The Best Real Time Location Tracking Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Everyone wants to ensure whether their dear and near ones are safe. Determining their location in real time can provide a good detail of information to you. Using the location tracking mobile application, you can come to know the exact whereabouts of your friends, family, kids and spouse.

With this information, you can help them if they are facing any trouble. Downloading and installing a live GPS tracking app in your phone that provides you real time data about their locations is the most cost-effective method of tracking someone on a real time basis. You can immediately find the exact routes they have followed including names of the streets and cities along with the nearby landmarks so that you can easily find them through the app to see where someone is.

If you want to know how to track location on Android and are not able to find an effective solution of finding where your kids are playing or the place where you spouse is partying out with his friends, you can install the best location tracker app for Android to benefit from all its extensive features.

The advantage of using an app is that you can start receiving alert messages or notifications about where someone is and whether he has already left his place to visit you at your house. You can track whether your spouse is leaving the work now and is on the way to reach you in a few minutes. There are several apps for tracking phone location available on the web that you can choose from as per their suitability of meeting your needs. 

There are several benefits of using a location tracking app. You can accurately find the location of the phone you want to track. It is possible to remotely control the phone and find anyone you want to track using his phone number.

Using apps for tracking people, you can find out where your stolen or lost phone is. Not only the current location but you can also find details of the past locations visited by that person from the location history option along with the past routes he might have followed. Using the geofencing feature in the app to track someone’s location, you can set up safe and unsafe zones and start receiving alert notifications whenever anyone you are tracking has checked-in or checked-out on his phone. 

There are several tracking apps available that serve as employee monitoring tools with the feature of tracking the live location of your employees and you can come to know whether they are on site for their assignment or not.

Some of the mobile apps for location are specifically designed only for tracking the employees. Jobs are flexible nowadays giving you the option of working from home while sometimes requiring you to travel to the client sites. These locations may change as per the business requirements. Hence, to make sure that the employee has reached on the client site and not absent from his work, you can use monitoring or spying apps to track his location.

Top Android Location Tracking Apps

Following are some of the best mobile location tracking applications you can find for the Android devices: 

Top Android Location Tracking Apps


If you have a question in your mind – ‘what is the best tracking app’, mSpy is the recommended application that offers comprehensive list of features to benefit from. It is the best track my location app used for monitoring kids and acts as great parental solution.

You can remotely control their activities on the smart phones they use that ensures their safety. It is possible to manage the call logs including the calls coming in and going out of the phone.

This helps you get an idea of whether all the contacts added in their phones are legitimate. The mSpy app, one of the leading apps track location, helps you in monitoring all the calls including the option of recording them as well. You can also restrict any of the incoming calls on your phone from a spam caller.

With the real time locating tracking app, you can scan the address book stored in the phone of your children and track any new or existing phone number to make sure they are talking to only the people you are familiar with.

With the control panel feature of the mSpy real time GPS tracking Android app, you can access all this information easily and conveniently. This control panel acts as your dashboard where you can find all the details such as the email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and names. 

One of the best apps tracking location of just anyone, mSpy, provides the benefit of sending and receiving text messages. There’s an SMS section in the app wherein you find the list of all the conversations your kids had with others.

On the phone, you can find name of the person in contact, preview of the messages, time and date of the messages sent or received. Reading these textual messages in the locations app helps you to keep an eye on whom your child is exchanging messages with for preventing any communication that could be harmful. 

Capturing and sharing the photos and videos clicked by the phone users can also be monitored using the location tracking app Android. Teenagers and youngsters like to take their photos using the phone camera and take selfies.

This is not only fun and entertaining for them but also records their memorable life events. They like to post these photos on social media and share them with others. But it has been found that some people use social media wrongly for bullying them and to prevent the kids from being attacked by the incidents of cyberbullying, monitoring their social media activity would be highly advantageous.

Using the location finder app for Android helps you as parents to track their activities on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media channels. 

The mSpy app also comes with the feature of keylogging that helps you to monitor each stroke on the mobile device and track any communication made by the employees with their clients to monitor the quality of their interaction.

The keylogger option helps in tracking your kids’ activities and prevents their communication with the online predators, strangers and bullies. The keylogger tracks people’s location app and acts as a tool for recording all the keystrokes pressed on the target phone device and is found to be helpful for digital surveillance. 

