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How Do You See Someone’s Locations on Your iPhone?

Where can I find location services on the iPhone? For different reasons, you may need to track the location of someone. You might be worried about your child and his safety while he is playing in the playground or partying out with his friends. To trace whether he has left the place and on the way home, you can use locator for the iPhone app.

Another situation could be when your spouse is cheating on you at your back and you would like to know where he goes after work and with whom. Finding his changed behaviour and tracking his phone activities to check with whom he is talking would help you to control his behaviour.

If you own a business and have employed workers under you who are required to visit the client sites on a regular basis, you can monitor their phone locations to confirm whether they are on work. ‘How to look up someone’s number for free’ If any of the above scenarios or similar situations apply to you, you can monitor just anyone using phone tracking applications. 

Using the phone locating tracking app, you can effectively monitor someone using plenty of features available in the mobile application. Since everyone keeps a phone with him and aware of using a mobile app, this method is the most easy and simple way of monitoring anyone.


How can you find someone’s location on iPhone’ You do not need to be a hacker to start tracking what somebody does on his phone. The installation process of setting up the lookup iPhone app in your phone is quick and simple, usually, a 3 steps process and just anyone can spy using the phone app without any difficulty and without the need for any technical assistance. 

Can I find my iPhone from another iPhone? Yes, it is possible to find just any phone device whether you have an iPhone or any other device such as Android device or iOS device.

This simply requires you to install and run a spying app that works as a great tool to monitor anyone. By turning on location sharing option, you can share your own location with your family members. Can your phone be tracked with location services off?

If you have turned off location sharing, it becomes hard to track your mobile number but using a spying app, you can track your phone using the last tracked location. 

There are many different tools other than this on how you can trace someone’s phone location such as using iOS Family Sharing, Find My Friends, FamiSafe and others. Cell phone number tracking is one such ways of tracking someone.

Using the phone number, you can exactly locate the real spot where someone is which is otherwise a very troublesome process. Finding the location of a stolen or lost phone otherwise involves a lot of documentation and formalities, such as visiting a mobile store and reporting the IMEI number of the phone user.

With location tracking online, you only need to have the phone number of the person you wish to spy, and you can easily monitor just anyone you would like without any hassles involved. ‘Can you track a phone with location services off’ Yes, with the top-notch phone location tracking apps available on the web, it is possible to monitor just anyone you would like. 

You might need to know some of the best methods on how you can track the location of someone on your iPhone device. Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are the two applications you can use if you know how to find the location of someone. Below is the detailed information on how you can do this using these applications:

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's iPhone without their Knowledge using Find My Friends?

How can you Find Someone’s Location on his iPhone using Find My Friends App?

If you have been imagining – how to find someone’s location by phone? Well, this is possible using Find My Friends application that helps you to view someone’s location on the iPhone.

If you have the iOS 8 version on your phone, you can go to the App Store and download the app from there and install it on your phone. Then you can also make sure that the phone you want to track has to Find My Friends application installed.

Alternatively, if you are using the iOS 9 version, you can find this app as an in-built application already installed on your phone and thus you can start using the app without any difficulty. Can I find my iPhone if location services are off?

Using the Find My Friends app, you can possibly do this and track just any phone you want.

Using the Find My Friends app, you can possibly do this and track just any phone you want.

To start using the Find My Friends app and use it for tracking locations, the following are the steps on how to get around find my friend’s app:

  • Step 1: In case you do not find this application on the main screen of your phone, you need check the “Extras” folder to find the app. Once you locate the application, just click on it and then you can click on the photo you can find at the bottom of your phone screen. Now, you can go to the Settings option in your find location on iPhone 6 app and activate the “Share My Location” option.
  • From the bottom end of your iPhone, you can just swipe and activate AirDrop feature and ensures that “Everyone” can discover your location. 
  • Step 2: On the target phone device, you can navigate yourself to the Find My Friends app. You need to confirm that both the phone devices should have the AirDrop feature activated and connected. From the contacts list of your phone, you can select your contact and then choose the option “Share Indefinitely” without the need of setting any specific limit. 
  • Step 3: Now, you will be asked for your permission to continue further. A dialog box shows up at the front of your phone screen asking whether you would like to share your location too. You may select “Don’t Share” and continue. After following these steps on what you need to do before you know how to find the location of an iPhone, you will now be able to track location of your friend and receive the notification whenever they leave or arrive at a specific location.  

