3 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

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For one or the other reason, you may need to track a mobile number. It could be that you want to know where your child is and would like to confirm whether your employee is doing his job and not absent from the worksite. You might be in doubt whether your spouse is cheating on your back and would like to know his whereabouts so that you can know what places he visits and with whom.

By knowing the details, you can prevent him from indulging in extra-marital relationships. While you are tracking someone, you would also like to ensure that the person you are tracking does not come to know anything about it. There are plenty of methods using which you can monitor somebody. Using a mobile phone application is the best among all since it does not cost anything. If you would like to know the location of anyone, you can do this safely using this phone application.

Tracking the mobile number using phone tracker without them knowing is not only easy but simple as well. Wherever you are in the world, the app would help you in finding out anyone. You can find the location of your friends and trace the place where your employees are now to confirm whether they are working during the work hours.

If you are using the app to monitor your employees from the company phones you have provided to them, you would like to make sure they are not aware about this. Because if they come to know they are being tracked, they may switch off the phone whenever they are absent from work. If you are tracking your kids using the tracking app, they may turn off the phone being afraid of getting caught for playing in the playground while promising to be visiting a bookstore. 

In the same way, if your spouse comes to know you are tracking him, he might just switch off his phone or use other measures to avoid being monitored. He might be in a restaurant dating with another girl though had promised of being in the grocery store.

Personal detectives who do spying for you in such similar cases make use of cell phone tracking feature. The premium apps with advanced features help you to do this yourself without the need of paying someone else. This is a cost-effective way of tracking someone as most of the apps are available at less expensive price.

But you should select only the good quality apps as there are many spam or fake applications available that pretend to have all the required features but when you sign up for them, you come to know that they are not the right apps. To find out the best apps, you can read some great articles posted on the web that provide highly useful information about an app.

You can also read the online reviews published online and by reading the comments posted by other app users, you can come to know whether it is worth installing an application on your phone. 

How to Track Somebody's Mobile without Them Knowing?

How to Track Somebody’s Mobile without Them Knowing?

Cell phone is found in everyone’s hands. It is more often used for chatting on social media apps nowadays than for making phone calls. This is because you get the free calling option available in the social media apps as well other than the feature of exchanging text messages.

Among all the social apps installed in your phone, Facebook and WhatsApp are the frequently used apps that are very commonly used nowadays for exchanging messages, images, audio and video files, and other documents. Social chat on phone is especially popular among the young generation and now also used by working professionals.

Before starting to track chat messages, you first need to download and install the application on your phone. Many mobile apps are available that work as excellent solutions for monitoring and spying someone. To install the app on any phone, you would need to have physical access to the device for its manual installation. This cannot be done remotely because of limitations and restrictions the operating system of mobile has.

Physical access to the phone is required only for installation purposes to set up the app and after that, you can easily control the mobile even from a remote place from the online dashboard itself. By tracking the message history on social media, you can protect your children from incidents of cyberbullying, account hacking and others.  

When you sign up for the monitoring app, you also receive your access details after registration including your user id and password for logging into the online portal. With these login credentials, you can view your control panel or dashboard that works as a command center using which you can then enable or disable various features available in the mobile app.

This helps you to manage the way the phone is used by your kids or employees which thus helps you in controlling their behaviour. It depends upon what model of the phone device you have and what app you are using for monitoring that some of the features could be disabled or enabled in the default settings. If you do not have the option of monitoring the phone enabled on your social media apps, you can go to your online portal and enable it from there.

You can also disable other apps that you are not interested in using to free some space on your phone. 

One biggest advantage of these spying apps is that they are hidden apps. They cannot be detected by the phone users as they will not be able to view it anywhere on the main screen of the mobile phone. Monitoring the app in the stealth mode thus becomes quite convenient.

There are so many features available in the application that you can enjoy and can use for your personal purposes. The spying apps are not only used by the parents to monitor their children, but they can also be used as anti-theft applications. Using the GPS location tracking feature, you can easily find a device that is stolen or lost.

Just go to the dashboard and find the geographical location of anyone by entering his phone number which gives you real-time information about where the person is. This is a great feature that can be helpful to the security professionals or law enforcement officers to retrieve information about anyone.