It displays the option of Keylogger Panel in your phone, you can find the list of all the activities used by them such as name of the application, short preview of the text logged in the apps that track cell phone locations and the time and date of the messages sent and received.

There is “View All” option available in the Keylogger Panel using which you can expand the list of all the messages sent and received on the social media applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and others.  


mSpy app, one of the tracking device apps, is available in Basic with the option of 1-month subscription at $29.99, 3 months of subscription at $59.99 and 12 months of plan at $99.99. If you would like to get premium features, you can buy 1-month subscription at $69.99, 3 months of $119.99 and 1 year of plan at $199.99.

There’s another package with no-jailbreaking which does not require installation of the app. The pricing for this no-jailbreaking mSpy app that tracks where you go is $69.99 for 1month, $119.99 for 2 months and $199.99 for 12 months.  

How can you Track Somebody’s Android Phone without their Knowledge using Google Maps?

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best apps that show your location in real-time. You can easily download, install and use this application if you have access to the Google account of any phone user. Using this Google maps tracker app helps you to find anyone’s current location while it also provides information about the previous locations he might have visited on a monthly or yearly basis.

You can find all this information in your timeline that displays all the locations someone had visited previously. This real time GPS tracking app has a locating sharing feature using which you can share your whereabouts with your family and friends. This is a highly popular app which is known to provide accurate information and is quite popular among millions of phone users worldwide who use the app daily.

This real time location tracking mobile application seamlessly integrates with several other services provided by Google and offers a plethora of features to explore. 

In the Google Maps app interface, you get the option of keeping the Location History as on or off. By keeping this option on, your phone displays your location and provides you private access to it unless you share it with others which you can also customize yourself.

With this option, you can set up the duration for how long you would like to share your Google location. You can also find the list of all the locations you have visited based on the location history. To share your location in this Google map tracker app, you can add the person with his Gmail address whom you would like to add in the Google Contacts. 

Just open this real time location tracking Android app, click on Menu and go to the Locating Sharing option where you can find “Add People” option and set the duration for which you want your location to be shared and then hit “Select People”.

From here, you can select the person with whom you want to share the location and then just hit “Share”. In case, someone you want to add does not have a Google account, you can click on “More” and then get a shareable link which you can copy by choosing the option “Copy to Clipboard”. To whomever you share this link can find you for the time duration you have set for a maximum of 72 hours. 


Google Maps is the best locator app for Android and iPhone that tells you where someone is and can be used at no cost. This freely available Google location tracking app provides the information with high accuracy and precision that users can rely upon. 

Glympse – Share GPS Location


Another real time GPS tracker app for Android is Glympse which is an ideal mobile application used for tracking the location of anyone and supports multiple mobile platforms. This is one of the best location apps for Android and iPhone that works as an excellent tool to trace the real-time location of your employees, friends and family members.

The app offers many features to explore viz. sharing other than tracking the location without the need to download an app. This Android app to track phone location also provides you different navigation options and can well be used for personal or business purposes. In the Glympse app interface, you can find the options of Request Location using which you can ask anyone to share his location.

The real time location tracking app also comes with other options such as map, favorites, history and calendar. 

In the Favorites option, you can set some of the frequently visited locations as your favorites that you often need to track. The app also has History option using which you can find all the locations someone whom you are tracking might have visited in the past.

There is no need to register on the app and thus it can be used instantly to trace a location. This is one of the great locator apps for Android which also has a map option. This feature provides a dynamic map using which you can set the locations properly.

This is a passive real time location app that works in the background to be used anywhere if you have the GPS feature along with mobile data connection.

Glympse is a free location app Android which is simple to use and shares your estimated arrival time when you use the GPS tracking option to find the location of your friends, relatives and co-workers. The app is safe to be used and can be securely used for temporary purpose of sharing your location with others.

The advantage of using Glympse, the GPS sharing app, is that others do not need to download the application to find out you as they can just click on the location sharing link you have shared with them. This real time GPS app thus brings a lot of advantages such as by how much time your employee is running late from his office so that you can find his location and pick him up.

You can also set up Glympse group within your family and use the app for reuniting with your family members. Using the public tags available in the Gympse app, you can share your location during the community events or when you were on your route to bike riding.  


The Glympse phone app is available to be purchased at no cost. 

