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The Best Remote Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

There is no time when children are not found using the internet. Due to the popularity of mobile applications and social media websites, parents feel the need to remotely control and manage their kids using remote cellphone apps. Keeping an eye on your children around the clock to ensure their safety is just impossible otherwise. 

Why do you Like to Monitor your Cell Phone Remotely?

Hundreds of online applications related to chatting with friends on social media and tools used for communicating with each other such as text message apps are being developed and used around the world every day.

Based on this increased need, children are required to be monitored all the time for which using a remote cell phone monitor app is the best possible solution. With the help of this remote monitor cell phone app, you can trace the live whereabouts of your children and protect them from cyberbullying.

As an employer, you can monitor your employees throughout the day using the spying tool and be free from any worries related to your commitment to work. Using this remote phone monitoring app, you can also find out whether your spouse is cheating on you or not. 

10 Best Remote Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

Based on the above reasons for the need to monitor someone using the remote cell monitoring apps, various apps are available on the web that you can choose from. You can compare these applications based on their price, features, 5-star ratings, reviews and others, and choose the right remote cell phone tracking application. 

App 3*: mSpy


mSpy is the recommended remote spyware for a cell phones using which you can track just anyone with his phone number. It is a popular mobile application used for tracing all kinds of Android and iOS phone devices.

Once you sign up for the app and log in, you can access the personalized dashboard to monitor cell phone activity remotely. Since this is an online portal, you can access it from any phone device and from anywhere. You need to jailbreak your phone or root it to make the app work.

With the help of this application, you can monitor cell phones remotely and start tracking any location for any device in real time. 

By using a remote phone monitoring application, you can access all the app data remotely from anywhere. It offers 24*7 customer support in multiple languages. After you log into your account in the remote monitoring cell phone app, you can access your online dashboard.

From your personalized portal, you can find all your device information such as the device type, version of the installed operating system, phone battery level, the status of Wi-Fi and whether the location tracker feature is on or off.

Under the account info section of this remote spyware for cell phones app, you can find out about the type of subscription plan you have and the date and time when you subscribed for it. From this section, you can also extend your subscription after the subscription period is over.  

On the dashboard, you can find details about all the activities of the cell phone you are tracking. You can also choose how you want to sync the phone data with the spying app using only Wi-Fi or all the types of connections, or else if you do not want to sync at all.

On the front home page of this remote cell phone spyware app, you can find the list of top 10 phone numbers your child had been calling the most. By tracking these details, you can come to know whether your children are talking too often over the phone or just the right amount of time. 

The mSpy dashboard also displays the most visited locations using the map or satellite views. It shows the list of all the contacts your children had added in their phones. With the call log option, you can trace the details of all the incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Using the remote cell phone spy software, you can also track the text messages sent and received to your target phone device. From the text messages, you can view the details of all the conversations your children held with their friends in the past and check whether they might not be in interaction with online predators or spammers. 

On the mSpy phone application, you can also find the option of geofencing using which you can create a safe zone and unsafe zone areas. By tracking your kids’ location in real-time using GPS technology, you can thus come to know whether they are around the safe zone areas only and receive alerts whenever they are about to cross the places that are marked unsafe.

With the help of a remote cell phone tracking app, you can access the list of Wi-Fi connected networks around the cell phone location. Using this application, you can access the browser history wherein you can find the list of all the websites your children had visited in the past.

Through this cell phone interceptor app, you can determine whether they had been browsing safely and all the inappropriate content such as adult websites and sites affected with malware are blocked. Under the option of block websites, you can restrict access to all the websites that you do not want your children to browse.

If you are in doubt whether – someone has tried to monitor my phone, you can check your mobile to see if you have a spying phone added in the hidden folder of your app or you can use an external third party app that displays all the applications in your phone including the spying app. 

Using the remotely monitor cell phone application, you can access all the emails in your dashboard that are in the inbox and sent folders of your kids’ phone. You can view the photos and videos they had been sharing with their friends so that you can avoid them being in contact with predators.

