Facebook Spy: How to Track Someone’s Location on Facebook

Can Facebook track your location? Not everyone is aware that it is possible to track someone through the awesome feature of Facebook GPS location. With this option, you can find someone by phone number on Facebook, spy on that person and even call him. Facebook GPS tracker is one of the best ways to stalk someone and find details about his whereabouts.

It proves out to be very useful especially when you want to find someone by phone number Facebook and track him without his consent. For this, you should have his few details and the right software. Do you feel the need of finding the location of someone? Following are the steps on how to find out who someone is on Facebook:

Part 1: Step by Step Instructions on How to Stalk anyone on Facebook: Spyzie

Part 1: Step by Step Instructions on How to Stalk anyone on Facebook: Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the best Facebook user location software used as Facebook stalker tracker app with the application to track someone using the iOS and Android devices. This track Facebook location app is though basically meant to track phone calls, internet browsing history and text messages, it works very well for stalking on Facebook if you know how to find someone by phone number on Facebook. 

Create your Spyzie Account

First of all, you must create an account on Spyzie, one of the top Facebook GPS tracking apps, by entering your email and password. After you have created your account, you can try the application using the trial version. To access the premium features in this Facebook locator app, you can opt for paid subscription. 

Complete the Process of Account Setup 

Once you have finished creating your account, you can go to the Setup Wizard. From here, you can just follow the instructions for activating the fb location tracker application to use how to location on Facebook. If you own an iPhone, you can just verify your account on your target phone device. If you have an Android phone, you will have to install the Facebook message location app on your phone.

Enable the option of “unknown users” for activating your account under the sub-category of “Security” and going to the “Settings” option. Please note that you need to subscribe to the premium plan for accessing the Facebook friend location finder.

How to Install the App

Next step you can follow is to install the Facebook tracking location in your phone. If you have an iPhone user, you will need to verify your iCloud account. In case you own an Android phone, just open your Spyzie account for activating the Facebook login location tracker app. This is a simple process and takes just less than 1 minute. 

Follow the Instructions

On your desktop screen, you will be asked to follow some instructions. You will also be asked to allow giving permission to the app for accessing the media files on your phone. 

Login to Start using the FB Messenger Location App

After you have followed all the above steps and instructions, you can log into your friend locator on Facebook account and start monitoring the internet activities of your kids on Facebook. 

Start Stalking Anyone on Facebook GPS App

When you have activated your Spyzie account, you can start using it for stalking anyone. This locates people on Facebook app allows you to have a smooth experience of tracking just anyone. You will see that it’s not difficult to find how to locate a person on Facebook.

In the Facebook Messenger, you will find there are many features available that display the physical location of any user using the share location on Facebook app. If your Facebook friend whom you want to track has turned his phone GPS on, you can certainly track him using your Spyzie app. To find how to see friends’ locations on Facebook and how to view someone’s activity on Facebook, you will need to follow some steps. 

So, how do you see someone’s activity on Facebook? Firstly, go to your Spyzie account and access the internet browsing history of anyone. This will display all kinds of activities of that person such as checking his recent activities on Facebook, setting location on the Facebook Messenger app, tracing his mobile device using the tracking feature of Spyzie Facebook id location app and the find someones Facebook by phone number feature. 

Part 2: How to Locate People on Facebook with Marauder’s App

Part 2: How to Locate People on Facebook with Marauder’s App

In the Harry Potter novel, you must have come across “Marauders-map” which displays location of each student studying in the Hogwarts. Marauder’s app is the same type of locating friends on Facebook app using which you can locate your friends easily and it proves out to be the best way to find someone on Facebook. 

Just go to the Google Chrome web store and search for Marauder’s app. Or else you can also download this locating friend on Facebook app from the website. 

In the Chrome Settings option, you can enable developer mode and then you can easily use the friend locator Facebook feature to view anyone on Facebook as far as they have turned on the “Share Location” option in the Facebook search location. 

When you click on the user chat history option in Facebook, you can make specific configurations about whereabouts of any person using the Marauder’s Facebook friend locator app.

Next, you can find some of the best how to stalk on Facebook tips.

Part 3: Top Tips On How To Track Someone Safely

Part 3: Top Tips on How to Track Someone Safely

Protect the Password

Protecting the password of your phone is the best and easy method of keeping it safe from being affected by any spyware. It does not even take a minute to securely lock your phone. You must choose an unpredictable password or else you can install any of the security apps such as AppNotifier.

Whenever you install a new application on your phone, you receive an email notification with the security app. It also locks your phone with high privacy that makes it very difficult for anyone to find your details.  

Change the Default Settings

As per the studies, it shows that over 80 percent of people prefer using default settings as set up by the manufacturers, but this can result in anyone spying on you using these details. For instance, Facebook Messenger has default settings that share your current location with others.

If you do not change these settings and turn off this option, anyone can easily locate your whereabouts. 

Inactivate the Software

If you think that someone is tracking you through GPS (Global Positioning System), you can simply inactivate the software. Once inactivated, no one can come to know anything about your whereabouts unless you have another location sharing application running on your phone. You should also clear your chat activity as others can use it to track you and your activities on your phone. Clearing browsing history, chat activities and call details will prevent you from becoming the victim of being spied. 

Update your Mobile Operating System

Every time you share the operating system of your phone, app data could wipe out which could otherwise be used for tracking purposes. You should thus update your mobile operating system regularly after a few weeks time to stay safe. 

Part 4: How can I Disable the Location Sharing Option on Facebook Messenger?

Part 4: How can I Disable the Location Sharing Option on Facebook Messenger?

Can you be tracked on Facebook? The answer is yes. As stated before, Facebook Messenger has the option to share location. Through this option, it is possible for anyone to track you even if the app is not running if they also know how to see someone’s recent activity on Facebook.

When you send a message to your friend, your location can still be shared with your friends. So, you can just disable this location sharing option in the Facebook Messenger. Following are the ways you can do this:

From App’s Settings

Go to the Settings option in your Facebook Messenger app. Tap the gear icon and disable the location-sharing feature by turning it off. After you change these settings, the messages you send would not include your location and your whereabouts will also not be shared with anyone. This method works well on both Android and iOS devices. 

From Android Settings

After you have turned off the location sharing feature on Facebook Messenger as per the above step, you can still take precautionary steps. Go to Settings in your phone and select App Permissions. Then go to “Location Sharing” option from where you can see a list of all the applications installed on your phone that track your location. If you can see Messenger on this list, just turn it off. 

From iPhone Settings

Go to Settings on your iPhone, choose Privacy and then select the option of “Location Services”. From this step, you can view all the installed applications that could track your phone location. Just be aware of how to disable Facebook location and simply turn off the Facebook Messenger app from there. 

How do I search for someone on Facebook by location? If you are highly interested to know, follow the above steps and you can successfully track anyone you want. Spyzie and Marauder’s app are excellent spy friends Facebook applications that you can use including the feature of Facebook tracking phone calls.

While you can track others, you can also protect yourself from being tracked by others using some of the methods listed above on how to turn off location on Facebook messenger. Changing the settings on your phones is a perfect way to stay safe while you must also ensure not to share any sensitive information with others.

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