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Best Android Parental Control Apps to Set Screen Time Limit

Parental controlling applications are excellent tools to keep your children safe and effectively manage their screen time on devices such as mobiles, tablets, and others. These apps offer the best monitoring solutions to help you find out what your kids are doing on their phone devices.

With the help of an Android parental control time limit application, you can impose restrictions on how much time you want your children to access their phones. These mobile apps are perfect management tools that help you in controlling your all-day-long activities to effectively manage the screen time.

Nowadays, children spend a lot of their time in online activities for various purposes related to their studies, entertainment, and others. But they are often found using their phones almost all the time on activities such as playing games and chatting with friends on social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

To avoid this and control their behavior, using screen time parental control Android applications is the best way to handle this problem. 

According to statistics, it was found that children spend more than 7 hours of their time per day on the internet as compared to only 2 hours of time recommended for them. Since children are spending a lot of their time on phones, this has caused great frustration among the parents.

Spending too much time on the phone screen is found to affect not only their school performance but also the natural sleeping patterns of children. There are many different kids’ tablet timer apps available on the web to download but not all the apps have the same features and they also vary in terms of the app performance.

These tablet time limit applications help in controlling the screen time effectively which results in safeguarding the health and happiness of their children. 

Installing the parental controlling applications helps to make you free from worries you have related to the safety of your children and to provide you complete peace of mind as well.

But you should be careful about installing the right app in your kids’ phones since there are some apps that are not perfect and maybe fake or affected with malware. Using quality apps makes your life easier so that you can control your kids’ activities effectively.

By using this tablet timer app, you can stay organized and schedule all the daily activities properly such as setting your meal-time planners. Parental control applications are designed for parents that allow them to keep a watchful eye on their children. You can monitor each activity of your child from a single parental portal.

Though these apps are meant for parents only, there is an option for children to request access to the app content from their parents. 

Reading online articles on how to set a time limit on the Samsung Galaxy tablet is also helpful if you want to get more ideas and tips. Many parental controlling applications are available online that are helpful in ensuring the safety of your kids online and to manage their screen time well on devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

There are free as well as premium time limit app Android tools available with built-in and custom features using which you can monitor the activities of your children from anywhere with full peace of mind. These apps are especially useful for helping the parents manage their kids who own smartphones but spend almost all their time in browsing online on their phones. 

In this digital era, smartphones are fully loaded with several messaging applications such as Kik, SnapChat, TikTok, and others. Kids are always chatting online with their friends on these social media channels and need to be controlled.

With the help of parental control time limits, you can manage the way children use their phones and make them stay away from their screens sometimes. This not only helps in making their eyes relaxed but also makes you feel comfortable about their safety.

Parental apps are easy to use applications that offer reliable solutions to you on how you can manage what your children do on the phones. 

The tablet time limit app is a powerful tool for monitoring your children and limiting their online activities, such as their screen time, blocking inappropriate or adult content and playing games.

It offers the ability to manage all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, and others on different platforms such as Android, iOS, and others, which becomes an added advantage for the app users.

The Samsung Galaxy tab a time limit app helps you to understand what your children had been using their smartphones for, what apps they have installed on their phones and for how long they use their phones every day. This helps your children to set appropriate limits on how you can manage their phone activities effectively. 

The parental time lock feature of screen time limiting apps helps you to lock your kids’ phones for the time you want them to have dinner with the family or do their homework.

These apps have filtering technology using which you can automatically protect your children from accessing the mobile content which is unsafe. With the help of these applications, you can also restrict the inappropriate content even in the private browsing mode.

This helps in setting limits on how your kids spend their time playing games and access applications that are related to their interests while blocking unwanted online content. Whenever your children spend their time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, you can monitor their chat messages sent and received from their friends to help you fully control your children’s activities over the phone.

If you would like to know how to put a time limit on Samsung tablet, you can find plenty of information including step by step instructions on the app website. Using these apps, you can remotely control your child’s phone and trace his location. In case you find any problem with his safety, you can press the panic button available in the app in case there’s an emergency. 

6 Best Android Apps for Parental Controlling to Set the Screen Time limit

6 Best Android Apps for Parental Controlling to Set the Screen Time limit

If you are looking for the best mobile applications that are good for parental controlling, you can find them by researching online. You need to carefully select the right apps with the best features using which you can effectively control the way you want your kids to browse the web over their phones.

The time limit apps Android for your phones have both basic and premium subscriptions you can opt for. The cost for the premium subscription varies depending upon the type of features and additional functionalities included.

These parental control apps offer great features of filtering the web content and controlling the time for which your child accesses his phone. The Android time limit app has several highlighted features included that help you in monitoring the text messages and tracking the detailed call logs from the admin panel. 