With this remote mobile app, you can separately access the options of SnapChat, WhatsApp and Skype to track the messages sent and received on these social media channels.  

Price: The mSpy cell phone monitoring app is available to purchase at $37.77 per month.

App 5: IKeyMonitor


Like mSpy, iKeyMonitor is another great mobile app for monitoring cell phones remotely. This application was previously a keylogging tool that records the keystrokes entered that are then used for spying the phone users and get details of all their phone usage.

This keylogger app has now become a spying application. Parents use this mobile app mostly for tracking the real time locations of children. You can get updates about their social media activities on various social sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

This remote cell phone spying software tool logs all the phone calls made on your child’s phone. Other than these details, you can find out much other important information about how your children use their phones.

How to tell if someone is monitoring your cell phone’ – checking your phone bill gives you an idea of whether you have been charged an extra amount for subscribing to a spying app.

How to remotely monitor a cell phone? iKeyMonitor mobile application has easy to use dashboard panel that you can access from any device you want. After you sign in into your account, you can get details of all the statistics related to the phone usage such as the name of the phone user, IP address, last time he had logged in and others.

On the dashboard page of this monitor home from the cell phone app, you can find details of the chat logs for all the messages exchanged on different social media channels and under the website logs option, you can track all the websites your children had been browsing.

‘Can you tell if your phone is being tracked’ – using an app manager or anti-virus tool can help you to find out whether someone has installed a spying app on your phone. 

Using the iKeyMonitor phone app, you can capture all the screenshots of your child’s phone at the time the phone was used and receive all the details under the screenshot logs option. There are different applications that phone users install on their phones and to track them, you can find all the updated information in the app logs option.

Other than this, there is a GPS log feature that displays the list of all the locations your children had visited in the past. Similarly, there’s a call logs option for showing the list of all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on your kids’ phones.

Am I being tracked on my phone? You can check whether you have received an odd message on your phone about any app such as the steps or instructions on how to use that app etc. This indicates you have a spying app installed on your phone. 

Other features included in this remote cell phone spy app are calendar, reminders, notes and voice memos. Under the calendar option, you can set all the dates when you want to set up reminders for events to avoid missing them.

The iKeyMonitor remote cell phone access app is compatible with the iPhone, Windows, Mac and Android phone devices. If you are in doubt – who is monitoring my phone using iKeyMonitor, you can search for this app in the phone in the list of hidden apps and uninstall the app from there to stop being monitored. 

You can download the iKeyMonitor mobile app for free once you sign for the application. No credit card is required if you would like to subscribe to the plan. You also get the free trial option and 30 days money-back guarantee. Other than this, you also receive a 50% discount offer if you opt for the yearly subscription.

There are two subscription packages you can enroll for viz. iKeyMonitor Free and iKeyMonitor Full. In the iKeyMonitor Free version, you can buy add-on features for a period of 3 days at $9.99. The iKeyMonitor Full subscription plan is available to purchase at $59.99 per month. 

Price: You can purchase the iKeyMonitor subscription package at $49.99 per month.

FlexiSPY App


Am I being monitored? This is usually the concern everyone has. To avoid yourself from being detected by spying someone, you can use Flexispy app.

This is one of the most popular mobile applications you can use for monitoring others such as your friends, family, children, spouse or just anyone you are suspicious about. This application has all the features you need to monitor anyone.

This tool has tons of unique functionalities for location tracking and monitoring someone. ‘How can I tell if my phone is being monitored’ – if you can find a spying app in the hidden application folders of your phone, you can come to know that there is a spying app installed on your phone and you are being tracked. 

Flexispy though a bit expensive has all the features you need for spying including the advanced functionalities such as keyloggers, social media tracking, and others.

Using the app, you can monitor all the details about any device you are tracking without their knowledge. This is one of the best remote cell phone spy apps which is well-known for its call interception feature.

