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Free Web Monitoring Software 2020

What is Web Monitoring?

Web monitoring is a technique of tracking the websites browsed by someone using monitoring software. Through this method, you can monitor all kinds of web activities such as the list of websites visited, the date and the amount of time spent on a specific website, the keywords used to search for information in Google and other such activities.

Web monitoring is useful for many purposes such as tracking what your kids do on their devices, monitoring your employees’ computers and others. This can be done using a free web monitoring software that helps you in spying any device you want viz. computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone and others. 

Children are quite tech-savvy these days who like to surf the internet almost all the time on their computers and mobiles. They are aware of what they use the internet and how they can use their smartphones for accessing the web. The Internet has an extremely important role to play in the lives of children.

They use it for various purposes such as for their personal entertainment or educational needs. Kids love to play online games that are mostly available for free and are easy to play. They also need to use the internet for studying since it is the most useful resource for them to find just any information they are looking for. 

Though children are smart enough to use the web on their phones or personal computers, they may become a victim of being affected by online predators or fraudsters. Because of their age, they do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, and how to identify the fake people.

Thus, parents need to be vigilant about their kids’ activities on the web to prevent anything wrong to happen and protect them from being vulnerable. Using a web browser tracking software helps the parents in tracking almost everything your kids do on the internet and thus enables you to fully control their safety. 

What Everyone Must Know About WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE

What Everyone Must Know About WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE

Parents today need to be proactive and must take one step ahead in fully ensuring that their kids may not be in touch with online predators or spammers on their way when they use social media and browse the web for any purpose. Internet is so vast that there are tons of content available on the web servers which is inappropriate for your kids to watch such as adult websites.

Parents need to put more emphasis on controlling the activities of their children by monitoring their internet. By using website activity monitoring tool, you can block the inappropriate web content and make sure that your kids access only the websites that are safe for them to browse. However, your children may not like being tracked every time.

If come to know that their phones are being monitored 24*7, they may not feel comfortable surfing the internet and this can lead to negative impacts on them. To avoid these issues, the web monitoring apps available to spy on the phones run in the hidden mode and are invisible to your kids since these apps operate only in the background of your screen. 

The benefit of using free internet tracking software is that you can receive complete updates and access to all the data monitored on your kids’ phone from your personal dashboard itself. When you check the websites they had been browsing under the control panel, you can block the ones that you think are not appropriate for your kids to visit.

There are hundreds of web monitoring applications available on the internet that are useful in tracking Android phones and iPhones. These tools provide you with all the control you need to make your children be aware of how they had been using the internet. By using these applications, you can supervise your children well and guide them on how to surf the web without being trapped. This becomes possible as you receive all the insights about their devices whether they are using a phone or computer. 

What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE

What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE

Through the web browser monitoring software free application, you can determine if your children had been doing anything wrong so that you can stop them at the right time. Monitoring the web activities has become a necessity nowadays since there are many fake users online having bad intentions who might be waiting to target someone and trap others in any illegal activity such as online theft and hacking of personal and confidential information.

Their intention is always to affect innocent people especially the children who are not aware of detecting the wrong persons. Through internet monitoring, you can prevent your kids to be trapped by any of such bad activities and ensure that they are safe as you are fully aware of whatever they do online by tracking them using the web monitoring tool. 

While browsing the internet, your kids may mistakenly visit unsuitable content which you are not aware of. By monitoring the web activity of your children, you can find out whether they have input any keyword in Google which is inappropriate and filter the web content to avoid them accessing the adult websites.

Using the right browser tracking software, you can track almost anything you want. This is applicable not only for monitoring the kids but for spying on your employees also. Checking the history of websites they had been visiting is one of such web activities you can track using this tool.

This makes sure that they are not using their personal social media accounts while working in the office which is strictly prohibited in the workplace as this affects employee performance. By observing if they visited Facebook or any other social media website, you can take appropriate actions against the employee and make him aware of the company policy to prevent such incidents to happen in the future.

