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What is Email Monitoring?

Email is now the most important method of communication that people from all over the world use to exchange brief messages with each other. The advantage of sending an email is that it is more professional and quickly sends your message to the recipient. You just need to have an email address of the person whom you want to send the message and it gets delivered in a second whether the person might be located anywhere in the world. 

Email monitoring is one of the ways of keeping a watchful eye on any target device and track the emails that have been sent and received from any device whether it is a personal computer, tablet, iPhone or Android phone. This is an extremely useful technique to find out how the email accounts are being used and analyze the email usage statistics that can help you in identifying the sender, recipient, and content of the emails.

By monitoring email, you can get a better understanding of how the phone user has been communicating with each other and this helps you, as an employer, to observe the quality of email communication made with the clients. You can get access to the whole email system from the server to the client which provides you with an overview of all the incoming and outgoing emails from any device you are tracking.   

Email Monitoring Software

Email Monitoring Software

Sending email is a much quicker and efficient way of communicating which is used mostly in the office settings for business purposes. It is used by employees to communicate with their clients, boss or colleagues in a professional manner.

However, emails are also used for personal purposes to send messages, photos, and videos to family and friends. Monitoring emails help you, being the employer, to spy on your employees whether they might not be exchanging confidential information and important company documents to third parties outside.

Such illegal exchange of emails can result in online identity thefts of all the customers and clients that the business deals with and can lead you to face huge business loss. 

Emails are thus a highly confidential way of sending messages to others as it requires you to sign in to your account with your email address and password allowing to get secured access to the email system. Email is an important part of business communication that prevents disclosure of the message to others.

While you monitor the emails, you can also find out the response time between the emails you send and receive from someone. Using email monitoring tools can help you in tracking all the emails of your employees composed by them in the office.

This specifically helps you in case you are suspicious about an employee and wants to monitor his communication with the clients to confirm whether there was a disclosure of any secret company information or exchange of important documents such as legal agreements, financial reports, a database of customers and others. 

With the help of the email monitor software, you can find complete information of emails sent or received by the employees with details such as sender, recipient, date and time when received and sent, email address of the recipient and sender, subject of the email, main content of the email messages and the attachments of any file type such as a document, photo, video etc. 

Email Monitoring Software for Android mSpyTracker

Email Monitoring Software for Android


mSpyTracker is one of the best email monitoring software for Android phones. If you install this mobile app in your phone, you can get access to all the emails sent or received by the phone users. You will then be able to read all these emails right from your control panel. 

App 1: MSpyTracker

How it Works?

mSpyTracker email monitoring app is an excellent tool to track the emails in any target phone device you want. On the app website, you can view the demo of how this app works to monitor all the emails. This gives you better clarity of the email tracking feature of this application.

If you would like to go for a free trial, you can register your account first by using your email id and password. You can then continue to benefit from this email monitoring tool by subscribing to it on a monthly basis. After you sign up for the app, you can receive instructions via your email on how to install the app and set up your account. 

To get the email monitored, you can just sign in to your personal dashboard and view all the emails of any phone device you are tracking. On the page that lists all the emails, you can choose your option from the drop-down and select what emails you would like to view.

You can also select the option from the Folder drop-down whether you want to track the emails from the inbox folder, sent folder or any other folder in the email account. For instance, you can view all the emails once you select the “All Mail” option from the drop-down.

This displays a list of all the email addresses, subjects and short previews of the email messages sent and the date and time when the emails were sent. You can then just click on the specific email that you want to view in detail.

This app that works as a great email monitoring tool helps you in providing a comprehensive solution to monitor just anyone. By tracking all the emails in any phone you are spying, you can get complete details about the identity of any sender or recipient including his email address and other contact information from the body of the email messages such as name, address and phone number.

If you find there is any email address you are not familiar with, you can check its details and find out if your employee has indulged himself in any fraudulent activity such as disclosing important information with an external party. 

Email Monitoring Software for Android

Email Monitoring Software for iPhone


mSpy is another recommended email monitoring software for the iPhones. This application to monitor email works out to be the best monitoring solution for you whether you want to track a computer or mobile. This tool is suitable to match your business requirements and provides you instant access to the email data on the phone.

The mSpy app has a user-friendly interface with all the features that you will find not only familiar but easy to use and convenient to match your spying needs. This application is available at an affordable price and brings you all the advantages you need with the basic and advanced functionalities of monitoring someone. 

App 3*: mSpy

How does it work?

The mSpy email monitor app comes with powerful features making it a great tool to ease your life by helping you to remotely control the phone you want to track and conveniently access all the emails from the phone from any location.

As compared to other apps, this application can be purchased from the official website at a lower price that suits everyone’s pocket. You can also receive an additional bonus upon purchasing the app. With the help of this software, you can track all the SMS sent and received other than monitoring the emails.

By tracking SMS, you can find out what your children are doing with their phones and how they have been using the email system for communicating with others. This becomes possible when you receive a detailed report of the SMS they have sent and received from their friends. 