After you log in to this app account, you can access your personal dashboard to find the details of the total number of new SMS received, a number of emails received the total number of recordings, notifications received on Facebook and the total number of locations that your children had visited in the past.

How to check if my phone is being tracked’ – you can check whether your phone bill shows a spying app and its applicable charges. If this is so, you can search for the app and uninstall it. 

Being one of the best remote spyware for cell phones, Flexispy mobile application lets you access the photos your kids had captured and shared with others, and the list of most recent visited locations in the map view.

This is one of the most powerful software used for tracking just any kind of device such as a computer, tablets, mobile phones, and others. You can monitor all kinds of audio and digital communications made by phone users in the past.

This cell monitoring app comes has more features to track someone than other applications. This app can be installed remotely with no hassles involved. It comes with free mobile viewer interface for the iPhone and Android phones and works out to be great solutions for parental controlling and monitoring employees.

How to know if parents are tracking your phone? If you are receiving an unfamiliar text message in your phone such as instructions on how to set up the app, it signals that you may have a spying app installed in your phone. 

Price: If you own an Android phone and iPhone, the Flexispy app is available in Premium subscription at $68 per month and an Extreme subscription plan at $199 per month. You can also subscribe for the 3 months and 12 months plan. 

TeenSafe App


TeenSafe is one of the best parental controlling apps that help in tracking just any Android and iOS device. How to tell if my phone is being monitored? If you have this query in your mind, you can just check if there might not be an issue on your phone.

Any kind of problem on the phone such as the phone battery is not getting charged properly etc. signals that your phone device is being tracked. This cell phone app allows your parents to find out all the text messages and the real-time locations of your kids on their phones.

This helps in finding all the details about the chat conversations held over the phone being monitored. How to find out if your phone is being monitored? If your cell phone has been jailbroken, this signals that someone might have tried to install a third-party app on your iPhone. 

If you want to know – how to tell if your cell phone is being monitored, you can see if the TeenSafe app is there in the list of the hidden apps among all the applications installed on your phone. Through this app, you can monitor who has been calling your kids and for how long.

This helps you to find out whether there might not be any scammer trying to contact your children. TeenSafe is one of the popular mobile apps which is being used by millions of parents all over the world. When you are spying your children, you may get caught if they know ‘how to check if your phone is being monitored’.

To prevent this, using a cell phone monitoring app like TeenSafe is the best solution. ‘How to tell if the phone is being tracked’ – to check this, you can find whether you have TeenSafe among the list of hidden apps in any of the application folders on your phone. 

The TeenSafe phone app is suitable for children with the age groups of 7 to 17 years old. It has been designed by a company called TeenSafe Inc. This phone app helps you in tracking your children to make sure that you can take care of their online security.

With the app usage statistics, you can find out whether there has been any unhealthy behavior or interaction by any scammer so that you can block that person for any communication with your kids in the future.

How can you tell if someone is spying on your phone’ – if you are concerned whether someone might be tracking you back, you can find Teensafe app under the list of hidden applications on your phone. If you find this app there, it means that you are being monitored. 

Price: The TeenSafe app is available to buy at $14.95 per month while you can benefit from the 7 days trial period. You may cancel the monthly subscription anytime you would like. 

App 9: TheOneSpy


The One Spy is one of the leading cell phone monitoring applications that offers a reliable and trustworthy spying solution for tracking someone.

There are over 500 thousand app users who have used this application and the app is quite famous among the parents. It is a user-friendly application that displays all the details of the phone usage by your children accessible from the online dashboard portal.

How to know if your phone is being monitored’ – if you are also interested in finding this out, you can check whether The One Spy may not be there as one of the hidden apps in the application folder of your phone. 

Using TheOneSpy app, you can access this online panel remotely from any place which consists of details about how your children had been using the social media applications that are installed on their phone devices.

