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How to Track WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is a popular mobile application used for chatting with friends, family and even widely used for business communication purposes. This social app helps you to send text messages, make video calls and exchange files or documents among each other. 

The reason for its wide application all over the world is that this is a free application and does not require you to pay any subscription fee for using the application. You can also make audio calls and talk with others for long hours at no cost.

Like any other mobile app, WhatsApp is an online application and needs an internet connection to work. It is nowadays one of the most convenient ways to communicate with others like other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook and has around 500 million users registered on the app who regularly use it for their day to day communication whether personal or professional. WhatsApp is quite famous among youngsters who are enrolled in schools or colleges and use it for sharing their ideas and communicating effectively to complete their group assignments.

It has also gained popularity among the professionals who like to exchange their documents such as office files, resumes etc. with their colleagues and managers. Sending a message anywhere in the world is just a matter of a few seconds and saves time taken to wait for receiving the email response and it also saves the cost involved in making long-distance phone calls. 

While WhatsApp has become an important part of our lives, it is also used for wrong purposes. For this reason, parents feel the need to monitor WhatsApp communication of their kids to keep a watchful eye on them. Children may misuse the app or mistakenly get caught up in communicating with strangers and hence their families need to monitor them on WhatsApp.

Similar to parents, employers also need to track WhatsApp to spy on their employees to avoid any illegal activity that they could possibly indulge in. If you are suspicious about your employees or want to ensure that your children are in a safe zone, you can start tracking their phone call and message activities. 

Can you track WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone? Yes, it is possible to track all messages, audio and video calls made on your phone whether you have a phone which is an iPhone or Android. You do not need any advanced software application to be installed on your computer that could occupy a large amount of space in your system.

There are plenty of tools available on the web that are compatible with your phone and are found to be reliable in tracking social media messages. With these tools, you can access others’ chat history without the need of asking help from an external expert. It does not consume much of your time and there is no hassle involved as the tracking tools are very simple and easy to use.

You just need to install the spying tool in your phone, and you are ready to track the WhatsApp log history easily including text messages, audio calls and video calls without the fear of being detected.  

How can I Track Messages on WhatsApp without Being Detected?

How can I Track Messages on WhatsApp without Being Detected?

Before you start tracking someone, you may have the fear of being detected by that person. So, how to track WhatsApp messages of others without getting detected? mSpy is an excellent tool that you can use for monitoring someone on WhatsApp safely without being afraid of being detected. When you are using this app, the person will not come to know that you are tracking him. mSpy is available at a reasonable cost and not only easy to use but reliable as well. Following are some of its key features to enjoy:

Features of mSpy:

GPS Tracking

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. If you need to know the whereabouts of your kids and where they are after attending the school, GPS tracking using mSpy is a perfect application to be used. You may be worried about your spouse who might have been coming late after work. GPS tracking would be helpful for you, in that case, to remove all your doubts and avoid family disputes.

mSpy is a highly reputed application with a variety of useful features to benefit from and works great to track someone’s location through GPS. The app is very well compatible with the Android and iOS phones, and its GPS functionality works very well.

mSpy has an appealing dashboard with geofencing as one of the options to explore. With this feature, you can easily find someone’s location in real-time. You can track any target device and can set up geofences as per your preferences. Setting up a location under the geofencing option allows filtering the target device locations and categorizing them as allowed and forbidden.

All the set locations can be listed clearly with their types, names, dates, times and tracking them under the action column as “leaves” and “enters” etc. helps in organizing the information well. Thus, the mSpy works out to be your award-winning app that not only tracks the location accurately but also provides metrics with the details organized into different columns. 

The app has a well-organized control panel using which you can easily track the GPS location of your kids and follow them right from the comfort of your home. To use the mSpy app, you need to ensure that your phone device is jailbroken or rooted. You can view the demo of this app to see how it works and can try it to explore its functionalities.

The locations can be viewed as a map view or list view as per your convenience and preferences. You can check their route history after a specific interval of time period. This monitoring feature helps in knowing the whereabouts of your kids which is very challenging on its own and ensures that they use WhatsApp safely. 

Track WhatsApp Messages

If you are wondering how to monitor WhatsApp messages accurately, mSpy is the tool you are looking for. Through this application, you can easily monitor the messages that are received, sent or deleted from the chat history. You can find out to whom the messages have been sent, at what times and receive details about the whole conversation.

Monitoring these WhatsApp messages help you to get an idea of whether your child is in interaction with a stranger or an online predator. You can prevent any scams or fraudulent messages being sent their ways asking for money etc. If you are an employer, you may need to check if your employees are interacting professionally with others and all the communications are conducted within the interest of the business. This also helps you to monitor the quality of performance in terms of their communication skills. 