If you are wondering and have a question in your mind – ‘Whether locating my iPhone is possible free of cost’ The answer is yes. Find My Friends is a free application you can choose to download and install with no additional charges to pay.

Using the application, you can find the location of your friends and family members without any difficulty using various devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you do not even know how to get someone’s Apple id and password, it is still possible to find someone using this spying tool. Not only that you can find the location of others, but you can also share your location with them which very well connects you with each other.

To start sharing your location, you should know how to switch location on iPhone and then you can choose anyone from the contact list in your phone or just enter his phone number or email address and then let him know where you are. Alternatively, you can also AirDrop feature to share your location with others. 

Is there an app to find someones location that offers several key features at reasonable price? You can do this by using Find My Friends app. If you know how to turn your location on iPhone 6 and have shared your location, your friend can follow up with you instantly and can share his location back with you so that you both are in the same loop to find each other without any problem.

Anytime if you feel that you need to hide your location, you have the option to do this in the app. Using this check iPhone find my iPhone app, you can set up alerts based on your location and get yourself notified automatically whenever your children have left from their school which helps to pick them up easily.

If your family member is just on the way and about to reach home safely, you can find out using the phone location tracking application. You can also set up alerts whenever your family member changes his location during his travel. Using the Find My Friends app, you can share your location from any iOS device if you know how to enable location iPhone and how to turn iPhone location on.

This allows you to select any phone device you are currently using. If you want to know how to find the location of an iPhone in case you are using an Apple Watch, it is possible to do so using the Find My Friends. This someone’s location app switches your location with Apple Watch when you are not using the iPhone.

To ensure that you receive notification about the app performance and that the app provides you with information about your exact location, you can make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is enabled on the phone device you use.  

The Find My Friends app offers you all the exclusive features you can benefit from. The privacy control settings are easy to set up and simple to update. This app works best for applying parental restrictions and helps you to manage the way your child browses the internet or uses social media.

This is a great application if you would like to know how to locate someone by his iPhone. Using the app, you can share your phone’s location permanently or temporarily as per your preferences.

It also enables you to share your exact location with that of your friends using the AirDrop application. The Find My Friends mobile app also offers support for 3D Touch.  

Can your phone be tracked with location services off? If you know how to enable location services on iPhone 6, you will be able to share the current location of your phone device with just anybody once the option is enabled.

How do you turn your location on your iPhone? Enabling the location sharing option using the Share My Location and Find My Friends app is quite easy which just requires toggling the option to the right side. Whenever you are using these features, your location gets shared with the Apple device only if it has been requested by your friend whom you would like to share it with.

After your location has been shared, it is retained for the duration of 2 hours and gets deleted afterward. You can anytime unselect this option if you know how do you turn your location off on iPhone 6. The app supports multiple languages such as English, French, Italian and others.

To use version 7 of the app, your phone device must have iOS version 11 and beyond along with your iCloud account. You can also create your Apple ID for free to be used with the iCloud account on your phone devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, and others. 

How to Track A Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

If you want to find out how to find someone’s location by phone and how to ping a cell phone location, Find My friends is the best app you can use that occupies the space of only 1.2 MB on your phone. Phone users who are using this app have provided 4 and beyond rating to the app.

This free to use application supports family sharing feature. If at any time, you would like to switch off your location sharing feature, you can do this if you know how to turn off someone’s phone with a text iPhone.

This is a great feature that allows up to six members of a family to use the application. On the mobile phone, you have the option of “Notify Friends” to send the notifications you would like your friends to receive. It has the “Share My Location” option that you need to toggle to the right-hand side to enable it. Through this option, you can start sharing your location with others. 

To know how to turn off to find friends on iPhone, you can just switch this option to the right side. If you want to discover the geolocation of someone and want to know how to tell where someone is, this is a great app to use.

Under the “Invitations” section, you can find the option of “Allow Friend Requests” which you can enable in the same way by switching the button to the on position. This option makes it possible for you to send requests or invitations to your friends so that they can find you on the Find My Friends app.

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's iPhone without their Knowledge using Find My Friends?

Find My Friends is an app used to ping a cell phone for location and has been designed for the iPad and iPhone devices by Apple, the famous iPhone manufacturer.

