Easy Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

Do you want to track someone’s cell phone location? There are many instances when you may need to find someone by tracking a cell phone location without permission. For instance, you might have lost your phone, or it was stolen by someone.

As a company owner, you might have to track the location of employees working under you who have been provided company phones. It could be just that you are suspicious about your spouse upon finding that his behavior has changed. The reason may be that you are suspicious that he might be cheating on you and hence you want to remove all your doubts.

Being a parent, you do have worries about the safety of your children and hence want to monitor them to ensure their safety. Whatever the reason may be, you would be interested in finding out how you can track a mobile phone and its exact location without making them aware that they are being tracked.  

There are several mobile applications available on the net that can help you in tracking just anyone through his mobile number. With this method, you can easily locate someone using a free mobile tracker without them knowing and sitting remotely anywhere.

This is an easy and simple method of tracing a phone number which is cost-effective and at the same time efficient enough to track someone in just minutes, especially because it allows you to monitor others without letting them know that they are being tracked.

You can do this silently without any hassles involved and you do not even need the support of a technical expert. This is perhaps the most practical way of finding someone through a mobile app which otherwise would be just impossible. Another big advantage of using this method is that the applications are available for free and do not cost anything.  

Tracing a phone number is not unusual and is quite a common activity on the web nowadays. Many people find this extremely useful as they can do it from the comfort of their homes using a mobile phone or browsing the mobile tracker website on the internet.

If you are in a relationship and want to know where your girlfriend is, location tracking would be very helpful for you to find her whereabouts. By finding her exact location, you can be worry-free and remove all your doubts about whether she might have been cheating on you at the back or not. Sometimes children mistakenly go to unfamiliar areas while playing and this can raise a big concern about their safety. 

In this case also, using mobile tracking would work wonders as you can easily track them in real-time and even set up restricted areas to ensure that they are in safe zones. Though there are many other ways to find someone but using phone tracking location is perhaps the best way since everyone carries a phone with him all the time through which it can be easy to locate him from anywhere.

So, is there an app that can track someone’s phone for free? mSpy is the best app for tracking phone you can use and following are the steps on how you can do it:

Easy Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing 1

How to Track the Location of Someone’s Phone without his Knowledge via mSpy

mSpy is one of the simplest ways to track cell phone location without them knowing free. By downloading and installing this app, you can certainly spy on just anyone you want. It is a very easy-to-use application with loads of powerful features.

The major benefit of using this app is that you do not need to have the phone with you to start tracking it and instead you can control it remotely. Tracing a phone number usually needs software to be installed on the computer but mSpy is a lightweight app that is installed on the phone and does not occupy much space. 

If you have the right tools such as the mSpy app, you can do it trouble-free. Once you have installed the app, you can start using it and access all its valuable features through the online dashboard available in the app once you log into your mSpy account.

An advantage of using the app is that it gives you the ability to monitor more than one phone device. From the dashboard, you can just select any option available on the left-hand side of your phone screen and it will easily display the relevant data.  

This method of tracing a phone number works very well and the only time it could create a problem in accessing the information and causing any delay is when the phone is not the coverage area.

But you may find this difficulty only for a short period of time as the tracking app on phone would start working fine when the phone reaches in the coverage area and all the required information then gets updated. Using the app, it is possible to track just any phone including iPhone and Android.

It works using the modern technology of GPS tracker and provides you very accurate information that you can be sure of. 

With this cell phone tracking app, you can explore loads of other capabilities such as monitoring any phone call whether it is incoming or outgoing, viewing the chat messages on social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and others, checking the internet browsing history, accessing the SMS sent and received on any phone number and others.

Through the mSpy app and entering a phone number you want to track, you can come to know the contact list of all the persons added to the phone and what’s more, you can even hack any password, user id or other details of any app account.  

Steps on How to Track Cell Phone without Letting them Know

Steps on How to Track Cell Phone without Letting them Know

As said before using the mSpy app, the best location tracker app for Android is very easy compared to other spying software. But if you are new to the mobile world and not much aware of how installation works, you can follow a quick guide that explains the process in a simple way. 

Step 1: Create your mSpy Account

Step 1: Create your mSpy Account and Complete the Setup Process

If you own an iPhone, you can sign up on the app which requires only 4 simple steps. You can create your mSpy account using your email address and opt for the trial version. It then asks you to choose phone device and you can select iOS.