Through the app, you cannot only track an iPhone without someone knowing using GPS location and monitor social media messages but can also receive log information of all the calls made and recorded on the phone. 

“How can I track a cell phone without them knowing?” While you are interested in tracking someone, you might be worried about being detected for monitoring him. But there are ways you can do it securely without letting the person know about it.

There are some of the best mobile applications available on the net that help in tracking the messages on various social media channels also such as Facebook Messenger and Viber. Such monitoring apps help the parents in keeping a watch on their kids who are always concerned about their whereabouts due to the rising crimes.

At the same time, there are cybercrimes happening on the internet that make the parents worried about their children and this is the reason they want to be sure about their activities on social media and how they use the internet. Using the tracking app, parents can track all the online activities of their children and can also access their physical location through GPS tracking that ensures their safety all the time.

Moreover, they can get full details about their whereabouts including the basic information of the locations they had visited and the amount of time they spent on those locations.   

The monitoring apps come with the feature of enabling or disabling the options, so parents can remotely control the way apps are installed or uninstalled in the phones. These applications are easily available for free in the app store and are found to be compatible with almost all phone devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and others.

Other than this, they can also track the information about the calls coming in and going out of the phone as well as the emails sent and received on the phone. For the chat message tracker app to work properly, you just need to install the app in the target phone device and start monitoring the phone user remotely from anywhere and anytime.

The app does not only work as a great parent controlling solution but also helps in monitoring your girlfriend, spouse, friend or just anyone. If you believe that there is something awkward in how your spouse is behaving or you find something strange about your girlfriend, using an app that monitors his phone activities would help you get an idea of whether something is not normal.

This lightweight app installed in your phone acts like a great phone tracker without them knowing that it provides you full access to their phone data such as contact list, text message, voice call log, video call history, and others. 

App 3*: mSpy

Why Should I be Using mSpy?

If you are searching out the best way to track phone activities, mSpy is the best application with loads of extensive features that are comparatively better than the other same kind of applications. There are some features that are available in the free version of this app which you cannot find even after registering for the paid apps.

This app is very popular among phone users for its parental controlling feature. It is a competitive app that offers all the desirable features you would like to have in any monitoring app. Another advantage of the mSpy app is that it is available for both jailbreaking and without jailbreaking devices.

The app with no jailbreaking requires no manual installation and you just need the iCloud account details to install the app on the target phone. 

The mSpy app has been found to be compatible with the Android versions ranging from 4 to 7.1 version. It offers two pricing packages viz. Basic and Premium. The Premium plan varies as monthly, quarterly and yearly. The basic plan available for one month is available at an affordable rate.

It also makes you access the chats on social media sites such as SnapChat, Google Hangouts, and Telegram. It also comes with keylogging feature which most of the apps do not have and allows you to record keystrokes on the keyboard using which you can track on how the computing devices are being used by the phone user. 

No Jailbreaking:

Manufacturers of a phone keep the default phone settings in such a way that you need to unlock the phone and jailbreak it to install an external application in the Apple devices. This is done to protect the iPhone and other Apple devices from being exposed to malware associated with the third-party apps.

If you are looking to find out how to track someone using an app requiring no jailbreaking, mSpy is the best application you can opt for. It is a great iOS spying app that perfectly monitors all the phone content including phone calls, SMS messages either received or deleted, GPS location tracking and tracking of social media channels such as Facebook, SnapChat, Skype, WhatsApp, and others.

No Extra Apps Needed:

mSpy is the best application for monitoring anyone and has all the features you need. It is fully loaded with all the functionalities required to spy on someone such as tracing the cell phone location using GPS, monitoring the call log, accessing the multimedia messages including pictures and recorded videos, and finding the web browsing details of the phone users.

Thus, you do not need to install any extra application for spying someone when the mSpy app works out to be the one-stop-shop solution for all your monitoring needs. 

Reasonable Pricing:

Another biggest advantage that mSpy app brings is that it is available at the reasonably low-priced subscription rate. There are two subscription plans including basic and premium that are available at affordable rates.

With the affordable mobile application installed in your phone, you are able to benefit from all the features you need including the basic and advanced features, and that even at a much cheaper rate as compared to other applications that are available at higher prices but do not offer the functionalities you want in your phone. 