The parental control applications available on the web allow you to login to your control panel and find all the insights about who has been talking to your children and sending text messages to them.

This helps in determining whether there may not be any stranger or online predator attempting to cause any harm to them. From the online dashboard, you can find out the complete timeline and review all his online activities through minute-by-minute reviews.

If your children have been active on their device phones, the screen time limit applications provide you all the details completely and accurately. The Android screen time app provides you the ability to control your children’s online activities and monitor their text messages to offer you a great parental control solution for your kids. 

The parental control timer app is a perfect application for your children using which you can protect them against several online problems that they may face such as cyberbullying, screen addiction, viewing inappropriate content, online predators and others.

The screen time limit mobile app offers a dedicated solution with several key features helpful in controlling the applications your kids use, such as tracing the phone location of your children, creating geographical boundaries using the geofencing feature, monitoring and blocking the app content, filtering the content on the app website and controlling the screen time remotely. 

Some of the top-notch screen time parental control apps are free from any kind of in-app adverts which offer you great user experience. These applications are perfect for tracing the GPS activities of your children.

To start tracking your kids’ locations, you first need to enable the tracking option in your app and then you can determine where your kids are in real-time. Using the set time Android app, you can block some specific apps that you do not want your children to access and you can also set a global timer for them to access their smartphone usage.

With the help of these tracking tools, you can allow setting different conditions to filter the mobile content that they are surfing online including websites and YouTube channels. Geofencing is an innovative feature in the mobile app which allows you to mark specific locations as safe for your kids such as home, school, and others. 

App 10: KidSecured

KidSecured Parental Control

KidSecured parental control is a leading parental time lock app which is a smart tool for managing and controlling your kids’ online activities. Using the application, you can track the whole internet activity on their phones.

You can get complete insights on how they are using their devices and can accurately trace their locations online. The app consists of 33 features that help you in providing updated data about the app usage activities of your kids.

You can discover plenty of attractive parental control time features in the app, such as monitoring the messaging apps, managing the phone calls and tracking the text messages on phones, tracking the locations of your children, controlling the apps they are using, accessing their media files including photos and videos, and browsing their internet usage as well.  

On the official website of this app, you can find the link for viewing the demo of KidSecured parental control application. Through the call tracking feature available in the screen time parental control app, you can monitor the incoming as well as outgoing phone calls with details of timestamps.

You can very well block the unwanted phone numbers that further ensure better security of your kids against any unhealthy communication with strangers. By tracking the SMS and MMS on your kids’ phones, you can get complete clarity of the nature of interaction they have with others.

The KidSecured app helps you in tracking various messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat ad other nine popular phone applications that are frequently used by the children from time to time.

Using the monitoring app, you can track the chat messages and get a complete idea of whether your kids might not be affected by cyberbullying. This is one of the best Android set time apps specifically designed for parental controlling using which you can manage the internet activity of your kids effectively and access their installed mobile applications to control the type of content feeds your children access by blocking the unwanted websites from the web browsers. 

Using this parental controlling app, you can track the real-time location of your kids through GPS technology and mark the areas as no-go on your virtual map that are unsafe and receive alert notifications when they cross these areas.

You can also access the media files including the videos and photos that are stored in your kids’ phones to check whether they may not be interacting with any strangers or predators. Also, you can find out their favorite activities that interest them the most by accessing their media files so that you can understand more about their likes and dislikes.

The app has received 4.7 star-rating from around 30000 users who have used this phone application. 

Price: The KidSecured mobile app is available to purchase in three subscription plans viz. 1-month starter plan at $69.99 per month, 3 months premium plan at $39.99 per month and 12 months ultimate plan at $16.66 per month. 

Supported OS:

The KidSecured app is compatible with Android version 4 and above with rooting and all the versions of the Android phones with no rooting. This parental control time limit app also works with iOS devices with jailbreaking features with their versions ranging from 7 to 9.1 and all the versions of the iOS devices with no jailbreaking. 

Kids Place - Parental Control

Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place is a leading parental control application that offers the feature of child lock that helps parents in blocking access to anything you find inappropriate for your children.

With the help of this set time limit on apps Android tool, you can monitor the activities of your children that help you in customizing the features you want them to access.

Kids Place is the application that is designed by Kids Place as the perfect solution for parents who want to track how their kids have been using their phones. This application has been rated with 4.1 start-rating by around 30000 app users using which you can find out how to limit screen time on Android.

With the help of this application, you can decide the kind of app and software you want your kids to use so that your children can browse online safely and conveniently. 

By using the Kids Place mobile application, you can set up limits on the phone device of your children and receive their phone usage insights.

You can launch this screen time app for Android in your phone device and give it to them or you can also install the application directly on their phones.