After this, it displays the two packages viz. Basic and Premium, out of which you can choose the one that you would like to subscribe. The Basic package can be purchased at $29.99 per month.

There are three options available under the Premium package of mSpy, the best location tracker app for Android, where you can find 1-month license at $69.99 per month, 3 months license at $39.99 per month and then license for 12 months at $16.66 per month. Based on the license duration, cost and the available features, you can select the package that best suits your needs. 

mSpy Choose Your Plan

After you select the right package, you are redirected to the payment page where you need to enter your contact information including name, address, phone number and others, and then click the option “Submit Order”. To complete the account setup process, you will be receiving an email confirmation with the order details which includes your username and password.

You must need to jailbreak your iPhone to download and install the mSpy application, the best tracking app for iPhone and Android. If your phone is not jailbroken, you can also access the app using your iCloud account.  If you have jailbroken your phone, you can find Cydia icon on the homepage of your mobile screen.

Just click on the icon to download it. From here, just open the app and go to “Sources”, click on “Edit” and enter the URL to download the mSpy application and hit “Add Source”. Now, you can locate “Mtechnology LTD repository”, click on “All Packages”, followed by “iPhoneInternalService” and then click on “Install” and hit “Confirm”. After this, you can select the option “Restart SpringBoard”. 

Once the download is complete, you can go to the main screen of your mobile and hit the mSpy icon for completing its installation. Just open the mSpy app, click on “Continue” and then hit “Accept” to accept the license agreement. You have the option to either hide or show the mSpy icon. To hide the app, you can select the option “Icon is useless, I don’t need it” under the Amenability option. This will ask you to enter a registration code sent to you when you complete the purchase, after which the installation process is completed.  

Step 2: Access your Control Panel and Track the Location Remotely

Step 2: Access your Control Panel and Track the Location Remotely

Now, after finishing all the steps of installing the mSpy app, the reallocation tracker, you can access the control panel after logging with your username and password.

From your online dashboard, you can put your name and phone number of anyone whom you would like to track. This will allow you to remotely control the target phone. 

Five Top Basic Tips to Avoid yourself Getting Caught when you Spy Someone

Five Top Basic Tips to Avoid yourself Getting Caught when you Spy Someone 

There are many instances you need to spy on someone, such as when you want to ensure your child is in the safe zone and that your employees do not indulge in illegal activities, but you need to be careful about not being caught.

When you are trying to spy on someone, it is possible that you are caught by him and this could result in disputes between the two of you. Monitoring or spying somebody using find my friends real time tracking app involves entering his personal life which he would not like.

This could also create problems in your personal relationships with your spouse if he comes to know you are doubtful about his character. Secretly spying on someone this can lead to several problems in your personal and professional life. 

Choosing the right kind of mobile application would help you to avoid being caught when you are spying on someone. An advantage of using a cell phone tracker app is that it becomes invisible once you install the application and works secretly to provide you all the information you need to monitor someone such as his exact location, the websites he is browsing, the incoming and outgoing calls he makes, and the messages he sends or receives.

The location-sharing app for iPhone and Android is designed in such a way that it tracks every move of the person you would like to track without letting him know you are spying on him. 

Following are listed some of the best tips on how you can avoid yourself getting caught and spy someone without his knowledge: 

Always Keep the App Updated

Always Keep the App Updated

While you are using the best location finder app, it is important to keep in mind that you should be using the application carefully or else it could lead you to face a situation when you are caught by the person you are spying, and this could completely worsen the situation.

To make sure that you are using the tracker app properly and to ensure that no one should come to know about this, you should always keep yourself updated. There are several mobile applications available on the internet to download which could be confusing for you to find out which app to choose. So, choosing the top tracking app is highly recommended and to make sure that it is working properly, you should always keep your app updated. 

Regularly updating your mobile application helps you to stay updated with the latest version of the app so that you could benefit from the new features with added functionalities and because updated mobile applications are very unlikely to experience any technical issues.

On the other hand, if you do not update your mobile application, it may stop working properly and may have frequent issues in starting and using the app. In this case, your mobile application is likely to get noticed by the mobile user whom you are tracking and sooner or later he would come to know that there is something wrong with the phone and that he is being tracked. 

Mobile applications are built with the latest technology which could be Android or iPhone depending upon the type of phone you have. These applications run smoothly when they are updated from time to time as per the latest release.