How to Track an iPhone without Someone Knowing via mSpy?

How to Track an iPhone without Someone Knowing via mSpy? 

Can you track someone’s messages for free? Yes, it is possible to download and install a spying app such as mSpy that allows you to access all the features of monitoring someone by using the trial version of the app. Other than this, the app can also be viewed from the demo version link available on the home page of the mSpy app website.

When you sign up for the mSpy account, you can find all the messages received and sent on social media by clicking on the specific app such as WhatsApp available in the control panel. This provides you all the details such as names of the person to whom the message has been sent, date and time of when the message was received or sent and the complete chat log history. 

Another big concern in your mind could be about being detected when you are spying someone. Can you trace social media messages without letting them know about it? The answer is yes, it is possible to track anyone without his knowledge.

This requires installing a high rated app that has the functionality of running in the background of your phone screen. When the mobile app runs in the hidden mode, it is not visible on the screen and the phone user does not come to know whether it is installed.

There are many reasons why you would like to install this app. One scenario could be that you have been shopping around in a big mall and cannot find your friend. In this case, using an app would help you find out where your friend is so that you can find his exact location and track him well.

Using a phone tracking app is the best application you can use confidently that makes you feel comfortable about the safety of your child and because its advanced technology ensures providing you accurate information of someone’s whereabouts.   

To use mSpy app, there are a few simple steps you can take. Firstly, you can purchase the mSpy application from the website. You can choose the right subscription plan of the app that best fits you and your family needs. To make the payment, you can enter the billing information and make payment using various available payment methods.

After paying, you can receive an email with confirmation that your order is completed, and you can access this information from the control panel itself. After completing the purchase, you can install the application on your phone. 

To install the app properly, you would need to firstly log into your control panel and follow all the instructions from there. It hardly takes a few steps to get started using your app. Once you know your user id and password, you can log in into your mSpy app account and start monitoring just anything you would like to track on the phone such as chat messages, browsing the history, GPS location, call log and others.

The app is compatible with Android version 4 and above, and in the case of the iPhone, you can get the app installed on any iOS device with its versions ranging from 7 to 8.4 version. If you want to know ‘how I can track my friends iPhone without them knowing’, following are the details:

Step 1: Create your mSpy Account

Step 1: Create an Account on mSpy

After you have downloaded the mSpy app, you can start creating an account. Before registering on the app, you would need to make sure that you have selected the right plan that fits your needs. For this, just create your account by entering your information such as email address and password.

This starts the set-up wizard process and asks you to enter details such as name of the phone owner, age of the target device, operating system of the phone and then you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Verify your iCloud ID and Password

In the second step of setting up your mSpy account, you can enter the iCloud ID and the password, and then hit verify to complete the verification process. To make this work properly, you need to ensure that the backup of your iCloud account and the option to sync the phone are activated on the target phone in which you want to install the app to start spying.

If you are not aware of how you can set up the iCloud backup account on your iPhone device, you can go to Apple.com to learn about how this can be done.

Step 3: Start Tracking the Phone Activities

Upon completing the account set up process, you can start tracking the chat history. All the messages you want to track can be retrieved from the online dashboard itself.

Just enter the phone number which you would like to track and then go to the option of a specific social media site in the control panel to find the message log details. 

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's iPhone without their Knowledge

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody’s iPhone without their Knowledge

mSpy is an amazing tool that works well to monitor the WhatsApp message activities on any of the Android and iOS phones. Tracking someone has become a necessity nowadays.

There are several advantages of using the mSpy phone tracker app. One of the benefits is to find your friends and family using their mobile numbers. You can enter their phone number and get real-time data of their exact location through GPS technology.

You might be interested to know how kids are browsing the websites and whether it is safe for them. As an employer, you might like to check the emails and message history of your employees to monitor his performance. If you have lost your phone or it has been stolen by someone, tracing it using the phone locating app would be very helpful. 

The accuracy of the information provided by the mobile tracking app gives you peace of mind that everything is fine and there is no issue related to the safety of your children. You can be more comfortable and confident about the personal relationship you have with your spouse.

You can be aware of all their activities on their phones such as phone call history, tracking textual messages, monitoring the photos and videos shared using the phone and the kind of websites they are browsing and many more. 