The One Spy tool also maintains a log file of the keystrokes entered by the phone users so that you can find out how they used their phones for making phone calls, sending text messages and others.

This app lets you track all the locations your spouse had been visiting in the past. Anyone you are monitoring may detect you if he knows ‘how to check if my phone is being monitored’.

To overcome this, you can install The One Spy mobile app that can help you in tracking someone in the hidden mode. The phone users whom you are tracking will not come to know whether their phone is being monitored or not. 

How to tell if Webwatcher is on your phone’ – there is a third-party anti-virus or app manager tool you can install to check this out. The One Spy app is compatible with the Android version of 4.1 and beyond, and it is suitable for the Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo and Motorola phone devices.

This application consists of over 30 exclusive features using which you can track any of the social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Imo, SnapChat, and others. ‘How to know if someone is monitoring your phone’ – checking your phone bills gives an idea if you have been charged extra towards registering a spying app. 

The One Spy application with Prime subscription package is the best seller plan while the Budget subscription is the most affordable plan out of all which includes all the features except the option of tracking the social media applications.

How to tell if someone is tracking your cell phone’ – you can check whether your phone is behaving abnormally, and the existing apps are not running properly which could be an indicator of your phone being monitored by someone.

The Elite subscription package is the most exclusive subscription plan which also includes all the features from the Prime subscription plan along with other features that cannot be deleted and kept as historical data for a period of 1 year. 

Price: TheOneSpy app is available in 3 subscription packages viz. Prime, Budget and Elite, and the price of these subscription packages range from $67 to $415 per month. You can also opt for subscription plans for a period of 3 months and 12 months. 

Hoverwatch App


Hoverwatch is another leading mobile app used for monitoring cell phone activity. Using the application, you can remotely track any Android device from any location. This app is available at an affordable rate and includes all the basic functionalities.

You can just start installing the application on the phone you are tracking and get remote access to all the data stored on that phone. If your query is – how to know if my phone is being monitored, you can find the Hoverwatch app among the list of hidden apps in any of the application folders of your phone.

This app currently does not support iOS devices. The Hoverwatch application runs in the hidden mode and does not let the phone user detect whether he is being tracked or not. 

Is my phone monitored? Your spouse may have this doubt in his mind when you are spying his phone. To prevent this, you can install a good quality app in your phone and Hoverwatch is one such app with all the extraordinary features you can benefit from.

This is a great tool using which you can use to monitor all the popular social media applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and others that are quite commonly used instant messaging apps among the phone users.

Using the interactive dashboard of this Hoverwatch application, you can manage more than one phone device from the single portal. 

Starting to use the Hoverwatch app just takes three steps. You can firstly sign up on the website for free by entering your email address and password. Once you have created your online account, you can then download and install this application in your child’s device.

After installation of this app, you can monitor all the data that was recorded on the phone including the phone calls, GPS location tracking history, SMS tracked and others. The Hoverwatch application works in stealth mode that you can turn on if you feel that your spouse whom you have been spying has asked you – is there a tracking device on my phone?

Price: There are 3 subscription plans available in the Hoverwatch app viz. Personal that starts from $24.95 per month for tracking one device, Professional subscription package that starts from $9.99 per month for tracking 5 devices and Business subscription starting from $6 per month which tracks up to 25 devices.

You can also opt for the 3 months and 12 months subscription packages if you would like to opt for the long-term subscription plan.

Part 1: Step by Step Instructions on How to Stalk anyone on Facebook: Spyzie


Spyzie is another best remote cell phone monitoring application that can be customized according to the preferences set by the app users. You can use this application for monitoring your children, colleagues, spouse, friends, and others.

This app has been specifically designed for taking prevention from all the online threats and cyber crimes present in the internet world. It works great to avoid the chances of being affected by any cyber safety breach.

With the increased online crimes that bring new challenges especially for the parents, using a cell phone monitoring app would be helpful in resolving all such issues. How to know if someone is monitoring your iPhone using Spyzie?