Also, as an employer, if you are suspicious about any activity of your employee and want to keep a diligent eye on them, you can easily do so using the mSpy app as it lets you track them well on WhatsApp. You can be sure of accessing all the textual content and messages including the information of the senders and recipients along with accessing the date and time stamps of the messages exchanged.

Upon using the mSpy app, you can see the list of all the message communications on the left side of your phone screen and details of the whole conversation.

When you find something suspicious about any message which could be harmful to your kids, you can block the person from contacting your children and prevent any such communication in the future. This can work as a good tool for you to teach your kids about whom to avoid communicating with when you are using WhatsApp.

You can also view the text message log details in your app in the form of a list. The log view would display the type of message, name and/or phone number of the person whom the messages have been exchanged with, a short preview of the messages and lastly, the dates and times of these messages. 

Discover Internet History

mSpy is such a great application to use that it would become your best WhatsApp tracker iPhone app to discover details about the complete internet history. Using the internet is not safe these days as it is prone to a lot of cybercrimes, online thefts and other illegal activities that are not safe, especially for your kids. Using the mSpy app, you can come to know all the websites that your kids had been browsing on the web.

You can track these activities and even store them for reference in the future. The app has a blocking feature that blocks all the harmful websites with objectionable content. This can prove out to be very helpful to protect your child. You can very easily monitor the online activities of your child by filtering the web content as per your custom preferences.   

By checking the browsing history, you can get all the details in the list view such as the website address they have visited, the frequency of their visits, the date and time of their visits and you can even bookmark these website URLs to highlight them for their easy reference. According to statistics, 32 percent of teenage kids explicitly view online content daily.

It is very likely that while surfing the web, they can access adult content online, not suitable for their age. Such web content is posted with the intent to promote violence, racism, and suicidal thoughts. Using mSpy blocks any such inappropriate content and promptly notifies you if your child happens to visit any such questionable or objectionable content on the web.  

The mSpy app has a very useful feature of Wi-Fi networks that allows you to discover all the locations that your kids might have visited with the use of tracking all the connected Wi-Fi hotspots in their phone devices. With this app, you can identify the places your kids might have visited the most by looking through the list of all the Wi-Fi networks.

You can even view the complete connection details in full including the name, type of connection, duration, date and time of their visits. The app also has a “keyword alerts” feature using which you can receive instant notifications when any inappropriate keyword has been used in your child’s phone.     

Contacts Revealed

With the help of mSpy, the WhatsApp message tracker app, you can scan all the contacts listed in the address book of your child. From the control panel, you can easily monitor any new or existing phone number in their phone device. By viewing their address book, you can get access to all the stored phone numbers along with their names and can even check for other details such as their emails, business addresses, home addresses, and others.

You can see if the contacts are already saved on their phones and are known to you. This allows you to filter their contact list so that you can block the suspicious person contacting your kids. 

According to statistics, 18 percent of the smartphone users belong to the age group between 13 to 17 years old. While smartphones bring many advantages to the kids, especially those studying in schools, it could also be dangerous if the phones are misused. To avoid your child being in contact with an untrustworthy person, you should be extra cautious and track his phone using the mSpy app.

By scanning his phone for any of the suspicious contact entries, you can fully protect him from getting in contact with any harmful person as you get access to all the information including the phone number, date and time of contact, etc. which you can use to block him for restricting any communication with your child.  

Revealing the unwanted person from their phone list could be one of the best applications in monitoring your kids’ phone activities using the mSpy app. You can possibly view all the persons they have added in their contact list that you can easily check one by one. Adding someone in the contact list is not a small thing, especially when it is about the safety of your kids. Thus, you need to ensure that only legitimate and trustworthy persons are there in their contact list.

The presence of any unwanted contact could be a matter of great concern for their safety. Hence, this mSpy feature of revealing all the contacts listed in their phone could work out to be a possible solution to all your worries about the safety of your kids.   

Spy Call History

mSpy, the WhatsApp messenger tracker, is one of the efficient apps to spy the call history of anyone you would like to track. With the call log feature, you can easily monitor the outgoing and incoming calls and view the duration of their calls along with the date and time of the calls organized chronologically. You can also get access to their address book and all the information about the calling person and whom the calls were made to.

By checking the call log details, you can block the unwanted phone numbers and restrict all the incoming phone calls. These details include the list of information in an organized form such as the type of call whether incoming or outgoing, name of the person who was called, duration of the calls and the timestamps. 

With the mSpy app, it is very easy to restrict the phone numbers you do not want to be contacted from. You can simply enter the phone number and click on “add” to apply that number to the list of all the restricted phone numbers. Thus, after you have blocked the unwanted phone numbers, you can also view the list of all the restricted incoming calls that you can use for your reference.