With this best email surveillance software, you can monitor the activities of your employees and get all the insights you need a detailed report on whom the emails are being sent, at what date and time and the purpose behind exchanging the email messages.

Thus, this app works out to be a highly useful tool for a business owner to keep track of the emails sent to customers or for the manager to monitor the performance of employees working under him. Like SMS, this application also helps you to track MMS and receive all the details of the multimedia messages your employees have sent or received and whether there has been any illegal activity that could cause monetary loss to your business and its reputation.

You can also track the MMS content in your kids’ personal computer to identify if there has been any malicious content in their system.  

Other than tracking the phone messages, the mSpy email monitoring tool is also helpful to track the GPS location of just anyone you would like to spy. Using this GPS tracking feature, you can watchfully monitor the exact location of your child when they are not in their homes.

To use this app, you can just simply purchase the application from the official website. Once you have installed this application, you can enter the information about any target phone device you are tracking. Every time you want to track someone using the iPhone on the mSpy app, you can just open the application from your phone and sign in to the app using your login credentials. 

Email Monitoring Software for Windows PC

Email Monitoring Software for Windows PC


Teramind is one of the best email monitoring tools for personal computers that use Windows operating system. This application enables you to track the activities of your kids on what they had been doing on their computer.

Using this software, you can also monitor all the activities of your employees on what they do on their computer such as finding out all the emails they have sent or received from the company clients and the communication they had with their colleagues.

Using the Teramind mail monitor app, you can track not only the emails but all the web activities on the computer system such as what websites they are browsing, the software that they had been using and the documents they have created and saved in their computers. 

With this free email monitoring software that is specifically designed for collecting all the employee data, you can identify whether there has been any misuse or illegal activity by remotely monitoring all the activities on the computer being tracked.

You can use the collected data from your employees for future use. With this application, you can receive all the regular updates and alerts about all their tracked activities that get stored in the system for your reference in the future.

This tracked data is especially useful at the time you have any dispute with your employees and suspicious about their conduct in the office. 

Using the email monitoring service of this Teramind software, you can also track the internet usage details of your employees including the URLs of the websites they had visited.

This application has an alert system that alarms you when anyone is trying to do anything suspicious so that you can sign in to your personal online portal and find out what is happening. 

Teramind App

How it Works?

To start using the Teramind application, you can first sign up for the app. Once you have created your account by entering your name, email address, company name, password, and phone number, you can install this app in the target Windows PC and customize the app settings according to your needs.

The trial version is also available if you would like to try the app for free. To check how the app works and find out more about it, you can book an appointment for accessing the app preview or demo from the official site of this mobile app.

This helps you in experiencing the personalized tour of the Teramind app through the demo option that takes around 30 minutes. By booking an appointment for accessing the app demo, you can get an overview of what the Teramind app has to offer, briefly discuss the company and its goals, and get answers to all the questions you might have.  

WebWatcher - Email Monitoring Software for Mac

Email Monitoring Software for Mac


If you own a Mac device and looking for email monitoring services, using WebWatcher mobile app would be the best monitoring solution for all your needs. This software has been mainly designed for tracking emails of any target device which uses Mac as the operating system.

Awareness Technologies is the developer of this application that helps in tracking all the emails in the smartphones which can lead to several benefits. One of the advantages of using the WebWatcher app is that you can monitor the emails of your employees using which your manager can analyse the quality of performance of all the team members working under him and determine whether they are effectively communicating with each other and with other business clients.  

The WebWacher mobile app can also be used to monitor the kid emails. You can track the instant messages sent and received on the social media channels.

By monitoring these chat conversations, you can come to know whether your children had been interacting with any strangers or online predators. This software also records the keystrokes entered by the phone users.

With the recorded keystrokes, it is possible to track all the activities on their Mac device including the text messages sent or emails received from others. 

Using the WebWatcher mail monitor application, you can find the list of all the websites your kids had been browsing on the web. By tracking the complete history of the websites they had visited, you can ensure that they do not access unwanted websites such as adult content or fake sites on the internet.

Other than this, you can also come to know the keywords they had used for searching on the web. Through the option of website searches, you can thus ensure that no keyword is entered in the search engine which has prohibited to use.

This Gmail monitor employee email app is compatible with other devices also such as Android, Chrome, iPhone, and PC other than Mac. You can try the WebWatcher app without any risks involved. It hardly takes a few minutes to install the application.

Once you have secured access to your online account, you can receive all the recorded app data that you have monitored for your reference in the future. 

Webwatcher App

How it Works?

To use the WebWatcher spy mail app, you can firstly purchase this software from the official website of the application by creating an account. After signing up on the app website, you can install it on the Mac device you are tracking. To access your personalized dashboard, you can sign in to your app account with your secure login credentials and start monitoring the emails.

mSpyTracker- The Monitoring Tool for Android and iPhone

Overall, your best email monitoring tool for your iPhone and Android device is mSpyTracker app using which you can track all the details of any target phone you are tracking. This is an affordable app that offers all the exclusive features that you would have to spy someone such as tracking text messages, email, multimedia messages, phone calls, and others.


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