Following are some of the top features of mSpy that you can benefit from:

Features of mSpy:

GPS Tracking:

Tracking anyone’s location on GPS is one of the main features of mSpy. You can monitor the present location of anyone through GPS technology. In the app, you can find the locations organized into the map view and list view.

The map view provides graphical representation along with information on the routes and nearby areas which gives good clarity about any location. Once you get the app, you can access the control panel and start using the app to follow the footsteps of your kids that ensure you get the real-time data on their exact whereabouts.

You do not need to worry about the cancellation of your subscription if you find that you do not like its features after you have registered on the app. The option to view a demo of the app and using its trial version helps you get an idea of the app interface, its general features, and functionalities. 

Using the GPS tracking feature, you can check the complete route history of your children over specific periods of time intervals. The details of the comprehensive list of locations can be found on the app including the date and time of visiting the location, physical address of that location and others.

The benefit of using the mSpy app is that it is very accurate and works the best for both iPhones and Android phones. The fact that a child is found missing or abducted after every 40 seconds itself highlights the importance of using this app in the real life. Installing the app makes the life of parents easier and beats the challenging problem about the safety concerns of children.   

Tracking WhatsApp Messages:

WhatsApp is one of the favorite social media chat apps among people nowadays. When it comes to the increasing rate of cybercrimes happening on the web, tracking messages on WhatsApp would be the solution that could help you get a good idea of what your child has been doing, whom he has been talking to and whether he might not be approached by an online predator or stranger who might affect the safety of your child.

Once you get the WhatsApp tracker iPhone app, you can get complete access to the messages, phone calls, media files and social media chat details about your kids.

You can simply go to your online account to find all the details of the chat history on WhatsApp along with names of the recipients that confirms whether they are known to you and not strangers, while you also come to know the timestamps of the time and day when the messages were exchanged.

You can store all the WhatsApp chat history very well and can also take back up of the app data.

In the WhatsApp tracking feature, you can get to know all the details of your chat messages that are well organized into two different sections of message logs and call logs.

The details are displayed in an organized format providing all the required information such as whether the message is incoming or outgoing, name of the person with whom the message was exchanged, short preview of the chat message, time and date of the message sent or received.

This information is enough to make sure that your child is not in conversation with someone stranger who is not known to you. If you find any unknown person in the chat message history, you can remove the person from the contact list and block him from contacting your child. 

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's iPhone without their Knowledge using Find My Friends?

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody’s iPhone without their Knowledge using Find My Friends?

Like the GPS tracking application, Find My Friends is another great application designed by Apple that helps you to effectively connect with your family and friends.

You can get live details of their locations and thus you can come to know whether your spouse is returning to your home or he has already reached the airport to pick up you. It is also possible to share your location so that they can also be aware of where you are.

If you want to know what steps you can take to use the Find My Friends application to find someone without them knowing, following are the details:

Step 1: “Share My Location” should be Enabled

Firstly, you can open the Find My Friends application on your iPhone. Find their names on the contact list and tap on their photos which are located at the bottom and then toggle the option of “Share My Location” to the right to enable sharing your location in your phone settings.

It could be the case that there are other phone devices linked to your iCloud account such as an iPad or tablet. Under the option of “Share My Location From:”, you can thus make sure that you have chosen “This Device” and you are sharing the location correctly from the phone you have in hand.   

Step 2: Share their Location with Yourself

Once you have enabled sharing your location on your iPhone, you can now share the location of your friends on your own phone. At the bottom of your phone screen, you can swipe up the option to enable the AirDrop button from your Control Center.

Though the option of “Contacts Only” will be sufficient for you if they have your contact information saved in their phone, you may like to change the settings and make your phone discoverable to “Everyone”. In the Find My Friends installed their phones, you can tap on the “Add” option and click on the contact icon.

Now, you can choose “Share Indefinitely” that will allow sharing their location to you for an indefinite period. 

Step 3: Accept their Locations

After the location of your friends is now shared to your phone, you can click on “Accept”. After the acceptance, you will see a popup window that asks for sharing your location with your friends. Just tap on “Don’t Share” and they won’t be able to track your location. Thus, to clarify, you need to accept sharing of their location and do not need to share your location back. 

