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Top 10 Best Free Employee Monitoring Software 2021

In these days when criminal activities are on the rise, monitoring employees at the workplace using employee monitor software free has become extremely important which includes using security cameras and software used for keeping a watchful eye on your workforce.

Employee surveillance is possible to a good extent with the use of some employee computer monitoring software free tools that can be used for gathering all the information about all the activities of your employees. 

Some of the best 10 free employee monitoring software 2019 are listed as follows:

TeraMind Employee Monitoring

TeraMind Employee Monitoring

TeraMind Employee Monitoring is one of the great screen monitoring software free tools to use on the internet which is quite popular among employers. With its user-centric security feature, this track computer activity free software can be used for monitoring the employee behavior.

This free computer tracking software tool has been developed mainly for collecting and identifying the data from the employees and use it for future purposes.  

Price: The TeraMind software free version can be downloaded for free and the cost of the premium version of the software starts from $50.   

ActivTrak Monitoring for Employee

ActivTrak Monitoring for Employee

The ActivTrak Monitoring for Employee software is the best free computer monitoring software that is easy to use. It is a cloud-based solution and can be easily installed. One of the unique features of this best pc monitoring software free is that it is not visible to the users once installed.

It is possible to track real-time activity of employees that offers some great benefits such as enhancing their productivity and generating comprehensive reports about their user activities. The software blocks malicious websites and has some great options such as using activity-based alarm and taking screenshots of the remote workstations.    

Price: This employee monitoring software is available in both the fixed as well as custom enterprise price plans. 

Qustodio App

Qustodio Monitoring for PC

Qustodio Monitoring for PC is a desktop monitoring software free tool that can be used as a third-party application and is compatible to work with all the operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The tool consists of 26 filters used for restricting the employees from specific activities such as playing games and using social media.

Through this monitor user internet activity freeware, it is possible to set time limits of their activities and take screenshots after regular intervals which ensures that their tasks are monitored consistently. The biggest advantage of using this remote monitoring software free tool is that the employers can get live notifications when the employees are caught indulging in wrongful activities. 

Price: Qustodio Monitoring for PC is free software, but it’s premium version is also available for $40 per year. 

VeriClock Monitoring Software

VeriClock Monitoring Software

VeriClock is one of the best free employee monitoring software applications used for time tracking your employees. You can generate reports through this cloud-based free software to monitor computer activity and use it for your future purpose.

Available in different platforms, the free employee tracking software can be used on operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. Several main features of this software include using a digital signature, real-time monitoring, smartphone punch clock, GPS tracking, phone punch clock, and others. 

Price: You can download this free employee tracking software at no cost which is the trial version and has limited features. The paid version of this software starts from $10 per month. 

InterGuard PC Monitoring

InterGuard PC Monitoring

One of the best browser monitoring software free applications, InterGuard PC Monitoring has great functionalities of monitoring what the employees are surfing on the internet such as web filtering, anti-theft recovery, employee monitoring, and data loss prevention.

Some other awesome features this monitoring software for Windows 7 has to include tracking the geolocation, monitoring the email or webmail activities, blocking specific programs, tracking the files, filtering the websites and retrieving critical data. 

Price: The trial version of this employee internet monitor software is available for free to download while the premium version can be purchased at $8 per user for a period of one month. 

Time Doctor for PC

Time Doctor for PC

The Time Doctor for PC is a free employee monitoring software designed by in the year 2012. It is a web-based employee tracker software tool with a SaaS time tracking feature that can be used on different operating systems including Chromium, Windows, Linux, Mac, and others.

Some of the best features to enjoy with this remote monitoring software freeware include screen monitoring, tracking website usage, time tracking, client login access, integrating the various functions such as Payroll and others. 

Price: You can download the free trial version of this software and buy the premium version of the software at $9.99 for one month for every user.   



HubStaff is a PC tracking software free application that can be used for tracking the time of employees and is compatible to run on various computing devices with operating systems such as Android, iOS, and others. The free internet tracking software tool is so easy to install that you do not require the assistance of a professional to run this application.

The application has received some of the great employee monitoring software reviews for its awesome features such as tracking automatic payroll, monitoring GPS and location, tracking the activity levels of employees, taking screenshots and others. 

Price: The trial version of this computer monitoring software free full download can be accessed online while you can purchase the premium version with the price starting from $5. 

StaffCop Employee PC Monitoring

StaffCop Employee PC Monitoring

StaffCop is one of the top workplace monitoring software to use which is available as a bundled solution of services and offers some great features that ensure the safety of your businesses. This application boosts up employee efficiency and effectively tracks the employees’ time.

With this employee internet monitoring tool, you can benefit from features important for your workplaces such as data leak prevention and security incidents. Through the feature of remote administration, it is possible to control the activities of your employees very well. 

Price: The StaffCop software is available for free but you can get the paid version at $45 for one workstation. 

Desk Time

Desk Time

Desk Time is one of the top software to monitor employees which works great and offers valuable benefits of seeking detailed visuals about the activities of your employees, taking the screenshots automatically and others that boost up the daily productivity timeline of your employees.   

Price: This computer monitoring software for business is available to download for free while the premium version can be purchased at $7 per month. 

Veriato 360 Monitoring

Veriato 360 Monitoring

Veriato 360 Monitoring is the best employee PC monitoring software available on the web. This monitor employee computer usage application enables the owner of the businesses and their managers to track employee activities during their work time.

Through the built-in tracking programs for computers available in this software, you can record whenever they receive and send emails, and even the social messages sent and received on applications through chat and instant messaging. 

Price: This computer monitoring app has a free trial version and the premium version starts from $140 per seat. 

Many software to monitor employee internet usage activities is available that you can download for free on the web. Using the workstation monitoring software can prevent the cost of bearing expenses related to cyberbullying, online thefts, internet hacking and other online threats which also boosts their productivity at the workplace.

For these reasons, large employers opt for installing the employee internet monitoring software tools to take due advantage of them to prevent such incidents to happen and hence these tools can prove out to be extremely valuable for the employers.

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  • Employees are the backbones of any business or company. We can try to argue about it, but it is the truth. The success of any business rests in their hands. But I have always wondered if there was another way to test their loyalty apart from putting a hundred percent trust in HRM. It is nice to know that we can monitor the employees.

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