By tracking your kids’ activities online, you can discover whether your children had visited any social networking site which is not suitable for their age group and if they received a spam email or message from a fraudster. By following these tips, you can thus ensure that your children are not dealing with the wrong people.  

Web Monitoring Software

Website browsing is a common activity nowadays that online users are always doing for various purposes such as checking a specific website, finding some important information, checking their emails or communicating with others on social media. Companies are very strict in their policies towards web monitoring.

They want to make sure that their employees are not using the secured Wi-Fi network or broadband connection provided by the company for anything that will intervene in the information security layer of your business such as downloading an application which contains malware or accessing any file from the web which is affected with virus that can result in malfunctioning of computer device or software provided by the company.

To ensure that your employees follow all the company policies and rules for safely using the web, the installation of online monitoring software would be extremely helpful. 

Through web monitoring of your employees’ activities, you can track almost everything such as the web tools or applications they are using daily, their chat conversations with others, the keystrokes they input on the device and other such activities.

When you are using an online portal hosted on the company servers which connected through the internal network within your company, you may not want all the company data and documents to be shared with all the employees working in different functional areas. Using the free website tracking software, you can filter the type of web content you want to make accessible to your employees who are working under a specific department.

For instance, all the HR related policy documents can be made accessible to the personnel working for the Human Resources department in your company. To make sure that the employee monitoring software you are using has all the basic and advanced features required to take control of your employees’ activities, you can firstly read the online reviews, compare the different software and watch the demo of the applications before signing up for one software. 

At Last, The Secret To WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE Is Revealed

At Last, The Secret To WEB MONITORING SOFTWARE Is Revealed

The best of all the employee monitoring software will have all the functionalities you need to monitor someone which can also enable you as the administrator to set up custom rules and policies for effectively monitoring the behavior of your employees.

Since this monitoring tool tracks all the activities in a timely manner, it can serve as your complete comprehensive solution for all the monitoring needs. This app can also prove out to be a comparatively more focused tool using which you can make sure that your employees are productive and performing all the tasks timely.

To select the right web activity monitoring software, you can read about each of the tools such as its features, compatibility, price and other criteria based on which you can find out the most appropriate monitoring tool for your business. 

By reading the online reviews and testimonials given on the web monitoring software, you can get all the advice you need to find the best application you can choose to buy according to the features you are interested in using. You can take advantage of all the useful tips and resources available online that help in determining the right software to monitor internet activity.

As an employer when you are monitoring the web activities of your employers, you can also find this helpful in identifying any issues they are facing while surfing the web. For instance, if some specific websites are not accessible, how to resolve the technical problem. By checking the history of the websites they are browsing, the technicians can determine the root cause of these problems.

Monitoring the web activities using the tracking software is a good investment that helps you in recovering from all the losses that your business has come across when affected with ransomware or other such fraudulent activities.  



Tracking the web activities helps you in easily detecting the main issue involved in the incident and to quickly get it resolved. Monitoring the internet is also a good activity to prevent such incidents to happen again. In case of any technical glitch in the internet connectivity or using a specific application, you can instantly find out why the employees are finding it troublesome to access the websites.

By monitoring users’ internet activity, you can take all the precautionary steps you need to avoid experiencing such issues in the future and overcoming difficulties in recovering from the same. Thus, it helps in monitoring the performance of any computing device and ensures that the device that your employees are using is up and running. Using a monitoring tool thus helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of your employees. 

With the help of website monitoring software free application, the administrative team working in the office monitors the health of every web page your employees are accessing. By tracking in this way, you can come to know whether there have been any unauthorized changes done using the internet.

While you can track the URL of every website visited in the device you are tracking, you can also monitor the content of the websites that were checked by the user. Thus, the web spy software application can be your great parental control tool to manage the web activities of your children and it can also prove out to be the best employee monitoring application for tracking the tasks they perform over the web. 