Following are the quick steps to know how to turn location on iPhone 6 plus and how you can find someone using the Find My Friends application on your iPhone by making slight changes in Apple iPhone location settings:

  • Step 1: Download the Find My Friends mobile app from the App Store and install it. 
  • Step 2: Open the app and click on “Me” located at the bottom of your phone screen. If you have a question in your mind – ‘how do you enable location services on iPhone 6’, switch the button “Share My Location” for enabling it. 
  • Step 3: Click on “Add Friends” button and then select your contact by entering the Apple ID.
  • Step 4: Click on “Send” option available at the top right end of your phone screen. 
  • Step 5: Select the option of “Share Indefinitely” for tracking your location permanently unless the target phone user has stopped sharing his location manually.
  • Step 6: You can now go to your iPhone device where you can accept the option of “Find My Friends” by clicking on “Accept”. Now, you can click on “Don’t Share” to block others tracking your phone location. 

By following the above steps, you can thus find the recently visited locations of your friends on the iPhone device using the iPhone find my phone check feature of this follow my friends app. 

How can you Find Someone's Location with his iPhone via Find my iPhone?

How can you Find Someone’s Location with his iPhone via Find my iPhone?

Find My iPhone is a free mobile application to ping location of cell phone using which you find out how to locate a contact on iPhone. If any of your phone devices has been misplaced such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and others, using the Find my iPhone app will help you in finding and protecting your phone data.

Just install this application for free and open it. You can now log into your Apple account using your Apple ID, the same as your iCloud account. Using the Find My iPhone app, you can find your missing device on the map application from find iPhone in settings option. If you have the question – ‘how to find my phone without finding my iPhone’, you can use this application as this does not allow any physical access to your phone to lock it remotely. 

The app offers other features also such as playing sound, erasing the app data and displaying the messages stored on the phone. If you are asking – ‘how to find an iPhone without finding my iPhone?’, this app also has the option of Lost Mode that you can use for the missing iOS phone devices.

This feature allows you to make changes in the find my iPhone in setting to lock your phone device using a passcode and on the right side of your phone, it displays a custom message and phone number. If you know how to use find your iPhone, you can track just any phone device you want including the past location history by making changes in your iPhone find my iPhone settings.

By tracking different locations and saving your favorite ones, you can come to know how do frequent locations work in the find my iPhone settings iPhone 6. Before you can start locating the Find My iPhone app, you must enable it using the iCloud settings in your phone device.     

Can I find my iPhone from another iPhone? Find My iPhone is another great application to find a person’s cell phone number. This app can be extremely helpful for you to find the location of your phone if you have lost it or it has been stolen. Following are the steps on how you can use the app to trace your iPhone and how to check to find my iPhone:

Step 1: Firstly, you can go to the Settings option on your iPhone device.
  • Step 1: Firstly, you can go to the Settings option on your iPhone device. 
  • Step 2: You are required to sign into your Apple account if you know where to find your iPhone login. If you are not already signed in, you can use your Apple credentials including your Apple ID and password for logging into your account. 
  • Step 3: In the next section, you can choose the iCloud option. 
  • Step 4: From the Menu section of your phone, you can find a list of options out of which, you can choose the “Find My iPhone” option. 
  • Step 5: Just turn this option on and activate the “Find My iPhone” feature. When you enable this feature, you can track this current phone of yours using any other iOS device. This tells you how to turn on track my iPhone application. 
  • Step 6: Can you find iPhone if its off? There is another option you can find as “Send Last Location” which you can enable by turning it on. This makes the Apple device collect the data about your last visited location and sends you details about the location of your iPhone to your Apple account whenever your phone battery is low, and your phone is about to be switched off. If you are asking – ‘can find my iPhone if location services are off’ and want to know how to find iPhone when location services are off, this iPhone send last location is the right method.  
  • Step 7: You can now go to the iTunes store installed on a different phone and download the Find My iPhone app. 
  • Step 8: On the other iPhone, you can log out of its Apple account and use your user ID and password details to sign in. 
  • Step 9: In the map application, you can find the list of all your devices. Once you have selected your iPhone device from the list, it will automatically zoom into the map and displays the last location visited by you. How to find your iPhone when it is off? If you have your phone switched off, you can receive details of only the last time the phone was tracked.        

From your browser, you can also use your iCloud account to log into your account using the Windows or Mac operating systems. To login, you can use your Apple ID and password.

Now, you can select your Find My iPhone app and enter your password again. Afterwards, the iCloud app starts displaying all your devices that you have enabled for tracking. From the left side of the panel, you can select your chosen iPhone and click on a phone device that displays the map along with its location.

You will not be receiving any live updates if your phone device is in motion. To ensure finding the details accurately, you can refresh your app data from time to time. 