The apps that get outdated experience frequent technical issues and cannot work properly, making it get paused after every few minutes or it could just be simply that the app features may stop functioning. The common error found in the apps that have technical issues is the message “the app has stopped working” that gets displayed when you try to run a faulty app. 

In this scenario, you can check whether the app to share location is up to date as per the latest release. You can find this information in the settings option by checking whether there are updates available. Just hitting the “update” option would let you install the latest updates of the app.

Sometimes, you also get notifications on your phone about the available updates. Just click on the update notice and it would automatically lead you to the page where you can install the application updates on your phone. 

Another way to make the current location app working is just to uninstall the application and then reinstall it from the app store. This would automatically download and install the latest application version on your phone without the need to check for updates and without the hassle involved in finding out how you can do it.

If you are using an Android phone, you can easily set the option of automatically updating the app on your phone. 

To do this, you can firstly find Google Play Store app on your phone which is an in-built app in all the Android phones. Once you find it, just open the app and go to the Menu option.

From here, you can go to the Settings option and click on Auto-update apps. There are two options using which you can update an app. First option is to use either mobile data or Wi-Fi to update your application over any network.

The Second option is to do it only over the Wi-Fi network whenever your phone is connected to it. If you experience sign-in error for any of your accounts, your applications may not get updated automatically. 

You can also update each individual mobile application such as a location-sharing app, by selecting the three dots with “More” option and then just choose to Enable auto-update. You can uncheck this option if you do not want automatic updates.

There is another method of updating the app manually. Just click on the installed app and go to the Menu option to select My apps & games option. If an update is available, you can the label “update” on the app which you can click on and then install the latest updates. 

Choose Versatile Apps

Another way to ensure that you track a mobile phone without letting the person know that he is being tracked is to choose versatile applications. It is always recommended to select an app with multiple features and not the one that has just the basic features.

A phone tracking app with basic features does not have good functionalities and hence may not work effectively. Also, it may not even have the option to run the app in the hidden mode. If you install a visible app in the phone of someone you are tracking, it is very easy for him to notice that an unfamiliar app has been installed and he would thus immediately go for uninstalling the app. 

This would not only prevent you from tracking him but also, he may become suspicious about you. This could easily be the case of husband and wife and can thus lead to family disputes. To benefit from using a hidden app with advanced functionality, you should opt for the versatile app that includes these features, even if that requires you making payment to sign up for the premium version. 

Selecting the right app or the app with premium features of running in the invisible mode would prevent the person from being tracked to be aware of it and avoid any kind of exposure to him about your tracking activities.

mSpy is one of the best versatile apps to be used that has all these required features and capabilities of running in the hidden mode and monitoring the person through tracking his phone calls, text messages, social media chat history and GPS location. There are many such similar mobile tracking applications available to be downloaded and installed from the web that works the best for all the spying activities you would like to monitor someone with. 

While some of the premium applications are expensive, there are many available for lesser cost and several can be installed for free with no cost involved.

There could be several deciding factors based on which you can choose the right mobile application and avoid any kind of confusion. The most important feature to be checked is whether the app allows to be run in the stealth mode or hidden mode. Any application you find with this feature included is the app you should take into consideration for buying.

Choosing the app that has got good ratings would also be another good deciding factor based on which you can opt for a better app out of all.  

Reading online reviews as well as blogs and articles about the information on various kinds of applications is another good way of finding the right app for social media location tracking.

While you are checking if the app works in invisible mode, you should also find out whether it is even compatible with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. There are many mobile apps that allow hiding the content of the folders that may include history of the recorded phone data which remains in the phone for your access but is not visible to the person whom you are tracking. 

The high-quality phone monitoring apps out of which you can select the best app to locate someone to help you to get all the updates and information about the monitored phone directly sent to your dashboard, ready for you to access anytime and from anywhere.

The hidden apps run properly without any issues but do not appear in the list of apps under the Settings option in your phone. 

The apps hide themselves upon installation in the target phone device and for you to access them, there are different methods available on how you can do this. First method of finding the hidden apps to track cell phone location in the Android phone is to go to the Settings option followed by choosing the option “Applications”.

After this, you can then switch to the “All” tab. Alternatively, you can go to the top right corner of your mobile screen and choose the Menu option in case you do not find any tabs. Under Menu, you can search for the option with the title “Hidden” or any similar term. If you want to display all the apps on your phone including the hidden apps, you can swipe the phone display from right to left two times if you are using the Android version 5 and below.