This feature is useful for controlling and managing how your kids use the phone by limiting their interaction with the unwanted and suspicious people that you have blocked. Monitoring the kids’ activities over the phone is troublesome which needs to be done with a lot of care in order to prevent any problems in their lives. 

In the mSpy control panel, it is easy to identify the online predator or a bully after you have organized the list of contacts properly. The app works very well with its call monitoring feature of displaying the top 10 contacts they are regularly in touch with. This can help you to check whether the list contains all the genuine persons and there is no unknown or unidentified person added to the phone list.

Crime against a child is very common these days and hence using the mSpy app can work out to be very helpful for your child’s safety.   

Multimedia Access

With one of the awesome apps to monitor WhatsApp messages, mSpy has a great feature of accessing multimedia files such as photos and videos. You need to be careful when your teenage kids are using their phones for sharing their photos with their friends. While they find it fun and entertaining, it is also a matter of huge concern if media files are shared with wrong persons.

By using the mSpy app, you can better protect your kids from being exposed to cyberbullying and other crimes against children. With the app, you will be able to browse all the photos downloaded on their phones and get details of the date and time each photo was captured. Using the control panel, you can directly get access to the photo log details very conveniently with no hassles involved. 

The photos in the mSpy app can be viewed under categories such as today, yesterday and older depending upon when the photos were taken. Each photo has the timestamp details below it and a link on the photo thumbnail to download the photo.

According to the statistical data, 48 percent of the children have been reported to see inappropriate images online that could be disturbing for them and is one of the common issues nowadays. Also, kids today are not aware that sharing any unwanted content on the web could lead to criminal charges against them.

But accessing all the multimedia files using the mSpy app could be the best monitoring solution that you would like to opt for as you can view remotely and control the activities of your kids from the control panel itself by gaining instant access to the image gallery folders in their phones.

With the mSpy app, you can thus easily protect your child from exposure to any unwanted online content and keep them safe from any possible dangerous situations. Not only images but you can also view every video taken, received, downloaded or shared by your children.

Like the photo log history, you can view all the videos organized under the categories of today, yesterday or older in the control panel itself. Below each video, you can see the timestamp and a download link on the video thumbnail. You can prevent your child from accessing any kind of adult or violent content that they must avoid watching.  

View Installed Apps

mSpy is a very useful WhatsApp number tracker application using which you can view the list of all the mobile applications installed on the phone. With modern technology, mobile apps have though become instant ways of accessing information especially the apps that are entertaining and educational, installing any app affected with malware could be dangerous.

Also, there are many apps that are not worth using and happen to be a complete wastage of your time. When it comes to the safety of your children, you need to check what applications they have installed on their phones to ensure that they use their smartphones securely and safely.

With the mSpy app, you can very conveniently view all the apps they might have installed so that you can block and delete the unwanted applications from their phones. 

With the feature of viewing the installed apps, you can access all the applications in the list form that could be organized in various columns such as the name of the application, version of the app, type of application, size of installed app, date of installing the app and then the option to block it.

As per the statistics, 84 percent of the children stated that there was not even a single day when they did not use their smartphones. Using mobile applications is quite common among teenagers. They also find the interaction on social media apps such as WhatsApp and playing with online gaming apps to be highly addictive.

Children who spend their precious time in such activities are found to suffer badly in their academics and socially as well. Besides this, social media has also become an easy way for online predators to bully children. For this reason, monitoring the children using the mSpy app could be very helpful.  

The mSpy app also has a very beneficial feature of application blocking using which you can protect your child and prevent him to install unnecessary applications that could affect their safety, their academics and social life. With this feature, you can fully block the app containing any inappropriate content that promotes the youth towards indulging in harmful behavior with others.

App 3*: mSpy

Why is mSpy a Better App than Other Software?

mSpy is one of the best track WhatsApp messages free apps that work better than other software. It is fully packed with all the features required to monitor the chat messages on almost all the social media channels other than tracking the text messages on WhatsApp.

This is the app that will help you to secure the web activities of your children and to avoid any fraudulent handling of your systems at the workplace. If you want to know how to track someone’s WhatsApp messages, this app works very well. It can 100% detect all the activities on the target devices including call logs, tracking textual messages, accessing multimedia files, monitoring the installed applications and others.

If you still have a doubt in your mind and asking – ‘can you trace WhatsApp messages with mSpy?’, you can read some great reviews online. 

After reading the mSpy reviews, you can get an idea of what the app can do and cannot do. You can come to know about what others say about the app. mSpy app is compatible with iOS version 7 and above, and Android version 4 and above. The app is available in different packages viz. basic, pro and premium packages.