The Find My iPhone application offers several key features to the phone users such as you can get directions to any of the device locations you have set up in your phone once you have installed the app to find my phone on iPhone 6.

It also has a battery charge indicator that displays the remaining of your phone battery. In the new iOS version 9 mobile phones, you also get the feature of viewing the current location as well as the location of the place where you can find the missing phone on the map.

If the phone you have missed is offline, you can cancel any erase request that might have been pending.   

The Find My iPhone 4 version application is compatible with iOS device 8 and above and requires your iCloud account for signing into the account. If you do not have an Apple ID, you can create it for free which you can use from your iCloud account that you already have in your iPod, iPhone, Mac or iPad devices.

You need an internet connection or Wi-Fi connection for the app to work. For those devices that can connect with Wi-Fi only, you must connect them to the internet using a registered Wi-Fi network.

If you are thinking – ‘how can I find my iPhone on another iPhone’ effective, Find My iPhone is the best application you can try. The Find My iPhone app version 4.0 includes supporting the iOS 8 device as well as Family Sharing.

This app occupies a memory space of 10.6 MB and requires you to have iOS 8 and above. It has been rated with rating 4 and above. Like the Find My Friends app, Find My iPhone app also supports family sharing. If you have enabled this feature, up to 6 members of your family are able to use the app.   

Other devices you can locate using the Find My iPhone app include Apple Watch and AirPods. To start using the Find My iPhone my location history iPhone application on the website, you go to the website address of and then log into your Apple account.

If you have the question in your mind – ‘how to locate my Apple id’, you can read the instructions on the Apple website. You also need to make sure that the web browser you are using is recommended as per the system requirements of the iCloud account.

If you would like to use any other feature of iCloud, you can just switch to the option of Find My iPhone after clicking on the name of the feature you can find at the top of website. In case you are not able to see the Find My iPhone option on the website, it means that you have access to just the web-only iCloud features.

You can set up your iCloud account on your iPhone and other devices such as iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and others for using the Find My iPhone app and the iCloud features. 

To Setup the Find My iPhone application, you just need to turn it on. Ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements of your phone device. Activation Lock is another feature that you can turn on automatically.

This makes it difficult for anybody to use your iPhone device when it is lost or stolen. On your iPhone device whether it is iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can follow the below steps:

  • For iOS device 13 or the iPadOS device: Go to Settings > Your Name > Find My
  • For the iOS 12 or older device: Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Find My iPhone

You would need to enter your Apple ID if you want to sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, you can click on the forgot password option to reset it. You also need to confirm whether your Find My iPhone app is turned on or off. 

Now, you can enable the following features:

  1. Enable Offline Finding: This is an offline option that allows you to enable using the app in the offline mode which you can use during the time you are not connected to the internet. 
  2. Send Last Location: If you have lost your device or it is stolen and its phone battery is critically low, the location of your phone is sent to the Apple account automatically. Using the last location find my iPhone app, you can also find the last location of your lost iPhone before it ran out of battery. For your extra security, you can set a passcode on your app which needs to be set up before accessing the Find My iPhone application. In case you find any technical issues in installing and setting up your Find My iPhone app, you can read the support article on the Apple website. 
App 3*: mSpy

How can you Find Someone’s Location using his Location Tracking App?

For many reasons, you would like to find the location of a person. You may need to track the location of your child to make sure that he is in a safe environment. Another reason could be that you would like to know whether your employees are working in the office only.

You might also be interested to know whether your friend has left his home and is on the way to meet you in the restaurant. If you are married, then you might need to know whether your husband is not in a relationship with someone.

To avoid hefty fees that you may have to pay to a professional detective to spy on someone, you can use the location tracking app which is available for free and offers you many benefits through a wide range of features available in the mobile app.

There are several methods of tracking a person using tracking applications. You might need to track the social media activity of your kids and would like to monitor them to ensure that they are using the social media sites safely and without any problems that they may come across in interaction with the strangers who happen to be online predators.

For the above-listed reason, tracking others has become quite common these days. Using the tracking app, you can determine whether someone you are waiting for is on the way and about to reach you soon if you are not able to contact him through phone or social media.

This makes you be worry-free that he is on the way and can reach you shortly. By making use of the mobile app, you can be more confident about his safety and thus it offers you the most comfortable experience of using an app.

As the parent of your children, you might be worried about how your children are using their phones, whether they might not be receiving messages from any stranger and not receiving any phone call from a spammer.