Step 4: Track their Mobile without them Knowing

To view the exact location of your friends in real time, you can simply tap on their contact icons in the Find My Friends app. You can also set the option of receiving notifications about whether they have arrived or left from a certain location.

So, you can come to know if they have left from their work and ready to visit you. You can do all this without any difficulty if they are not aware of being tracked especially in the case when you are spying on them. 

Step 5: Hide the “Find My Friends” App from Dock

To avoid being detected of spying your friends, you can certainly hide their “Find My Friends” application. There are two ways you can do this such as hiding it using the dock or using a folder.

Both methods will temporarily remove the app and restarting the phone brings it back on the main screen of the phone in which it is installed. It is easy to hide it from the Dock. You can ensure that the main page of your mobile is full and the “Find My Friends” application is on your second page.

Just press and hold any icon, which lets you enter the editing mode. From here, you can drag “Find My Friends” app onto any of apps on the first page in your phone which creates a folder. When you are in the folder, you can remove the “Find My Friends” app and drop it onto the dock. 

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody's Android Device without their Knowledge?

How to Secretly Monitor Somebody’s Android Device without their Knowledge?

Nowadays everyone needs to surf the internet and browse the websites for various purposes such as studying online, paying bills, transferring funds, booking appointments and many more. Tracking internet history thus becomes important especially for the employees working in the office.

Employers strictly restrict their employees to access personal websites and social media accounts such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Browsing these websites is strongly prohibited during the work hours since it prevents the employees from devoting their precious time towards their work and create distractions for them at the workplace that affect their performance.

As an employer, if you know how to monitor WhatsApp messages and track browsing web history, it would become easy for you to monitor them and control their behavior that would result in increasing the quality of their performance.

Through the browsing history option in mSpy app, you can find complete details of all the websites your employees had visited, and this information is well displayed being organized into the sections of browser history and browser bookmarks.  

In the section of browsing history, you can get details such as links of the websites your employees had been visited, frequency of the visits, the time and day of when they browsed the websites last time.

Through the WhatsApp monitoring application, you can filter the kind of content you want to allow access at the workplace and what you would like to restrict or block such as checking social media accounts.

While this feature can be helpful for professional purpose for effectively monitoring the employees, this can also be highly beneficial in tracking whether your child is safely browsing the internet such as for their education and entertainment.

According to one study, it has been found that 32 percent of the teenagers explicitly access online content every day and thus to ensure safe internet experience, using a monitoring app like mSpy would be very helpful. 

mSpy mobile tracking app provides you the feature of accessing the address book and viewing the complete contact list of a target phone. This gives you the advantage of revealing all the persons added to the phone book that includes people from personal and professional circles.

By monitoring the phone contact list in this way using mSpy, the WhatsApp messenger tracker, will help you to track the phone user completely. This makes you be aware of all the people he is in contact with and helps you in determining whether there is someone unfamiliar to you and your family who is interacting with your child or spouse.

With all the information about the contacts disclosed, you can thus find out whether your spouse is cheating on you or indulging in external affairs. This also lets you be more vigilant and alert about the safety of your children. 

Using the spying tool, you can fully scan the phone book of your phone with no phone number left untracked. From your control panel, you can access the contacts option that displays the names of the persons along with their phone numbers one after the other in the form a list under the address book section.

You can find out all the phone numbers on the phone including the newly added phone numbers other than the old numbers that already exist in the phone book. Using mSpy, the WhatsApp number tracker app, you can get all the information including the details of email addresses, home addresses, and business addresses along with the phone numbers displayed under the address book.

To access this feature in your app account, you can click on the Address book option available on the left side of the screen which provides details such as contact names, age, phone numbers, and extra information. 

How can you Track Somebody’s Android Phone without their Knowledge using Google Maps?

How can you Track Somebody’s Android Phone without their Knowledge using Google Maps?

Like other cell phone tracking applications, Google Maps is another app that you can use to secretly monitor anyone’s phone. For this, you just need to have physical access to his phone. Following are the simple steps on how to track somebody using Google Maps:

  • Step 1: If the phone you are tracking does not have Google Maps, you need to install it first. If it is already there, just open the app.
  • Step 2: Go to the Menu option and then move on to location sharing. 
  • Step 3: Find the option “Share your real-time location until you turn this off” and click on it. 
  • Step 4: You can now select your own personal phone to enable sharing the location of the phone you are tracking. 