Family Tracking App

Family Locator GPS Tracker

If you still have a doubt – ‘what app can I use to locate someone?’, especially when you are trying to find your family member, Family Locator GPS Tracker is the best Android location tracker application to be used. Designed by Life 360, this is an app to locate someone that brings great advantage to you for connecting with others and be more social.

After installation of this Android app for tracking location on the phone device of your family member, they can easily access their locations with just a tap on their phones. This is one of the best apps you can use to access the live location of your family members. 

This best location finder app also has a messaging feature that you can use for exchanging messages within your social circle or family group. This is a secured application offering you private access of each others’ location.

You can receive notifications under the Notification Center in the app wherein you can receive all the alerts of those you want to track consistently for updates, such as when they have left or arrived at the destination. In this tracking location Android app, you can create private groups displayed as “Circles” and start chatting with those you have added other than tracking their locations.

You can also set a private family map using which you can view the locations of any of members in the circles.  

The Family Locator GPS Tracker app can be used for both the iPhones and Android devices. A key feature of this locator app Android app, which works like Google Maps tracking app, is that it automatically sends you alert messages to your family members and friends whenever you travel from one place to the other and does not require the need to notify them through multiple text messages.

Using this one of the phone locator apps for Android, you can easily stay connected with your family and sync your location details with them to coordinate for the family events and day to day activities. The app uses GPS sensors using which locations can be well tracked and alert notifications can be sent instantly to you.

Through the app, it is thus possible for you to inform your family if you are running late and that it would take time for you to reach home. 


Family Locator GPS Tracker, the real time phone locator app is available for free while the Plus subscription can be purchased at $2.99 per month and the Driver Protect subscription can be bought at $7.99 per month. In-products of this app are available for the price ranging from $1.99 to $90.42 for each item.

Hoverwatch App


One of the smart apps location Android is Hoverwatch, app that shows location, which effectively tracks anyone in real time and is found to be compatible with the Android devices. The app can be well integrated with other applications also such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others for monitoring the chat messages sent and received on these social media sites.

The Hoverwatch application provides personized and business solutions to millions of phone users across the world. It has a web-based dashboard that offers all the features you need for spying or monitoring. Its features are easy to use and can be very well managed.

You can get a glimpse of the app by watching its demo which can help you find its various features by experiencing its user-friendly interface such as reports, calendar, contacts and others.

The Hoverwatch app works in stealth mode but very well monitors all the phone activities secretly which prevents others from noticing that they are being detected. This Android tracking location application creates screenshots of what the phone user is doing on the app and stores these images in the control panel for you to view later. 


The Hoverwatch app is available to buy at three different subscription plans viz. Personal, Professional and Business. The Personal subscription package of this my location app for Android starts from $24.95 for 1 month that allows you to track one device. You can subscribe for this best location tracking app, the 3 months plan at $59.95 while the plan for 12 months is available at $99.95. 

In the Professional package that starts from $9.99 per month, you can track up to 5 devices. You can subscribe to its 1-month plan for $49.95 and for a period of 3 months, you can opt for $99.95 while the subscription plan for a period of 12 months of this phone location app Android can be purchased at $199.95.

If you would like to subscribe for the Business subscription plan, it starts from $6 per month which includes tracking 25 devices. For a 1-month plan, you can subscribe for $149.95 and the 3 months plan is available at $299.95 while at $499.95, you can subscribe for the tracking location app application for a period of 1 year.

Both the Professional and Business subscriptions come with the feature of Mobile Viewer which is an Android application that can be used for storing, viewing and managing the log entries.

If you have an iPhone, following are some of the top location tracking applications you can try: 

Top iPhone Location Tracking Apps

Top iPhone Location Tracking Apps


FamiSafe is one of the best location tracking applications for iPhone devices designed by Wondershare Software Co. Ltd. It is an excellent parental controlling app, especially meant for the parents who would like to track their children.

There are several key features offered by the find my location app such as geofencing, filtering the website content, tracking location, monitoring the apps, blocking the unwanted applications and others. The app has been rated with 5 start rating by Educational App Store.

Demo of the app is also available on the website. Various options you can see in this location sharing app Android include activity report, smart schedule, screen time, suspicious photos, browser history, explicit content detection and others. With the suspicious photos feature available in the app, you can receive alert notifications whenever the pictures are detected as suspicious.

This option also protects the photos your kids have in their phones. The app has been rated with 4 and above rating and occupies 86.8 MB app space. 

