURE Universe Smart TV Remote

SURE Universe Smart TV Remote app Vizio is one of the universal TV remote apps with user-friendly interface. Sure Universe is the developer of this Vizio wifi remote app that connects to Android devices such as Vizio TV, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast and others. It is possible to customize your preferences by changing the user permission settings with this Vizio remote control app.

Using built-in features of IR blaster or the Wi-Fi to IR converter, this Vizio TV remote app Android very well supports your devices. Not only television but the other devices such as smart appliances or air conditioners can also be operated well with this remote control for Vizio app.

Premium users of this Vizio smart TV remote control app enjoy the benefit of dedicated customer support.  


The basic plan of this Vizio remote control app Android is free of charge while the premium plan is available starting from $5. 


SURE Universe Smart TV Remote app is compatible with the Android version of 4.2 and above. 

5. TV Remote for Vizio

TV Remote for Vizio is one of the leading TV remote apps for Vizio television sets. The app amazingly works well with almost all the Android devices since it uses the IR blast functionality which is present in every Android phone.

With this best universal remote app for Vizio TV, you can experience the comfort of controlling your television by sitting remotely within the specified line of sight. This TV remote for Vizio app is lightweight and its interface is quite similar to that of your original remote control. So, it is easy and quite convenient to use.

The app also supports the feature of manual configuration. 


You can download this Vizio TV remote Android app free of cost.


This remote control for Vizio TV app has compatibility with version 2.3 and beyond of your Android devices. 

Control Any of your Android Devices Remotely with mSpy App

While using Vizio phone remote apps as your digital remote control applications is a good alternative whenever you do not have your original remote control with you, but there’s another way of remotely controlling your Android device.

You can do it by using mSpy app. So, you can enjoy using both the remote control and the mSpy application. With the Vizio TV control app, you can switch your television channels and control other features in your TV, and with the mSpy app, you can monitor or track the phone activities on your devices.


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