Another method of accessing the hidden files of your Android locate app is using a different mobile application that helps you to manage the home screen of your mobile such as Apex Launcher. 

Once you have installed this app, you can press the button at the center of your phone to open your app bar. You can then find an icon with 6 or more dots at the end of your mobile screen and just tap it. Now you can go to the Menu option at the top of your phone screen.

It usually appears like dots, a gear or a horizontal bar. Open the Menu section, you can now choose “Show hidden apps”. If you do not find your hidden track people app here, you may need to look for another Menu option specifically meant for the hidden apps. When this Menu option, it will display a list of all the apps including the hidden applications. 

Check Compatibility mSpy

Check Compatibility

Most of the apps for tracking friends are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and usually do not encounter any issues. However, the apps available in the market operate either in Android phone or iOS device. In case the app you have decided to choose does not have compatibility with the target phone device in which you want to install the app, it is likely you may get caught.

With a lack of compatibility, you would find difficulty in installing the send location app which may create errors or send notices directly on the phone under the notification tab displaying the error message that the app has failed to install on your phone.

Such messages will easily get detected by the phone owner if you are trying to install the app remotely without his permission or without his knowledge. The chances of being caught red-handed is highly likely and hence you should always check the compatibility of the app with your phone before you decide to install it. 

Before you opt for purchasing the share GPS location app, you should thoroughly read its specifications and details about its compatibility and read its reviews along with full information about the app as displayed in the app store.

However, you should also note that merely going with the description of the content written on the official website of the mobile app may also not be right as there are some apps that showcase themselves to offer some exclusive features, but when you buy them, you find them missing. Thus, talking to friends and asking their recommendations as well as reading review articles would be helpful in determining the best app with the right compatibility. 

It is extremely important to check the compatibility of the apps since for the applications to work properly, they should match with the version of the phone or else, it will not be possible to install the application correctly. To prevent any issues in the installation of your share real-time location Android app, you should identify if there may not be any potential issues incompatibility.

If you are using the track location Android mobile application for high profile spying missions and working for a spying agency, there are ways you can carefully test for any updates in the app while you are in the staging environment itself prior to implementing the updates in the production stage. Checking the updates in the application can also help you to save your time and efforts involved in installing the correct app.   

If you own an Android phone, it is possible to determine the compatibility of an app in the Google Play Store itself. You can first log into your Google account on your phone, iPad or tablet whichever is the device you are using.

After logging into your account, you can find the gear icon at the top right corner of your mobile browser and then click on My Order & Settings. From here, you can choose the Settings option which will display a list of all the devices connected with your Google account. 

At the right-hand side of this page, you can see Edit option using you can make changes to the list and can even delete a device you want to remove. From this list, you can make sure that your primary device is there in the list of phone devices in order to determine its compatibility with the mobile tracker app you want to install.

On your primary device, you can then search for this tracking application. When you click on the Install option, you will find a message that displays “the app is compatible with some of your devices”. 

If your best app to track someone’s phone is not compatible, it will display the message for the app to be incompatible or sometimes partially compatible. There is a plus sign beside that message providing you all the compatibility details of your app.

The applications that are not available in your country of residence will not show up in the search bar. Hence, checking the app compatibility in the Google Play Store is the best way to find out whether the app would work in the target phone or not.

This will avoid wasting your time and effort in looking for applications unnecessarily on the web that do not show up anywhere in the app store. 

Avoid any Apps that Need Jailbreaking or Rooting

Avoid any Apps that Need Jailbreaking or Rooting

Before it is discussed about why you need to avoid rooting or jailbreaking, you need to know what is meant by these terms. Manufacturers usually impose some restrictions on the phone to protect the device from malware and thus the phones are locked when they are positioned in the market.

The terminology used for removing or uplifting all such limitations from the phone is called jailbreaking which is usually done on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. By removing the restrictions, you can install any third-party applications such as the best locator app for Android and iPhone from the Apple app store. 

Not only this, you can change the default browser of your iPhone and even make changes in the mail client. With this feature, you can use install just any application that Apple has not approved. Jailbreaking also breaks the security layer of the mobile and exploits the device by breaching the manufacturer’s safeguards.

However, if you are using an Android phone, you can install any third-party applications external to the Google Play Store without the need to jailbreak.  