One of the ways to detect is to check if your phone has been jailbroken. If this is so, you can search for the app on your phone and uninstall it from there. 

With the increased growth in technology and cyber attacks, Spyzie has become the best mobile app for monitoring just anyone. It is estimated that users registering for the app would be increased to 20 billion by the year 2020 to protect themselves from online crimes and ensure the safety of your near and dear ones.

The use of Spyzie app to monitor someone is the utmost requirement nowadays when it comes to preventing your children from being vulnerable to online predators and other criminals. 

How to tell if your parents are tracking your phone? This could be something that your children might already know about. Because they are a techie and use mobile apps very efficiently, they may easily detect if their phones are monitored after looking at the spying app icon on their phone screen.

As a result, they may either delete the app or take measures to stop being tracked. But installing Spyzie app would be the best solution for you to spy on your kids because this app hides itself from the screen and operates in the background only. Spyzie mobile application is thus the right phone app to avoid being detected if your kids already have the answer to the question – how to tell if my phone is being spied on.

Price: For the Android phone, you can subscribe to the Spyzie Basic version of the app at $29.99 per month, Pro version at $39.99 per month and Ultimate version at $49.99 per month. If you own an iPhone, you can opt for the Pro version and Ultimate version available at the same price as that for the Android phones.

App 2: TheTruthSpy


The Truth Spy is a perfect mobile application used to remotely monitor iPhone. Using the app, you can track the activity of anyone using the phone. This is a hidden app that does not show up on your child’s phone screen when you install it and hence, he does not come to know whether he is being monitored.

So, how to tell if the phone has spyware? By searching for the app in the phone, you can find out whether that phone has this spying app installed or not. You can download the latest version of Android 8.25 from the app website.

The app comes with a money-back guarantee of 5 days and helps you in managing up to 5 devices. You can not only lock the cell phone of your children remotely from where ever you are but can take back up of their phone data as well which is stored in the control panel for you to access.

How to tell if my phone has spyware’ – if you are also in doubt whether someone is spying on you, using a mobile security anti-virus tool that blocks spying app can be one of the best ways to do so. If you are also in doubt whether someone is spying on you, using a mobile security anti-virus tool that blocks spying app can be one of the best ways to do so. 

When you are spying someone with an ordinary app, he may detect this and doubt – whos watching my phone? But installing an app that works in the stealth mode is the right application to help you spy someone without his knowledge.

With the help of The Truth Spy mobile app, you can explore its different features and benefit from many ways such as catching your cheating spouse, monitoring your kids using parental control features, tracking your employees silently without getting detected, taking backup of your kids’ phone data and finding your cell phone in case it gets stolen or lost.

Are my text messages being monitored using the Truth Spy? If you have this doubt that your phone might also be tracked by someone, you can check your phone bills. If the bill includes registration charges for The Truth Spy app, you can uninstall the app from your phone and be free from any kind of worries.

Price: TheTruthSpy mobile app is available at three subscription plans viz. Standard at $21.99 per month, Premium at $25.99 per month and Gold at $30.99 per month. You can opt for the subscriptions for different time periods viz. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months plan.

Qustodio App


Qustodio is a unique cell phone monitoring application that helps you in creating a fun, productive and safe online experience for your children.

This is a free parental controlling app that also comes with premium features. Using this application, you can start supervising and managing your kids’ phone usage instantly after you sign up.

The Qustodio app is compatible with Windows, Android, Kindle, iOS and Mac OS X devices. The application has a unique filtering technology using which you can automatically protect your children from accessing the harmful content on the web.

How to know if my phone is being spied on? To avoid being tracked too, you can install an anti-virus mobile tool that blocks anyone to install any such unwanted application on your phone. 