The web usage monitoring application provides you with the summary as well as detailed reports on how the phone or the computer being tracked has been used. By using this tool, you can receive instant notifications and alerts about the web usage details including the web browsing history.

With the help of these applications, you can not only track the web activity in detail but can also benefit from other available features such as tracking the location of your kids by adding his phone number in your app account and tracking the phone calls as well as messages they have sent to others.

By using the free internet monitors, parents can control how their children have been using the phones and set up rules that help in defining how much internet data they can use to impose a limit on their web activity. 

Top 10 Free Web Monitoring Software 2020

There are many web monitoring tools available online that help in tracking the complete web activities of anyone you would like to track. Based on several criteria used for determining the quality of the monitoring applications, following are listed some of the top 10 web monitoring software for the year 2020 that are available to use for free: 

Teramind App

Teramind Web Monitoring

Teramind is a great web monitoring application that can be used for effectively tracking the web activities of your employees. With the help of this monitor users internet activity tool, you can benefit from the multiple filtering options to enable viewing only the web content which you want to allow your employees to access and block visiting the personal sites such as Yahoo Mail, Facebook Messenger and others.

This internet monitoring tool comes with the options of both on-premise and cloud-based platforms. Teramind app is compatible with Mac and PC. It has advanced features effective enough to monitor multiple devices and manage them from single online portal. 

The advantage of using the Teramind application is that you get the option of hiding the app so that it runs in the background undetected by your employees or in other words, you can run the application in the transparent mode to avoid letting your employees know that they are being monitored.

Through the app, it is possible to track all the activities of your employees in real-time and can also use the software for collecting the snapshots of their device to be reviewed later.

As the administrator of the computers used by your employees, you do not require to monitor your employees 24*7 when this app does everything on your behalf and provides you with automated notifications or alerts whenever any of your employees violate the company rules and policies of using the internet at the workplace.  

The Teramind website usage monitoring software helps you in protecting from data loss and providing analytics on user behavior on spying all the user activities done online or offline. To explore its options, you can view the demo of this software available on the home page of its official website.

With the help of this tool, you can take advantage of insider threat prevention as it automates the detection of any possible risks and blocks any kind of unwanted employee behavior. It identifies and alerts you about any non-compliant actions of the device user in accordance with the compliance and audit procedures of GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA. 

Price: The Teramind application is available to buy in three subscription plans with pricing applicable for single user viz. Teramind Starter at $16 per month, Teramind UAM at $33 per month and Teramind DLP at $39 per month. If you opt for annual billing, you can benefit from 2 months of free Teramind access. You can find out about how this software works by signing for 7 days free trial. 

SurveilStar Monitoring for Web

SurveilStar Monitoring for Web

SurveilStar is one of the best monitor web usage software for tracking the internet activities of someone. Using this web monitoring tool, you can record all the incoming emails and outgoing emails along with the details of the websites the device user has been visiting.

You can download either the activity monitor or email recording software for free using which you can track all the transferred files via FTP and MSN messages exchanged by the user. You can also block the internet connections and generate detailed statistical report on how what the user had been doing on his computing device whether it is computer or mobile.

There are several features available in the SurveilStar application that you can benefit from such as screen monitoring, website management, application management, device management, email management, remote PC maintenance and many more.

Using the screen monitoring option, you can exactly see what your employees are doing on their computers. This software watches their computer screen remotely like a TV and captures the screenshots of their activities and the applications that they might have been running on their computers.

Using this tool, you can find out whom your employees have been talking to and what they have been typing on their computers. Another interesting key highlight is that this advanced technology software allows you to watch more than one computer screens at the same time.  

By using this 30-days free internet monitor tool, you can possibly monitor the PC activities of 16 users simultaneously. If you want to ensure that your employees are productive, you can filter and block the websites that you do not want them to browse being unrelated to the work.

Many employees are in the habit of using the company computer and spend time during their work hours to browse the websites that are not at all related to the work. By blocking these sites using the web monitoring software, you can improve the productivity and performance of your employees while also reduce the risk of misusing the company computers. 