Like jailbreaking, rooting is the method of getting root access to a phone device. It is usually required on the Android phones and may occur in other devices with operating systems such as Linux, Symbian, UNIX and others.

After you complete rooting, you can allow some of the applications such as a friend tracking app to access the root permissions that allows you to perform any of the tasks you would like to do in the operating system. 

You may make various changes in the OS such as uninstalling system application, revoking permissions to installed applications, installing system binaries of low-level and others.

With having root access on the target phone, you can perform almost any activities you would like to do in a Linux system. By default, Android phones are not rooted as rooting could lead to potential problems in your phone by breaching the security architecture.

In some of the devices, rooting could be done by exploiting the security of Android while some do not require you to do so such as Nexus devices. 

Rooting, jailbreaking or unlocking could thus be a problem for you. Many of the phones are launched as being locked with a certain phone carrier which is quite common in some countries.

This locking feature is set up in such a way to be used only on the network of a specific carrier. When you try to insert a SIM card from another carrier, it will display a message that your phone is locked and the SIM card you are trying to insert cannot be used.

Many of the times you find that you are trying to install an Android locator app but facing problems as you are required to either jailbreak the phone or root it. This would need you to not only access the phone you want to track, but this will also make the owner of the phone come to know that you have done this.

To avoid being found out, you can ignore any mobile tracking apps that would need you to root your phone or jailbreak it before you can install an app on the phone. 

Also, jailbreaking and rooting not only involve consuming a lot of your time and efforts but this will increase the likelihood of being caught spying someone on the phone.

There are some top-notch quality apps based on current location available in the market such as mSpy app that helps you to trace any phone without requiring you to meet any of these conditions. Most of the phones and other devices such as tablets and computers are locked-down devices.

To overcome any of their limitations, rooting, unlocking or jailbreaking are some of the possible solutions through which you can do all these activities that are otherwise not possible as per the settings made by the manufacturers and phone carriers. Another reason why this could be a major issue is that according to the laws in many countries, you are not allowed to do these things even if you have paid for it and own the device legally.

This would become a big problem for you if this case applies to you and restricting you from installing the app you want.  

Keep Your Account Login Details Secret

Keep Your Account Login Details Secret

Another method of tracking a mobile phone without letting others know they are being tracked is to keep the account login details confidential. This is perhaps the best way to be implemented in the corporate settings when you provide company phones to your employees.

Without having access to the login details, the app data remains hidden and they would not come to know that you are secretly accessing all the information about their phone usage activities remotely through an app that tracks other phone.

Most of the spying applications you use require you to create an account with your email address and password. Once you have the login details, you can access your account that receives all the information about the mobile phone you are tracking such as its phone call log, text message log, web browsing history, GPS location track and many more. 

But to ensure the safety of your app account, you must use a strong username and password so that it might not be accessible to the person you are tracking.

Using a weak password or username puts you in a situation of being caught. In other situations, you might have forgot to sign out of your account, or it could be just that whomever you are tracking becomes aware of being monitored by the app to find where someone is.

You should always make sure that you do not disclose the username and password details of the spying app to anyone and keep it secret. You can also make sure that you do not write it down anywhere that could be easily found by anyone. 

If you feel that you are not good at remembering your passwords, you can use a password manager application such as LastPass that stores the passwords you create. LastPass is a great password manager tool which is available for free to benefit from its basic features while the premium features can opt for an additional price.

This password managing application also allows you to import all the saved passwords and login credentials from other web browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. It is understood that remembering the passwords could be painful and hence using a password managing app would prove out to be helpful for you.   

The tips to securely use an online app account is to use two-factor authentication method for signing into your account. If you have got tired of creating passwords, you can use password generator application that would help you to create strong passwords.

To know more about how to create and use passwords to secure your account, you can read plenty of web articles that provide you all the information you need. Securing the password of your real time GPS tracking app would prevent the person you are tracking from knowing that he is being spied on.

Attending a cybersecurity session would also help you in getting more ideas about how you can fully secure your account to avoid any kind of problems. 

Track the Cell Phone Location for Free

Track the Cell Phone Location for Free

Almost everyone carries a smartphone including children and teenagers while it is most popular among youngsters. When you are interested in tracking the location of someone or you are keen to know the whereabouts of your spouse, using the locator for Android app is the cost-effective and highly efficient way of finding someone.