How can you Secretly Monitor Somebody’s Android Device without being Detected?

In the mSpy app, the WhatsApp tracking app free, you can find the option of Call Logs which provides the information of all the calls made and received by the phone user along with the day and time details. All the detailed information is displayed as the type of call whether incoming or outgoing, name of the person in the contact list, duration of the call and call time.

At the top of the page, you can select the phone number for which you want to display the call log details if you are tracking more than one phone numbers. There’s another option to select the time period for which you want the data to be displayed. Selecting “All time” will provide you details of all the calls made so far. If you have a teenager at home, you can find details of the calls coming in and going out of the phone using the app. 

To protect your child from being in contact with strangers or anyone who you are unfamiliar with, you can put limits on the interaction by completely blocking and removing the phone number from the contact list. To do this, there is an option of “Restrict Incoming Calls” in which you can see the list of all the phone numbers you have restricted.

The second option is about their status as “Applied” which shows you have applied restriction on the phone number, and it is now blocked. The third option is “Delete” which makes you to delete any of these phone numbers from the list. Deleting the restricted phone number enables us to make and receive the phone call from that number.

After you have done this in the control panel of mSpy, the WhatsApp number tracker app, you can be sure that your child can use the phone safely. 

When you are monitoring someone or spying the person, access to multimedia files could be important documents to track that help in giving a better idea of their phone usage activities. Access to the multimedia files using the track WhatsApp messages free mSpy app includes photos and videos clicked by the phone user.

Exchanging these media files is a daily activity on the phone. If you are observing whether your spouse is trying to cheat on you and have an external affair going on, checking his phone with the photos he has clicked would be absolutely the best way to track him and control his behavior.

You can find his pictures along with his girlfriend and whether he is partying out unnecessarily being in the wrong social circle. This is perhaps the best way to know whether something wrong is going on with him and to prevent this from happening in his life. 

Other than this, you can use the monitoring app for accessing the photos and media files captured and shared by your children. Using a smartphone with the feature of the phone camera is quite common among children who like to take selfies and pictures of themselves, especially teenage kids.

Though it seems fun and entertaining, it could lead to problems if it is used wrongly. It could also be the case that someone intentionally tries to send dangerous pictures on your kids’ phones to threaten him or scare him.

There are a lot of cyberbullying incidents reported on social media such as Facebook where some ill-minded people try to bully teenagers by commenting on their pictures or videos posted on their wall pages. To prevent all these incidents to happen and ensure your kids can surf the internet for free, you can install mSpy on your phone to start accessing the multimedia files sent directly to your online personal dashboard. 

In the mSpy monitoring app, you can view the list of all the installed applications. This will certainly help you to find out whether there is an unwanted app installed in your kids’ phone which is neither educational nor entertaining in any way and just works out to be a complete wastage of their time and efforts.

Finding this, you can easily remove the app you find unsuitable for your children. By using the spying app, you can remotely manage the phone by downloading, installing or removing the app you do not want in your child’s phone. Many monitoring applications are available on the internet that helps you in viewing the list of all the installed apps in the target phone device.

Upon accessing this feature, you will come to know that there are some apps that are not working, have an outdated app version and are not good for your child. Using the mSpy control panel, you can not only control remotely but can also block or stop any of the applications that should not be running on his phone. 

Upon accessing the control panel of your mSpy account, you can find the Installed Apps section selecting which you can see the application name, version of the app, type of application, size of the application, date and time of install and the option to block or unblock the app.

According to one research study, 84 percent of the children cannot stay without a mobile phone even for a single day. This shows that using a smartphone is highly addictive among the kids. They use smartphones basically for exchanging messages on social media and playing online games but such engagement beyond the limit is not suitable for them and could affect their academic and social life. 

How can you Secretly Monitor Somebody’s Android Phone Device without their Knowledge using Google Maps?

How can you Secretly Monitor Somebody’s Android Phone Device without their Knowledge using Google Maps?

If you have been finding issues tracking someone using mobile tracker apps and have got tired of searching for such apps on your phone, Google Maps is the application you would like to go for. It is highly popular among the phone users for its accuracy and precision.