Price: The SurveilStar software can be tried for free for a period of 30 days that allows you to monitor a maximum of 5 devices and enjoy all its full functions. If you are buying this software for the first time, you can purchase the new license at $69.95 and get discounts if you opt for more licenses depending upon the quantity.

You can purchase over 1000 licenses at almost half the original price. To remotely monitor the activities of your kids, you can also opt to buy the PanSpy mobile application for monitoring all kinds of smartphones with the Ultimate Edition available to purchase at $24.95 and the Premium Edition which can be purchased at $19.95.

Qustodio App

Qustodio PC Monitoring

Qustodio is another leading software for monitoring the personal computer of anyone you would like to spy on. It can be used for parental controlling and is designed for supervising, managing and protecting the computing device used by your children.

With this browser monitoring tool, you can receive a complete report of how your children are using the web by tracking all their online activities and providing you with all the details delivered directly to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis. You can set a time limit for the time you want your children to use their computers every day.

With the YouTube Monitoring Beta feature, you can find out what your child has been searching for in the YouTube mobile application for Android and the official YouTube website. This functionality is available only for Android, Mac and Windows devices. 

With the help of Qustodio software, you can monitor all the Facebook activities of your children and benefit from this advanced feature to view the updates posted by your children on their Facebook timeline, the pictures and videos they have shared among their friends and their complete chat conversations on the social media network.

This tool to monitor web activities also provides you the option of tracking the phone calls made by your children and blocking the unwanted phone numbers you do not want to receive phone calls from. Using this feature, you can come to know who your children had been calling most frequently and whether they are in contact with any unfamiliar person to block him from their phonebook.

The Qustodio application has the option of Family Locator using which you can find out where your child is and whether he is safe. This functionality is available only for iOS and Android devices. With the help of this tool, you can decide which online games and mobile applications you want your children to use and for how long. 

Price: You can sign up for the Qustodio application to try this tool for free for a period of 3 days to explore its premium features. If you are satisfied with the tool, you can subscribe from one of the three subscription packages viz.

Small Plan at $54.95 per year which protects up to 5 devices, Medium Plan at $96.95 per year for protecting up to 10 devices and the Large Plan at $137.95 per year suitable for large families to protect up to a maximum of 15 devices. You can get 30 days money-back guarantee if you would like to cancel the subscription.

ActivTrak Monitoring for Employee

ActivTrak Web Monitoring

ActivTrak is one of the best web monitoring software which has been rewarded as the best software for employee monitoring by PCMag. It has also been given the Great User Experience 2017 Award by FinancesOnline, the free platform for helping you find the best solution for B2B and SaaS.

By using this tool, you can be aware of what the employees have been doing in the office whether they are working remotely or onsite. The ActivTrak application is compatible with devices such as Windows, iOS, Android, iPhone, Chrome and others. If you would like to know the features of the advanced subscription plan, you can request a demo of the app.

On the official website of this application, you can watch 2 minutes demo that helps you to preview the app and its features. 

With this monitor free tool, you can take advantage of 3 GB storage space provided in the free plan of the app subscription. Using the application, you can access your personal dashboard that provides you with all the analytics about the person you are tracking whether he is using a phone or any other computing device.

This monitoring app allows you to block any kind of websites which you do not want your employees to access such as Facebook. Through real-time monitoring of all their activities on their devices, you can take one screenshot if you are subscribed to free plan while you can benefit from taking unlimited screenshots in case you have an advanced subscription plan. 

The advantage of using the ActivTrak web monitoring tool is that you do not need to track the device personally but can automate or schedule monitoring of the device without any hassles involved. This brings you all the convenience you need to receive all the updates and reports of the insights about how the tracked device is being used.

With the advanced plan, you can also benefit from the add-on options such as video playback, screenshot redaction, screenshot flagging and raw data access.  