Kids often go to farther areas being unaware of where they are when they are playing with friends and this could become a huge concern for their safety. But using the free cell phone tracker application installed on your phone would help you in finding out their exact location so that they can be confident of them playing around safe areas and for not crossing their safe zones. 

Mobile apps used for tracking the cell phones use the GPS technology that provides real-time information about anyone you would like to trace using his cell phone number.

The best tracking apps for Android are especially helpful in case your phone has got stolen or lost and you cannot find it anywhere. If you are in doubt whether your boyfriend is cheating on you, you can use these apps to monitor where he goes and the locations he visits to keep an eye on him.

Also, you might be interested in monitoring your employees and be free from any worries related to any online thefts and illegal acts they may get involved in when you are unavailable in the office. In all such cases, using a cell phone location tracking application would be of great help to you. 

Following are some of the best cell phone tracking applications that you would like to opt for that help in finding location of just anyone by using his cell phone number only:  

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free

As the name itself signifies, Mobile Tracker Free is a cell phone tracking phone available to download and install for free. This is one of the best GPS tracking apps that provides the best monitoring solution to track just anyone you would like whether it’s your friend, spouse or employee.

This is a free phone app that offers several features you can explore and benefit from. The app provides the option of taking backup of the data you have collected about monitoring or tracking someone such as his browsing history, chat messages, contact list, list of installed applications, call log, multimedia files and many more.

On the official website of this app, you get the options of installing the application at no cost and you can also view a demo of Mobile Tracker Free application to explore its features. This is a free app but offers high-quality monitoring features that provide an impeccable experience to the app users.

This application is the best choice for you if you are seeking a cost-effective solution to track someone. 

 There are several advantages of using the Mobile Tracker Free app. It is not only easy and simple to use but involves no issues in its quick installation process. Using this share phone location app, you can track the social media messages including the incoming and outgoing text messages on social media channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

The biggest advantage of using this app is that it does not require the phone to be rooted. Through the app, it is possible to monitor just anyone including your friends, family, children, and employees in real-time. 

The Mobile Tracker Free app is an app to locate someone who is quite popular among its fans and has attracted thousands of customers who have expressed their satisfaction in benefitting from its features. The app has full compatibility with the Android 9 Pie version.

It also offers the feature of recording the incoming, missed and outgoing phone calls. Through the app, it is possible to trace the location of just anyone using the GPS feature. You can also retrieve the location of your employees online. Other than this, the app can also track the media files including the photos and videos captured using the camera. The app does have the feature of recovering the deleted media files. 

Through social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and others, it is possible to track any type of social media chat messages.

Other than these popular social media websites, you can also track the messages sent and received using social media applications such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Kik, LINE, Tango, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Gmail and others with the need of rooting the phone.

The Mobile Tracker Free app comes with a remote control feature that can help you to capture images or record videos and control the target phone remotely. 

It is also possible to control the phone completely by vibrating it or ringing it remotely or sending SMS commands on the phone. Through the app, you can not only monitor the SMS texts but can also track the MMS messages received or sent on the target device.

The app also has the call log tracking feature using which you can view all types of phone calls on your phone such as incoming calls, missed calls, outgoing calls and others.

Not only you can record the phone call, but the app also comes with the blocking feature using which you can block any unwanted phone number in your contact list. This prevents any spam phone calls from coming your way. 

The Mobile Tracker Free app provides the feature of live viewing using which it is possible to track the activities on the phone in real-time and view what the phone owner does on his phone device and even the surrounding areas.

The friend’s tracker app gives the file manager option using which you can browse the files in the file explorer and access all the received and downloaded files remotely. It also has the option of schedule restriction using which you can block access to all or part of the applications and restrict how the phone is used.

For instance, you can block unwanted websites on your child’s phone. Using the application blocking feature, you can not only view the installed applications but can remove all those apps that you do not want in your phone or the ones that you believe are just wastage of your time and efforts. 

Using the Mobile Tracker Free application, you can check all the websites visited by your employees, spouse or children and block those that are dangerous, such as the ones that contain malware or just the social media apps if you do not want your employees to access their personal social accounts at the workplace.

The app also has the option to send you alert messages whenever a new event gets added to the calendar. For the list of contacts you have in the address book, you can start receiving a notification whenever a new contact is added to the phone list, which you can block if you believe that it’s a spam call and could affect the safety of your children. 