You can use the phone tracking application that will help you to find out whether there is any unknown and unfamiliar person to add to their phone list. Mobile tracking application uses GPS technology which is a highly advanced level of technology used for finding the location of someone accurately and precisely.

Through the app, you can find details of all his phone activities, such as to whom he is talking, who is sending him messages, who has been calling him and whether there is anyone who is bullying him on social media.

If you would like to monitor your daughter’s phone without her permission, you can use a cell phone application tracker that can help you get all the details. To protect yourself and your family, you can start using this spying app and get all the details about your spouse and whether he has cheated on you. 

Using the in-built GPS technology, you can find out the location of any phone easily without any issues involved. After every few minutes, you will be able to receive updates including notifications and alerts on the locations visited by your friends, such as whether they have left their house now and coming to your way to the cafeteria.

Using the application, you can also set geofencing zones including the safe zones and restricted zones. This will help you to manage the whereabouts about your children and ensure their safety. 

There are several programs you can use to track the location of someone such as mSpy, PanSpy, Glympse, Find My Device, Family Locator GPS Tracker and others.

These social media monitoring applications can be used as great tools for tracking smartphone users. Using these apps, you can check the complete route history of any phone device and find the whereabouts of anyone accurately in real-time.

Using such applications is very simple. You can simply create an account on the app after you have downloaded and installed the application. These applications are available for free using which you can start monitoring someone without the need of hiring a detective.

Signing up for the premium subscription plan provides you several essential features of advanced level other than the basic features you can benefit from.

There are many interactive mobile apps available that are quite efficient in making your friends and family members be aware of your location. 

The biggest advantage of using spying apps is that they provide you all the confidence you need to ensure their safety and be protected in every situation.

It is quite easy to use the phone tracker app tool since it just requires you to use your phone number in order to start tracking its real-time location. For the apps to work properly, you need to have Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular networks.

You can even locate your cell phone if it might have been lost or stolen by someone. Using the phone number only, you can find complete details of the phone user, such as a list of contacts, email messages, textual messages, video log files, and others.

If you would like to know whether your spouse is hiding something from you and keeping all his secrets, you can start tracking him using the phone tracker app. 

Different cell phone tracking applications have varied features and functionalities. These apps are available at reasonable prices, easy to download and quick to install.

While these applications provide the benefit of tracking the location of others, it can also be used for sharing your location. This feature thus allows you to share your location in a group, such as your family, friends, coworkers, and others.

The advantage of using the app is that it is highly convenient to use and offers a great user-friendly experience to mobile users. The method of using the phone tracking app is comparatively simple which otherwise takes a lot of time requiring you to visit the retail store and file your request there to get the assistance you need for receiving back your lost phone or claiming insurance.   

Tracking someone using the mobile app is perhaps the most effective way since it enables you to connect to the tracked phone and access its app data remotely if you have the allow location iPhone feature turned on. Using the application, you can control and manage the way your friends and family members are using their phones which can provide you complete peace of mind.

Through the app, you can connect to the phone and get access to photos, text messages, video log files, call log files and others. These monitoring apps also have the option to block an application that does not work properly or the one which is fraudulent.

Using the location tracking app, you can find the live location of anyone using GPS which gets updated every 10-15 minutes. 

How to find the location of a text message iPhone? There are many location tracking applications available to be downloaded and installed on the Android and iPhone devices.

Using the map location and the data in the installed app, you can find all the detailed information about the whereabouts of your friends received right into your control panel. The process of installation of the phone tracker app varies with each mobile application. Just click on the link provided by the company, enter the license key and the contact number you would like to track.

After you have installed the app, all the data in your phone is extracted automatically while it also takes back up the app data. You can thus set your phone to share your location unless you have location off on iPhone and hence needs to ensure switching on the location sharing feature.    

Can you tell someone location from a text message? Yes, through various mobile tracking tools you can find in the app store, it is possible to do so. You might be in confusion about which mobile application could be the best app for all your needs since there are several apps available online. Are you wondering – ‘how to find iPhone without finding my iPhone app’, mSpy is the highly recommended app that offers a complete monitoring solution for all your needs.

It has been designed carefully as a spying tool to work with iPhone and Android devices. You can track any mobile phone from the comfort of your home without the need to visit any place.

Everything can be done remotely through various extensive features available with the app. You can use the app at no cost during the trial period which you can then purchase at a reasonable price with any of three available subscription packages.


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