Price: The ActivTrak mobile app is available to be subscribed in two plans viz. free plan and advanced plan. The free plan allows monitoring up to 3 users for which you just need to create your free account. The advanced plan is available at $7.20 per month with annual contract subscription.

While the free plan is suitable for individuals, the advanced plan has all the features that an organization needs to get deeper access of spying tools and more flexibility on how it can use the data gathered through monitoring. 

VeriClock Monitoring Software

VeriClock Monitoring

Another leading webpage monitoring software is VeriClock that helps in providing real-time information about what your employees have been doing in the office. This app helps in overcoming all the timekeeping challenges that employers are always concerned about.

Monitoring the employees on work helps in enhancing their productivity and improves their performance but it is not possible to track the employees around the clock. Using this affordable internet monitoring tool helps in managing the costs involved in monitoring, recording and storing all the activities of your employees and reduces the burden of your business to save time and money. This is an online application for effectively tracking the work hours of your employees without the need of using paper timesheets. 

The VeriClock online monitoring application is one of the best time tracking solutions in the market with powerful features to meet the complex needs of business operations for monitoring their workforce and ensuring that there is no chance of the business being affected with cybercrime activities that are very prevalent nowadays.

There are two types of solutions offered by VeriClock viz. time tracking solutions and location management solutions. VeriClock is a cloud-based platform and does not require you to download any other time tracking tool. You do not even need to update this application again for it to work. This app has compatibility with almost all the devices viz. tablets, smartphones, desktops, smartphones and others. 

Using the VeriClock real-time web monitor software, your employees can punch in their time to enter and leave the office in different ways. With the smartphone punch clock, you can use the app to clock-in on any Apple or Android device.

You can also do a web punch clock through which you can clock-in from anywhere using the internet. Other than this, you can also punch in your work time by sending a text message from any phone device they have or by making a phone call. Using the app has a lot of advantages. For instance, your business can save costs every month by improving its efficiency and enhancing its accuracy. To extend the capability of this tool, you can add local phone numbers if your employees are working in different cities around the world. 

Price: The VeriClock monitoring application can be purchased at $5 per user and you need to pay $10 per month as the account fee. You can also opt for free trial of the app to find out how it works.

InterGuard PC Monitoring

InterGuard PC Monitoring

InterGuard is another recommended software for monitoring the PC that your employees use in the office. With the help of this web page monitoring software, you can fully control the activities of your employees. This tool works by recording all the user activity and then alerting you as well about any suspicious activity on the computer.

Through this software, you can secure the sensitive data stored on the PC and block the web applications installed in your system. This also helps in increasing the productivity of your employees while the recorded data can also be used for investigating any cybercrime such as online theft resulting in your business loss.

By receiving regular updates of the monitored data, you can instantly act upon any such incident by accessing the recorded information from your online dashboard.  

With the help of InstaGuard software, you can measure the productivity of your employees and determine their idle time spent at work. You can get all these details in the form of reports using this website usage monitor tool. By receiving the alerts directly in your control panel, you can find out how your employees had been using their time to perform their work duties.

You can also come to know how they have been using the web on the office computer including the applications installed in their system. This is a great tool to effectively monitor the workers who are working remotely and ensure that they perform their job duties well. By tracking any device you want to monitor, you can take screenshots of the desktop and review the recording with the video playback option. 

Using the InstaGuard application protects you from all the insider threats such as data loss prevention. You can limit the computer usage and control the unwanted behavior of your employees by reacting in real-time after receiving the alerts about any online threat or suspicious activity.

With the help of this tool, you can prevent access to programs that are very risky and other features such as web activities, attaching a file in the email or storage of confidential office file in the USB. This is thus a great way of preventing data loss in the office to prevent the business from being affected to a great extent. 

Price: The InstaGuard user monitor software is available in three subscription packages viz. free cloud trial, cloud-hosted, and enterprise on-prem. The free cloud trial is the plan using which you can try monitoring for free without any cost involved and there is also no requirement to enter credit card details.