The Google Maps app has a user-friendly map interface using which it you can find and track someone with as much details as possible. This is not only a free app, but it provides highly accurate information about someone’s whereabouts. Also, this is app that you might already be familiar with. 

It is one of the useful methods that brings several key advantages for you as a phone tracker. It is available at no charge and known for its accuracy. With all the precise information you can receive from the app, you will find it is not only highly useful but also simple to use as well that hardly needs you to tap on it with the entered phone number and you can find where someone is located.

Google Maps is an in-built app found in almost all the mobile phones and works great as far as its compatibility is concerned. You firstly need to access the phone physically and enable the location sharing option if it is not already done.  

Following are the steps you can follow to enable location sharing on your Google Maps app before tracking someone’s location:

  • Step 1: On the target phone device of anyone you are tracking, you can download and install Google Maps. If it already exists in that phone, you can open the app. 
  • Step 2: Just go to the Menu option and from here, click on “Share Location”. You can set up the time period till when you want to track the location of the target phone device. 
  • Step 3: Click on the option of “Select People” and choose the person with whom you are sharing the location with. It is also possible to share the location using the message app. 

In this way through Google Maps, you can thus track the real-time location of just anyone for the specified time period you have set the app. There are three simple and easy steps you can follow to spy on someone using the Google Maps app. Using this app, you can also get information about the complete location history of a phone. To know how you can do this, below are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: In the target phone device, you can open and launch the Google Maps app. 
  • Step 2: In the app, you can move to the “Menu” option and set “Your Timeline”. 
  • Step 3: At the right-hand side of your phone screen, you can click on the Calendar icon. 
  • Step 4: To check the history of the locations the person might have visited, you can swipe the option to select a date when you would like to check the history of those locations. 
  • Step 5: Just hit on the date you want to set, and this displays the location history on your phone screen. 
Frequently Asked Questions about the mSpy Mobile Tracker App

Frequently Asked Questions about the mSpy Mobile Tracker App

You might be having questions in your mind on how mSpy works. Following are listed some of the commonly asked questions along with their answers that you would find useful.

If you still have further queries to ask, you can contact the support team. There are 4 levels of technical support offered by the mSpy app. First is the free support service available for the users with a Basic subscription that includes assistance through live chat and email.

Second is also the free support available for the users subscribed to the Premium plan that also includes assistance via email and live chat. The third is the priority line support which is a premium service that includes offering personalized customer assistance other than the standard mSpy support available for just $12.99 which you can activate for a period of 12 months. 

Through this support, you can also call the customer support team, a step by step process that lets you walk through how to install the app in your phone and other such features.

This premium level service is optional but non-refundable. Lastly, there’s mAssistance service which is a VIP level customer support. This helps you in completing the set up of your mSpy app including rooting or jailbreaking.

The support team can also help you in the installation of mSpy app through Team Viewer which is a remote access computer using which a technical expert can control your computing device and do the installation for you.

The app offers round the clock customer assistance available via live chat, phone call and email for just $53.99. This support is available for just one of your devices and you can avail it any time within the 12 months of purchasing the app.  

How does the mSpy App Work?

How does the mSpy App Work?

mSpy is an efficient mobile tracker app which is used for collecting the data about the phone being tracked. In whichever phone device you have installed the mSpy app, you can collect all the data about that phone including the list of contacts, chat history, media files, browsing history and many more.

You can access all this information from your control panel itself which can also be accessed from the web browser. You receive your user id and password details of your control panel and get the instructions on how you can install the app.    

Can mSpy Work Globally from Anywhere?

mSpy app is not dependent on any location and can be operated from any place in the world. The target phone device should use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connection so that you can connect with the mSpy app.

It has compatibility with the Android and iOS devices used in almost all the countries in the world and hence it can work anywhere and it is possible for you to track the location of just anyone using the mSpy app. There is no restriction on using the app in any of the countries and hence you can use it without any difficulty if you have a good internet connection. 

Will the Logo of mSpy App be Visible after I Install it?

The logo of the mSpy app is not visible when you install the app. mSpy advertises itself as 100% undetectable and hides the icon once you install it. It is an invisible app and hides at the background of your phone screen.