To use FamiSafe, below are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: The FamiSafe app can be found on the App Store. Firstly, you can install the application on your iPhone and your child’s phone that you want to track.

Step 2: Register for FamiSafe account and sign into your account after completing the registration process. Now, you can select role of the phone user to be “Parent”. 

Step 3: You can also log into your FamiSafe account in your child’s phone that you want to track. On this phone, you can select role of the phone user to be “Kids”. After making these few changes in the phone settings, you can then control this real time map app remotely.  

A complete user guide is available for reference on the website in case you would like to read the instructions in more details. 


When you register for the FamiSafe app, you can benefit from free trial for a period of 3 days. The app is available for free but for in-app purchases, the cost varies. After the trial, you can subscribe for an auto-renewal subscription on a monthly basis at only $9.99 through which you can get unlimited access to the app.

If you would like to opt for 3 months subscription, you can purchase the plan for $19.99 and for a period of 1 year, you can subscribe at $59.99. At the time purchasing the app, payments are charged to the iTunes account. Subscriptions renew automatically unless the auto-renewal option is off.  

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's iPhone without their Knowledge using Find My Friends?

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the leading apps for location tracking. If any of computing devices are lost such as iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch and others, this is the app that helps you in finding the iOS device you are looking for and protecting the app data.

Like the free location tracker app Android, this app comes with some of the great features to explore. After you have installed this application, you can open the app and sign into your Apple ID, the one which is same as your iCloud account. Using the Find My iPhone app, you can find the location of your phone on the map and can also lock it remotely. You just need to know the Apple account details and you can find the location of any iPhone user.

From the iCloud website, you can access the dashboard of Find My iPhone app as it very well integrates with iCloud. You can access this real time phone tracking app remotely through which you can fully control the application including deleting its content and ringing your phone device.     

The Find My iPhone app supports the iOS devices of version 8 and above and occupies memory space of 10.6 MB. Phone users have rated this application as 4 and beyond. This is a great family sharing real time tracker app application that enables up to six members of a family use the app by enabling the family sharing option.

This is an online app which requires Wi-Fi or internet connection to work. For the Wi-Fi only phone devices, connection to the internet is required via registered Wi-Fi network for location tracking. Through the loction app, you can do several operations on the phone remotely, such as finding a missing phone device on the map, playing sound, erasing the data, displaying a message and others. 

The app also has the option of Lost Mode for the missing iPhone devices. This mode lets you lock the lost phone using a passcode while displaying a custom messages and phone numbers on the phone Lock Screen.

Using the Lost Mode, you can track all the details of the lost phone device, such as the device location and its past location history. You must note that you need to enable the app under the Settings option of your iCloud account before starting to locate the phone using this app.  


Find My iPhone is a free mobile application by Apple. 

FlexiSPY App


If you are searching for an ideal mobile app, Flexispy is the one of the best apps to locate a person in real time. This iPhone application also works as a great parental controlling solution using which parents can come to know the live location of their children by accessing all the app data, such as call logs, activity on social media, phone messages and others.

The Flexispy app has a dashboard which is web-based that you can access remotely and provides comprehensive details of the past locations of any phone you are tracking. The advantage of using this best locator app is that it works in stealth mode, so you can secretly track anyone without his knowledge.

It uses GPS technology and displays the last-known locations of any phone you are tracking along with the archived locations through the options of “latest” and “history” available on the dashboard. To find the historical locations, you can specify the data range at the top bar and hit submit. 

With this unique iPhone app, you can effectively monitor someone. This app now supports the device of iOS 12.4 and offers the comfort of hassle-free installation. While the app runs in the hidden mode, you can choose to run the application in the visible mode also.

Using the live location app, you can start recording, intercepting and listening the live iPhone calls and spy on the chat messages of more than 9 instant messaging social media channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others. Other than this, you can monitor the SMS messages that have been received or sent to the tracked phone, email messages in their inbox and sent folders, and the photos stored in their phones.  


The Flexispy is available to buy in two subscription plans viz. Premium and Extreme. The Premium subscription plan of this app can be purchased at $68 for one month while you can opt for buying the Extreme subscription at $199 for 3 months which provides you additional features of monitoring and recording the audio files and offers many other great app for tracking tools.

There’s a 3-months plan available for $99 and at $149, you can purchase 12 months subscription of Premium package. If you would like to buy the yearly plan of Extreme subscription package, it is available at $349. On the app website, you can also find a code that offers 10 percent discount on these subscription packages.  