The cloud-hosted subscription, however, can be purchased at $9 per month applicable for only one user which does not require using any hardware to monitor others. The enterprise on-prem subscription can be bought upon sending request for a quote. Opting for this subscription plan requires using SQL server.   

Time Doctor for PC

Time Doctor Monitoring

One of the unique apps that work as a great web monitoring tool is the Time Doctor application. This is a perfect software to make your organization and employees more productive by timely tracking their activities.

If you know the time your team has been spending towards completion of their project tasks, you can improve the efficiency of your team members by motivating them and utilizing external resources to meet project goals within the deadline.

You can make this possible by using the Time Doctor application. With the help of this app, you can find out which of your team members has outperformed in their tasks. According to statistics, teams who have been using the Time Doctor app has saved $37000 per year on an average.

You can use this application by creating a free account on the website and either test the app yourself or invite your team members to try this application. 

With the help of this best free website monitoring application, you can perform a lot of operations such as taking screenshots, time tracking your employees’ activities, administering payrolls and benefitting from the reports on how your employees have been using the office computers.

Because of the extraordinary features offered by the Time Doctor software, there are hundreds of people who are using this application aiming to improve their productivity. Some of the top leading brands that are using the Time Doctor application to monitor their employees include Ericsson, Verizon, Duke University, KPMG, The Home Depot, and others. 

The Time Doctor app comes with fully customizable features that can be turned off or on as per the requirement. With the help of this app, the screenshots are captured automatically without any issues involved and chat messages exchanged on the various social chat sites can also be monitored.

By using Time Doctor to monitoring web activities, you can effective time track your client projects and deliver them within the specified deadlines. The unique advantage of using this software is that you can integrate it with other best project management tools. You can use this software in almost all the devices viz. Windows, Android, Mac, Chrome, Mac, iPhone, Linux and others. 

Price: The Time Doctor application is available to be subscribed for $9.99 per month while you can try it for free for a period of 14 days with no contracts involved and hence you are free to cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Veriato 360 Monitoring

Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is the old name for the Veriato Cerebral tool. Veriato is a leading web monitor app which can be used for recording all your employees’ activities. This application helps you in presenting accurate, detailed and actionable data reports that you can use for incident response.

By using this software, you can receive information about the productivity of your employees and whether there has been any activity involving high risk such as data theft and security issues. Veriato offers different kinds of products used for employee monitoring and detection of insider threat viz.

Cerebral which is basically meant for insider threat detection, Vision which is a cloud-based tool for employee monitoring, Investigator which can be used for conducting investigations at the workplace and Ransomsafe which helps in protecting your office computers from ransomware. 

Several companies across the globe are using Veriato software for protecting their valuable assets and reducing any kind of risks involved in conducting their business operations by gaining unmatchable visibility of all their business activities.

Under the trial option, you can benefit from this free website monitor application once you create free account on the website. If you would like to get complete understanding of how the Veriato Vision software works, you can sign up for its online test drive.

Through this tool, you can perform loads of tasks helpful for monitoring your employees such as capturing screenshots of their computing device, tracking their web searches, finding out how the files are being moved and transferred, tracking their email and webmail accounts and many more. 

With the help of the Veriato application, you can monitor just any kind of unusual behaviour or suspicious activity in the workplace. By using this tool, you can track the productivity of your employees and their social media communications.

You can check the chat messages they are sending or receiving on the instant messaging applications. Moreover, you can also track how printing is done in the office and whether there may not be any important office file being copied and transferred using the USB device. Like many other free website monitoring tools, the Veriato application also comes with keylogger and geolocation features to fully track the activities of your employees. 

Price: Veriato Vision is available to be purchased depending upon the type of device you are using whether PC or Mac. Irrespective of the device you use, you can buy 3 to 9 licenses of the vision employee monitoring software at $150 per license for a period of 1 year. If you would like to purchase 10 to 19 licenses, you can purchase the app for $135 per license and the fee for obtaining 20 to 49 licenses is $121.50 per license. 