This does not allow the person you are tracking to come to know that you are tracking him since it works in stealth mode. This allows you to track just anyone without letting him know that he is being monitored which brings a great advantage to you for spying him secretly. 

How to Install the mSpy App for Tracking a Cell Phone?

mSpy is a non-jailbreaking app which does not require you to jailbreak the iPhone to install the app. You will need to jailbreak the device only for iPhone because Android phones do not require jailbreaking.

To install the mSpy app on the iPhone without jailbreaking, you need to use the credentials of your iCloud account. You can thus install the app using the iCloud account details. You need to login to your control panel and find the instruction guide on how you can install the application step by step.

This makes it easy for you to follow on how you can install the app on your phone. You must enable back up on your iPhone which requires meeting the following conditions:

  • Device should have Wi-Fi connection
  • Device must be plugged in
  • Device should be locked

If the above conditions are met, you can take back up of the data from your iPhone to your iCloud account every day. If the backup of your iCloud is not enabled, you can switch it on and activate this manually by going to Settings>iCloud>iCloud Backup> On. After switching it on, you can select Back Up Now option from the Backup section. This makes the target device data synchronized with the control panel. 

If you own an Android-based phone, you would need to be authorized to access the phone and from the control panel, you can find all the instructions on how you can install the app.

You can install this application without rooting the phone. In case, you would like the monitor social chat history on sites such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, Skype and others, you need to root the phone. 

On the other hand, if you own an iOS device phone, you need to jailbreak it which takes around 30 minutes. Some newer iOS devices are already not jailbroken, so you would have to confirm this first by going to Settings>General>About>Version where you can find this information along with the latest jailbreaking version. Once your phone is jailbroken, you can log into your account and install the app. 

What does the mSpy Control Panel Dashboard Look Like?

mSpy control panel is your personal dashboard where you can receive all the data you have monitored by spying the phone by remotely controlling it anytime and anywhere. It is easy to use and a simple dashboard that lets you access all your information in the form of a single report.

This is where you can control and manage the activities on the phone such as blocking phone numbers, restricting specific websites or web content etc. From the control panel, you can view the device info such as app version, account information such as premium plan and others. 

What Happens after Making the Required Payment?

Once the payment is made, you will receive an email confirming the purchase and the billing details. You will also be receiving a welcoming email containing the user id and password details.

To ensure you receive the emails, you can cross-check your spam and inbox folders. You also get the link of your personalized control panel wherein you can access all the data stored in the app.

You can just click on the link and sign in to your account which leads you to the installation wizard with all the instructions on how you can install the mSpy app.

How many Devices can be Monitored under Single Subscription?

Using the mSpy app, you can monitor as many phone devices as possible. After you buy one subscription package, you can track only one phone. But you can change the target cell phone without any cost involved.

By changing the phone during the subscription period, you can monitor as many phones as you would like. However, if you are looking to monitor two cell phones at once, you would need to buy two subscriptions. 

Does Rooting the Android Phone Device Void the Warranty?

Rooting is a way to gain root access to Android devices such as smartphones and tablets that use Android as the operating system. Using rooting, you gain privileged control over any phone device.

Rooting is not provided by the manufacturer in the default phone settings to provide better protection to the phone. The disadvantage of rooting is that it removes the warranty on the phone, but it is a reversible process.

You only need to root the phone in case you want to monitor social chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps. 

Does Rooting the Android Phone Device Adversely Affect the Phone Performance?

No, rooting an Android device does not negatively affect its performance. It just allows removing the bloatware through root access. Rather you can also enhance the performance of your phone after you have rooted your phone. Rooting just simply means getting full access control to the Linux based Android device but has nothing to do with affecting the phone performance.  

Can I Monitor a Cell Phone by Providing the Contact Number or Just the IMEI Number?

It is not possible to track a cell phone using its contact number or the IMEI number. To monitor the phone, you will need to just need to install the app on that phone and have access to it. Once installed on the target phone device, you can start monitoring then only when the process of collecting the information begins. 

In conclusion, you can use tracking applications such as mSpy, Find My Friends and Google Maps to track the location of anyone you would like to monitor without them knowing. The steps of using these mobile applications are quite simple and easy to use. In case you find any technical issues, you can surely reach out to the customer service team.  


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