App 2: TheTruthSpy


If your question now is – ‘Is there an app like Flexispy to locate someone?’, there’s another great iPhone user app which is called The Truth Spy application. This app is quite popular of providing incomparable access to any target phone device and its activities.

To install this phone app to track location application, you need it to be jailbroken. You can monitor an iPhone in the live mode. Using this tool, you can extensively view the phone content and all its activities from your dashboard that you can access from anywhere. It does not get detected by the phone user easily and thus gives the benefit of tracking any phone without being caught.

The Truth Spy app offers Google Maps like interface. At the top of the app screen, you can select the dates and the device for which you would like to get the GPS locations history through the free GPS tracking option. The app comes with a hidden call recorder and can be used very well for spying SMS and monitoring social media chat, especially WhatsApp. Users of this app have rated it as 4.53 for its high-quality features. 

The Truth Spy mobile app is compatible with iPhone and iPad iOS devices with versions ranging from 4 to 10. You firstly need to register on the app and from there, you can get complete information on how you can install this application.

This mobile spying app provides you the option of tracking the video conferencing details by accessing it online or offline according to your preferences. It is one of the best location tracking software that provides exceptional monitoring experience for your home and business use. To start using the app, you can firstly download and install this app which takes a few minutes and does not require you to have physical access to the iPhone you want to track.

The app also gives you the trial option of 48 hours. After this, you can buy this track another phone app directly from the website itself. 


The Truth Spy app is available in three different subscription plans viz. Standard, Premium and Gold. The Standard subscription can be purchased at $21.99 per month, the Premium option is available at $25.99 per month and you can buy the Gold subscription package at $30.99 per month.

If you would like to opt for annual subscription instead, you can purchase the app at $130.99, $158.99 and $184.99 for the Standard, Premium and Gold subscriptions respectively.

App 1: MSpyTracker


Like other iPhone tracking apps, mSpyTracker is the best mobile phone tracking application that provides you access to the exact location of anyone you can track live. Other than just tracking, you can monitor some crucial app data along with all the activities on social media.

It is one of the leading apps in the phone market and hides itself after its installation without the phone user be aware of being tracked. The app requires you to jailbreak your phone beforehand before you can install the application.

It offers you web based dashboard which works as a great online control panel for you to be accessed remotely from any place. The mSpyTracker app also provides a record of all the locations the phone user might have visited in the past. 

On the home page screen of the dashboard, you can find information about the device you are tracking such as the app version, device type, IMIE number, phone battery level, and displays whether the features of Wi-Fi and Location Tracker are on or off.

The app also displays details about the plan you have subscribed, your account ID and the data and time when you had signed up for the subscription. You also get the option of the extending the subscription beyond the current subscription time period.

On this front main page screen, you can also find the top 10 most calling phone numbers and the recently visited locations on the map. 

The app has received rating of 4.9 by the users. It also gives you the option of free 7-days trial period through which you can test the app and come to know how the app works. Just log in with your user id and password and start accessing all the phone data instantly.

This is a great parental controlling app that also gives the excellent feature of recording the keystrokes. The data you monitor using the app is displayed in the control panel that you can conveniently access remotely anytime. If you still find any technical issues using the app, you can reach out to the technical support team available 24*7.

The app comes with the premium features, such as receiving automatic updates about the software, remotely locking or wiping feature and monitoring social media channels such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, LINE, iMessage, Viber and others. 

There is a free keylogging feature in the premium version along with the option of blocking the unwanted mobile apps and websites. Other than this, keyword alerts, geofencing, bookmarks, Wi-Fi networks and tracking the installed applications are some of the other noticeable features to benefit from.

Using the app, you can monitor the websites visited by the phone users, check web browsing history and receive alerts for all the keywords a phone user might have entered in the search engine. Accessing the list of all the phone contacts and checking the calendar events are also possible with the app.   


The mSpyTracker app is available at $29.99 per month. The subscription packages can be purchased as Basic and Premium plans that you can opt for a period of 1 month, 3 months and 12 months.  

mSpy is the best real time locating tracking app for any of the iOS and Android phones among all the mobile applications. It offers extraordinary features available at a comparatively low price and can prove out to be your best solution for all your monitoring needs. Just install the app to try for free and start tracking any phone number you want. 

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