Desk Time

Desk Time

DeskTime is another great website monitoring software open-source tool that can be tried for free under the trial option. Using this tool, you can automatically time track what your team members have been doing in the real-time so that you can gain more clarity about their productivity and efficiency.

With the help of this application, you can ensure keeping your projects done on time and complete the milestones within the deadlines. This software to monitor a web site is simple to use and provides secure access to the monitored data so that you can protect all your office activities confidentially and act instantly during the incident response time. 

With this free web monitoring tool that you can try for free for a period of 14 days, you can find out all its features without the need of signing up for the app with credit card. Once you log into your app account, on your dashboard, you can see arrival time, left time and the time your employees were at work. You can also come to know for how long they were productive and record their desk time for which they had been working in the office. 

When you explore this free website monitoring tool under free trial, you can take advantage of its features at the left side panel such as taking screenshots of the tracked device under the screenshots section and generating reports of all the analytical data of device usage under the reports section.

With the help of DeskTime application, you can boost the productivity of your employees by 30 percent. Using this tool, you can easily stay on track and manage all your projects effectively. Invoicing your customers becomes easy and convenient using this tool.

You can also manage your team members by scheduling when they have days off and when on. Managing their absenteeism with the option of Absence Calendar is another unique feature in this app that can be helpful to you. All the monitored data that has been recorded using DeskTime is kept safe with security encryption as per the industry security standards of securing the personal information and confidential data.

Price: The DeskTime app can be used for free with the DeskTime Lite plan. The premium plan of this application is called DeskTime Pro which is highly popular among businesses and can be purchased at $95 per month per user.

StaffCop Employee PC Monitoring

 StaffCop Web Monitoring

The StaffCop web monitoring application is another website monitoring tool open-source which is available for free if you opt for the free trial version. It offers three different products to choose from according to the business or personal needs viz. Enterprise, Standard, and HomeEdition.

The StaffCop Enterprise is the software that you can use for monitoring your employees and detecting all kinds of threats in the workplace. This version of the StaffCop web monitoring tool can be used for businesses with a number of employees ranging from 5 to 25000.

You can try this app for free by filling an online form. If you would like to opt for the paid subscription plan, you can choose from any of the three types of licenses viz. perpetual, 3 months and 12 months plans. The perpetual license of the StaffCop application is the one that can be used for a lifetime with the options of free upgrades and receiving support for a period of 12 months from the date the subscription was activated. 

The Home Edition of the StaffCop, one of the best website monitoring tools open source, is specifically designed for home use for single computer and works as a great parental controlling application. The StaffCop Standard Edition is best suited for the small and big companies which is highly useful for monitoring the user activity on a PC and acts as your security software for protecting the corporate data.

The benefit of Standard Edition over the Home Edition is that you can remotely install or remove the modules of this tool without the need of having physical access to the device. You can operate on LAN, receive support for terminal server, add more modules for administration and adjust the list of agents by grouping them. 

With the help of StaffCop Enterprise Edition used for monitoring websites free, you can block the websites to prohibit their access without proxy. With the remote admin feature, you can lock the applications installed on your Windows computer and track the inventory of hardware and software stored in the office computer.

While you can monitor absenteeism of your employees using this tool, the insider threat detection software helps you to receive updates about their user behaviour analysis and receive alerts on the incidents of online thefts. 

Price: For monitoring 5 to 25 users, you can buy the perpetual license for $98, 3 months subscription plan for $35 and 12-months plan for $70. Depending upon the number of users to whom you would like to extend the subscription, the subscription cost would vary accordingly. 

From the above listed top web monitoring software, you can choose any depending upon your requirements and interests. All these tools are highly useful in monitoring the web activities of your employees or anyone you would like to track. With their attractive features available in both the free as well as paid versions, your business can benefit in many different ways.

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