As a child if you want to find out – how to tell if your parents are monitoring your phone, searching for an app with the name ‘hidden’, ‘spying’ or ‘stealth’ etc. would let you know that your parents have remotely installed a spying app on your phone and you are being tracked.

As a parent, you may also want to know – how to see if someone is tracking your phone? Checking your phone bill to see if there are service charges applied to your phone for any spying app will help you get an idea of whether a monitoring app has been installed on your phone. ‘How to tell if tracking software is on your phone’ – you can install a tool in your phone for blocking the spying app.

How do I know if my phone is being monitored’ – another way of doing this is to display the list of all the apps including the hidden apps and you can find out whether you have a spying tool installed on your phone or not. 

Price: There are three subscription plans you can opt for if you would like to subscribe to the Qustodio Premium subscription. You can choose Small Plan to manage up to 5 devices at $4.58 per month which is perfect for small families.

If you want a Medium plan which covers up to 10 phone devices, you can subscribe at $8.08 per month which is the preferred plan for most of the families. Lastly, there is a Large plan that protects 15 devices and available for just $11.50 per month which suits the large families. You can also buy the annual subscription for the Small, Medium and Large plans at $54.95, $96.95 and 137.95 respectively. 

App 10: KidSecured


If you are looking for the best parental controlling application to monitor and protect your children, KidSecured is a highly recommended app that comes with all the features you need to watch your kids’ activities over the phone.

This is a smart cell phone monitoring tool that helps you in tracking all the internet activities of your children such as how your kids have been using their phone devices for making phone calls and sharing their captured photos on social media.

Once you sign up for the app, you can access a personalized dashboard using which you can explore its 33 phone monitoring features that keep you updated about every single activity of your children. Using the KidSecured application, you can stay updated with all the phone data on your kids’ phones in real-time. 

With the help of the online control panel of KidSecured app, the best remote cell phone spy software, you can access various messaging apps installed in your kids’ phone and receive daily updates of the latest information directly sent to your admin panel.

Viewing the demo available on the app website also helps you to get a clear idea of how the app works. ‘How can I tell if spyware is on my phone’ – to know you are also being tracked by someone, you can check your phone bills to see if there have been any charges applied towards a spying app. Finding this out, you can simply uninstall this application. 

How to know if your phone has spyware? Another method of detecting this is to install an app on your phone that blocks such monitoring apps. If you are still concerned – ‘how can I tell if my phone has spyware’, you can check your phone settings.

The spying app may be stored in the application folder or any other folder on your phone. ‘How do I know my phone is being tracked’ – you can check this with a good anti-virus or app manager tool that displays if you have any spying tool installed in your phone. How to tell if your phone is tracked?

You can come to know this if your phone has been jailbroken because iPhones require the phone to be jailbroken before a third-party app can be installed. 

How can you tell if your phone is being monitored’ – you can detect this from signs such as your battery is running down quicker than before. ‘How do you know if spyware is on your phone’ – one of the ways that signal you being monitored is when the existing apps on your phone stop working and your phone start behaving abnormally.

How to tell if there is spyware on your phone’ – you can check this if you find any unfamiliar application running in the background. Another way to find out how to check if someone is tracking your phone is when you start receiving some odd text messages on your phone such as instructions to use an app.  

Price: The KidSecured mobile app is available in three plans viz. 1-month Starter plan at $69.99 per month, 3 months Premium plan at $39.99 per month and 12 months Ultimate plan available at $16.66 per month. Among all the subscription plans, the Premium plan is the most popular. 

On the app stores, you can find many cell phone monitoring devices that are helpful in tracking someone’s mobile. Using these tracking tools, you can spy on anyone and trace the live location of his phone.

These monitoring apps are perfect solutions for how you can protect your children and enable them to use the web safely. If you want to know what do spy apps look like, there are demo versions of the applications available on their official websites that provide a complete overview of a spying app, its interface and the internal view of the personal online dashboard. You can choose from any of the above-listed spying apps which are available on the internet mostly for free.

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