A unique feature in the Mobile Tracker Free app is that it provides you with all the analysis tools that you can use to generate the Excel reports or PDF files. You can come to know a lot of insightful information about how your children are browsing the websites, where they are playing, with whom they are talking over the phone and others.

This statistical data can provide great details about the person you are tracking to use it for various purposes such as protecting your children, monitoring your employees, tracking your spouse and others. 

On the official website of the mobile application, you can find a complete web page dedicated to working as an installation guide for you, which includes all the information that you need to know about installing and configuring the phone and its app settings.

To answer any common questions you have about the application, you can access the FAQ section on the website that provides the list of all the common questions you may have along with their answers.  

Free Android Spy mSpy

Free Android Spy

Free Android Spy is a leading cross platform location sharing app which is available at no extra cost. This free spying phone application has a lot of attractive features to explore.

The mobile app can be installed in less than 45 seconds and provides you short as well as detailed instructions on how you can install the app on your phone. These are step by step easy to understand instructions that you can follow on how to install the application on your phone and can also find video tutorials on the installation process which provides more clarity to the app users. 

Using the app, it is possible to instantly access the location of your children which helps to keep them safe. On the website, you get the option of installing the real time GPS app for free and can also watch live demo of how it works.

This is an invisible app to be used for devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. Free Android Spy is the world’s best mobile application that allows you to spy on just anyone for all the spying activities such as tracking the location of a smartphone, accessing the contact list and media files including the photos and videos taken using the phone camera and accessing the updated information about the phone device. 

The Free Android Spy is an exclusive application meant for devices such as tablets and cell phones with Android as the operating system. This mobile app is available to be used only for legal use and prohibits other users.

It is a 100% invisible application that hides itself upon installation. The benefit of this hidden app is that the person you are tracking never comes to know that you are tracking him. The application provides you access to the monitored data through private area login web page where you can sign into your personal dashboard to get all the updated information you need about the target phone you are tracking.  

While the Free Android Spy app is available for free, its fully featured app is also available which is called AndroidMonitor and comes with advanced functionalities.

Included in this premium app are loads of extra features such as spying on Facebook, Viber, Skype and other social media channels, monitoring the websites, checking all the websites that have been bookmarked, spying on the incoming and outgoing phone calls, monitoring the SMS messages and others.

If you have any difficulty in running the friends GPS tracking app, you can contact the support team through live chat and email support. You can receive invisible automatic updates on your phone and thus would not need to check and install the updates yourself. Thus, you would not need to uninstall the old version of the mobile app.

These automatic updates and fixes are included in the basic free version itself and it does not require you to pay for the premium features.  

There is another advantage using the Free Android Spy app that all the stored and transferred app data collected through monitoring the target phone device can be securely encrypted and that does not provide its access to any third-party application.

You will also be able to access all the target phone device information in which you have installed the spying app. Some of the detailed information available through this way includes the cell phone number of the person whom you are tracking and its operating system. You can also find out how much free and total disk space you have available in your phone.

Using this private location app, you can trace the location where the person is as per the mobile operator network for which no GPS location functionality is needed. Some other details about the phone device you can use includes serial number of mobile phone and SIM card.

After you have logged into the private area of your mobile app account, you can find the GPS locations that you have tracked in the past listed chronologically based on the date and time of visits.

You can also view the details of the entire travel route taken by your children and employees. If you believe that your children are lying about their whereabouts and your employees seem to be using the company cars with no prior authorization, you can monitor their information and control their behaviours.

This location app download is undetectable and hides itself in the background but works efficiently in recording all the phone activities. You do not need to have a Google account to download and install the app updates. On the FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) page of the app website, you can find a list of all the links of common questions helpful for app users along with their answers. 

One of the advantages of using the cell phone tracking application is that it is user-friendly with a comprehensive list of available features that are extremely easy to use.

The drawback of this app is that its free version does not provide access to the social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and others which is only available with the fully featured AndroidMonitor app. Another disadvantage of using this Android share location with friends app is that it does not include the feature of keylogging which is used for capturing the keystrokes entered on the keyboard.

There is another drawback of using this app is that it does not allow taking screenshots of the device screen, which is one of the important features required to monitor someone. The application also does not have compatibility with iPhones and other Apple phones. Another drawback of using the app is that it does not record the phone calls and the surrounding conversations.  

The Free Android Spy app is quite famous among the app users and works a great tool for spying on kids. It is compatible with the Android 7 version and offers a total disk space of 9.25 GB.