Following are some of the main advantages of using the mSpy app:

No Need to Jailbreak

The mSpy app does not require jailbreaking in comparison with the other mobile applications that do need jailbreaking for getting access to all the information on the phone. With the use of mSpy app, you get access ID as well as a password that can be used to view all the information without the need of anyone sensing that something might be wrong.

No Need of an Extra App

If you own an iPhone, you do not need to install any application on the target device to start tracking WhatsApp messages. But on the other hand, if you have an Android phone, it requires installing this monitoring app that works in the stealth mode and does not leave any trace about whether the phone is being tracked.

When you are using the mSpy app, you do not need another extra app for the same purpose. It has all the added functionalities of the advance level to meet all your needs such as tracking the textual messages, social media messages, emails, browsing the history, blocking applications, tracking GPS location, capturing screenshots, monitoring contact lists, accessing calendar and others.  

Reasonable Price

As stated before, the pricing plan for the Android version of mSpy can be categorized into three types viz. Basic, Pro, and Ultimate. The basic version of the app ranges from a 1-month license at $29.99 to 6 months of license for $89.99. The Pro version of the app is available at $39.99 for a 1-month license and up to $99.99 for licensing of 6 months period.

In comparison to this, the Ultimate version is available at $49.99 for a 1-month license ranging up to $119.99 for 6 months of licensing. The difference between the Pro and Ultimate versions is that the Pro version has almost all the features included in it except the features of data export, alert notification and timeline which are available in the Ultimate version. 

How Can I Track Messages on WhatsApp with mSpy?

How Can I Track Messages on WhatsApp with mSpy?

mSpy offers great advantage of WhatsApp tracking app free using which it is possible to track every message without any cost involved. This application is very easy to install but in case you find technical issues, you can reach out to the customer support team for getting them resolved.

Tracking the messages remotely is possible with the awesome SMS tracking feature of mSpy app. You can easily control the text messages remotely from the comfort of your home. The app can access all kinds of messages including text messages, images, videos, documents, audio files, and others.

There are several advantages of using this monitor WhatsApp app that it has the keylogging ability that allows you to capture the keystrokes entered on the keyboard and record them for your monitoring purposes. Even if the app is being updated, it is possible for you to use the app for tracking the messages on WhatsApp and other social media sites.

Another benefit of using the mSpy app is that there is no need to purchase SMS credits which are better than the other apps that allow you to change the settings of your phone on how it captures the images through SMS. Many of the times, you need to buy the credits to send SMS commands, but it is not the case with the mSpy app which also provides the ability to control the textual messages sent and received on the target device.

Another key feature of the app is that whenever you make changes in your phone from the dashboard, it updates your phone after every 1 hour to reflect those changes automatically if your phone is connected using Wi-Fi.   

A key advantage of using the mSpy app is that it uses the phone battery wisely. With other apps, it is usually the case that battery is used up quickly when the app is being used for unnecessary tasks such as sending alert notifications to the phone users. It works as an intelligent system of monitoring the phone without consuming the battery a lot and keeps it at the same drainage level. 

To take advantage of using the mSpy app, you can follow the steps below:   

Step 1: Create your mSpy Account

Step 1: Create your mSpy Account

On the mSpy website, you can create your account for free and if you want to enroll for the premium subscription plan, you can directly buy the monthly or annual package. Since the ability to track the messages on WhatsApp is only available in the premium subscription, you would need to buy the premium plan. 

Step 2: Verify with your iCloud ID and Password

After you have followed Step 1, you can continue with the setup wizard and verify the account using your iCloud ID as well as password. This is for connecting to an iCloud account for taking backup. You do not need this step if you already have the iCloud backup option enabled in your iPhone settings. 

Step 3: Track Messages on WhatsApp

After completing the setup process, you can get access to the control panel from where you can start tracking the WhatsApp messages easily. 

After following this article, you will get enough understanding of the main features of the mSpy app and start monitoring any phone using it. If you find something suspicious about the behavior of your spouse, kids or employees, mSpy is the right application to be used that can help you in tracking all of their phone activities so that you can self-control the safety of your children.



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  • I think I just like that I would be able to track my kids WhatsApp without being detected. But WhatsApp always talks about some encrypted stuff that does not allow another party to view the messages. Are you saying that we can surpass that as parents? Maybe being a parent isn’t so dull after all.

  • I use WhatsApp for my customers to place orders, but I am too busy to be in charge of it, so I gave it to an employee. With this app, I will be able to monitor that account. I think this is going to make my life easier. This is what I was looking for exactly.

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