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How to Use Router to Monitor Which Websites are Visited?

If you want to monitor the list of websites browsed on your device, it is possible to track this information if you and others share the same Wi-Fi network connection. Using the router, you can monitor the websites visited by others even if they are on different devices.

It is possible to easily track this information about their browsing history without the need to contact them for any details. Keylogging is one of the methods of monitoring the incoming or outgoing traffic on your device. This can be done using a router to connect the target device.  

Why Keylogging is Possible?

Why Keylogging is Possible?

Keylogging is possible using a keylogger app and a router that you can configure in such a way that it maintains log details of all the websites you or your friends might have visited on the shared network. There are several iOS keylogger third-party apps available to download and install that you can use for keylogging purposes. 

Why Keylogging Should be Used?

Keylogging can be used for several purposes such as monitoring the chat history, browsing history and applications used on a computing device. Using the keylogging functionalities, it is possible to get the screenshots of your employee’s activities, documents they might have opened and their internet usage details to ensure they are not using the workstations for wrong purposes. 

Cybercrime is common these days which allows hackers to steal sensitive information such as username, password and credit card details. Using a keylogging app would help in monitoring such unlawful activities. Moreover, you can also track what your kids are surfing on the web to ensure they have safe internet experience. 

If you now understand what keylogger meaning is and how useful it is, following are some of the top keylogger applications that can be used to monitor the browsed websites using a router:

App 3*: mSpy


mSpy is one of the best router monitoring keyloggers for iOS applications. Through this app, it is possible to track features such as call log and social log on apps such as WhatsApp. The app can be accessed from any of the web browsers and requires just 5 minutes of installation. Other than iOS, it is compatible with other operating systems such as Android and Windows while it is also possible to install the keylogger on mac. 


mSpy, the best monitor app for iPad, works well as a great router monitoring application that allows parents and employers to track the location of anyone and monitor their web usage activities. 


You need to have a premium account for monitoring non-standard applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. 

Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger

Elite Keylogger is one of the leading tracking apps for iPad which is very user-friendly. Using this iPad spy software, you can store the log details related to emails, texts, and browsing data. It uses three automatic log methods and can enable monitoring the screen as well as taking screenshots of your computer. With this app, you can track incoming and outgoing emails along with other applications in the system while it is also possible to track the unwanted e-emailers.  


Elite Keylogger app can be easily installed in the visible mode.  


The app does not monitor the new files created. 

Hoverwatch App


Another leading app for monitoring keystroke is Hoverwatch. It is a free keylogger application that you can use to track all the recorded data from your online account itself. Some of the main keylogger features available in this app include recording calls and data and tracking the location of your device.

The app remains invisible in your device and monitors the text messages received and sent on social media applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and others.  


You can monitor the web activities while the app remains in the hidden mode. It frequently captures screenshots of your computer screen that helps in monitoring the web activities effectively and consistently. 


Installation of the app is not possible remotely.

Aobo keylogger App

Aobo keylogger

Aobo keylogger is a useful app that monitors the visited websites by recording the keystrokes and taking desktop screenshots. The app can be installed easily and used for sending the log file details to emails. It is possible to easily monitor what your kids and employees are doing on their computing devices. Your passwords and hotkeys remain protected while you are using this application. 


The app also offers a trial version that can be used to experience the app and explore its features. 


Recording passwords is only possible with the professional edition of the Aobo keylogger app which costs $149.95. 

Spyrix Keylogger Free

Spyrix Keylogger Free

Remote monitoring is possible with the Spyrix Keylogger Free app that records your passwords, takes screenshots from your desktops and records the keystrokes typed in your computing devices.

It records the complete user activity including the date and time on when the keystrokes were entered, on which computing devices and by whom. This best tracking app for the iPad also generates reports for any of the programs running on your computer. 


You can view the recorded keystrokes even if they are removed and are not detected by anti-virus software. 


Monitoring the messages on social sites and instant messaging apps is possible in the paid version only. 

Kidlogger Free App

Kidlogger Free

Kidlogger Free is a great parental controlling app that allows you to monitor the internet activities of your kids so that you can stop worrying about them. Through this tool, you can set limits on their web usage activities and can possibly restrict access to unwanted sites.

The premium version of this app has a sound recording option that you can benefit from to monitor whether your kids may not be communicating with an online predator. 


The Kidlogger Free app allows tracking keystrokes and monitors the detailed activity logs. 


Free version of the Kidlogger Free does not allow recording audio and covers only one device.

Refog Personal Monitor App

Refog Personal Monitor

Refog Personal Monitor is a family-friendly app that can be used for logging, capturing and recording the keystrokes that you type in all the Windows including the passwords. This best phone app for the iPad works well for sending and receiving chat messages and monitoring all the visited sites.

You can keep all the details such as log off and log on events, voice and Skype chat details and captures the screens of your devices very well. 


The app has a sleek and modern user interface. 


It does not have tools used for blocking websites and applications. 

Perfect Keylogger Lite for Mac App

Perfect Keylogger Lite for Mac

Perfect Keylogger Lite for Mac is the best keylogger mac app which works perfectly to record the key touches and chat sessions on your system. After you have installed the app, it hides and starts recording the keystrokes you enter.

It has the feature of setting short intervals for specific applications for recording screenshots of your computer screen. The app uses a customizable combo key for activating the program to retrieve all the information you record. 


The app records the visited websites even if you have turned on private browsing. 


It does not have offered the feature of email monitoring. 

SniperSpy for Mac App

SniperSpy for Mac

SniperSpy for Mac is a great router monitoring software used as an Apple keystroke logger app. This app is an ideal solution if you are looking to monitor a device from any location. Parents and employers can use this application which provides the exact details on what others are doing.

With this app, it is possible to block and filter the content as per your custom preferences. Other features also include web filters and social media filters with the time control option. 


SniperSpy for Mac, the best freecell app for iPad, offers the feature of real-time monitoring and taking screenshots. 


The app does not allow email monitoring and lacks enough memory space to save the screenshots. 

 Real Free Keylogger App

 Real Free Keylogger

One of the best keylogger scanner mac apps, Real Free Keylogger is very simple to use. The app runs on stealth mode in the paid version. The app has scheduler feature in it that starts logging you in automatically and it is possible to export the log files to an HTML file. The app has a very basic and simple control panel offering the basic functions to start and stop monitoring, enabling stealth mode and exporting and deleting the log files. 


The app is password protected and its scheduler feature limits the overloading of the recorded data.  


The app does not have good reviews and only a limited number of its downloads so far leaves doubts on the app performance. 

Best Keylogger Apps for Android Device – Spyzie and mSpyTrackerThere are many legitimate keylogger apps that work with routers and can be used for monitoring which websites you have visited such as mSpyTracker and Spyzie. Keylogging is used for several different purposes and can be done effectively using these mobile applications that are available to be downloaded for free while fully advanced features can be experienced in the premium versions. 

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