At the left side of the dashboard panel, you can find the options of checking the device information, accessing the address book, tracking the GPS location, accessing the image files and video files, finding the list of installed applications and by clicking on the plus icon at the bottom of all these options, you can expand to explore more functions that you can take advantage of. 

SpyHuman App


SpyHuman is a perfect app to track your friends location. This app offers a complete monitoring solution for all your needs and acts as a one stop solution to monitor the activities of your child’s smartphone.

This is a free mobile application offering all the features you need to track anyone. If you would like to try the premium features of this app, you can opt for a free trial of 2 days that gives you an idea of how you can use the app to spy on someone.

Through this check in location app, you can easily monitor the phone call details of any incoming or outgoing calls in your smartphone. It is also possible to track the SMS messages as well as to trace the location of anyone. Another option to explore about this app is to use it for checking the browsing history of the person you are tracking.  

The SpyHuman my location app for Android does not require your phone to be rooted. It is easy to install the application and it offers 24*7 technical support.

You can download the app from the official website which also provides installation and configuration guide listing all the steps required to do so. It also provides a video on the whole installation process which can help you to quickly and easily install the application you would like to track the cell phone with.

There is an option available to view the demo version of the app using which you can explore its features before trying to buy the subscription. This app to track each other work as a great parental control tool which protects your children from any kind of online threats by monitoring the smartphone activities on social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others. 

Through the data backup feature of SpyHuman mobile app, you can receive real time updates about the data uploaded and stored on the server which is highly secured.

This stored data can act as a backup of all the information you might have received while monitoring someone using the phone tracking app. The smartphone with the app to share location with family has anti-theft features using which you can find your phone if it gets lost or stolen by someone.

You can also receive instant notification in the control panel whenever SIM of your phone is changed using the SpyHuman mobile app. In case you face any technical issues in your phone app, you can get assistance with customer support available 24*7.

You can anytime send your queries via email or contact through live chat or just contact through the phone number to address any problems you face in the app. 

The advantage of SpyHuman app is that it remains invisible and works at the background of your phone screen. Using the GPS location tracking app, it helps you to find the real time whereabouts of your children or employees.

There are several features that you can find helpful, such as the option of call tracker using which you can trace the incoming and outgoing phone calls to the target phone device, browser history through which you can monitor the web activities of someone, GPS tracker to find the physical location of anyone in real time, SMS tracker which is used for tracing the text messages sent and received to the target phone number and the feature of monitoring the chat messages on the social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others.  

Setting up the SpyHuman app, one of the leading tracking apps for Androids, is very simple and easy which involves just 4 steps. You can first create a free account and register yourself as a new user. After completing the registration, you can then download the app from the admin panel.

Once you have the app downloaded on your target phone device, you can then start the installation process which is quite easy and quick. To start monitoring the application, you can just login into the admin panel and from there, it is possible to track anyone by entering his cell phone number without letting him know that he is being tracked. 

The app is supported by all the Android devices and has huge fan following of more than a million of clients using the app. You can subscribe for this Google location app for Android which is applicable for just one device only and offers the basic features of logging into your account on a weekly basis, tracking the call log and SMS, using the GPS location, accessing the contact list and checking the browsing history.

The app also comes in premium plan for $9.99 per month which includes all the features included in the basic plan along with offering some of the advanced features such as call recording, backup of app data, using file manager, accessing social media chat messages and many more.

While you are using this cell phone tracking app with the free subscription plan, you need to make sure you remain an active user on the app for not more than 7 days of inactivity since the last time you had logged into your account.

If you do not do this, the target phone you add to your account for monitoring gets deleted automatically. This is also the case when you have not connected back to the app site for a period of one month since last login. 

The SpyHuman app is highly popular with 982000 downloads recorded till now with over 62000 new users registering on the app every month while the app has received 4.9 Star rating.

This monitoring app allows you to track the social media chat history of the person you are tracking which includes monitoring social media apps such as IMO, WeChat, Kik, Hike, Instagram and Line applications.

To purchase the application, you firstly need to install it and then proceed to make the payment in order to get yourself registered on the application and start using it for tracking purposes.  

Overall, mSpy is the best application you can use to trace someone’s cell phone without his knowledge which involves just a few easy steps. But you also need to make sure that you do not get caught by anyone and keep in mind some of the useful tips of spying someone that you would find useful.


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