If you would like to restrict your children from accessing some apps that you find unsuitable for their age, using the Kids Place mobile app can be helpful.

By using this parental control timer application, you can select all the applications that you want your children to use and block access to others that are undesirable.

You can thus be sure that you are not worried about your kids whether they may not accidentally download the apps that are unwanted, contain malware, not relevant to them, requires you to either make a payment or buy credits online to play games and others.

You can also activate the blocking options from Google Play that do not allow news apps to be downloaded and hence you can be free any worries related to buying the apps mistakenly. 

Price: The Kids Place is available for free but also comes with premium subscriptions. There are three premium plans offered by the app that include extra features for you to benefit from viz. Kids Place Premium month subscription at $0.99 per month, yearly subscription at $4.99 per month and lifetime subscription at $9.99 per month.

Supported OS:

The Kids Place screen time limit app is compatible with Android phones that vary with the type of phone device you are using. 

Kaspersky SafeKids: Parental Control for Android

Kaspersky SafeKids: Parental Control for Android

Another one of the best kid protection apps for parental controlling is Kaspersky SafeKids. It provides fast and secure access to parents who want to control the way children use their phones.

This app has been specifically designed for protecting your kids from any kind of online threat or cybercrimes. Using this application, you can effectively manage your kids’ screen time. You can also view the locations of your children to know their whereabouts and check the battery level of their phones.

Using the application, you can track the activities of your kids on their Facebook account itself and come to know whom they had been chatting with.  

The Kaspersky Safe Kids mobile app is compatible with all the devices including PC, mobile and Mac. This tool includes an application that you need to install your kids’ phone and there’s another application that should install in your parents’ phone.

Both the screen parental control applications are then connected well in the My Kaspersky account. Using this app, you can regulate the activities of your children, find out the reports based on their app usage data and customize your child’s phone settings. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids app is the best software you can use for providing your children with a safe phone experience. Using the application, you can manage the time your kids spend on their screen and organize the apps installed on their phones.

With the help of the Android screen time app, you can find insights of the report based on their public activity on the Facebook account which includes tracking their public posts and checking their list of friends that they might have added in their Facebook account. 

Using the Kaspersky Safe Kids application, you can receive advice and useful tips on different online topics that are shared by the child psychologists. This app enables you to block your child’s access to any adult content and websites.

Using this control time application, you can protect the digital world of your kids and help them surf the internet safely. With the advanced technology GPS tracker feature available in the application, you can find the whereabouts of your children in the virtual map on a real-time basis.

On the map, you can mark the areas that are safe and sends you alerts instantly whenever they step out of the safe zones. 

Price: There are two versions of Kaspersky Safe Kids viz. free and premium. The premium version is available at $14.99 which includes a license for 1 account valid for a year.

Supported OS:

The Kaspersky Safe Kids application has compatibility with Windows, MAC, iPhone or iPad and Android phones. 

Screen Time App Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time Parental Control app is a great application for the parents to monitor the screen time of their children and manage it according to the way they want to set their routine schedules.

The screen time for the Android app has been downloaded by 2 million users around the world and is highly popular among them. It has been reviewed by around 20000 app users who have given 5 start-rating to this app for its extraordinary features and high efficiency in performance. The app has also been awarded 2019 National Parenting Product Awards also. 

Using the Screen Time Parental Control application, you can take back control of how your children spend time on their phone screen. This is one of the best htc parental controls using which you can not only manage the applications installed in their phone but can also control the way you access the web and track their GPS location.

With the time limits option available in the app, you can set daily limits for your kids on how you make them avoid using their phones excessively. Using the homework and tasks feature, you can set tasks for your children so that they can complete them in a timely manner.

With this feature available in this cnet parental control app, you can develop positive habits in your kids and reward them with additional screen time if they perform their tasks well. This further encourages them on following their routine regularly. 

The Screen Time Parental Control app also comes with an instant pause option using which you can immediately put a hold on your child’s device and make them be ready for school or join you for dinner.

With the help of a web filtering feature available in this cnet parental control software, you can ensure that your kids do not access inappropriate content on the web and block such unwanted websites or specific URLs on their phones.

You can secure the app with a strong password that you can apply to lock your kids’ phones. With this, you can prevent them from uninstalling the screen time app and can also block their access to the settings option so that they may not be making any changes. 

Price: The Screen Time Parental Control application can be downloaded for free and there is no credit card required to sign up for this app.

Supported OS:

The Screen Time Parental Control mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle versions.

Kids Shell App – Kid Launcher

Kid’s Shell – Kid Launcher

Developed by Whisper Arts, Kid’s Shell – Safe Kid Launcher is a great mobile application that helps you to effectively control the phone usage habits of your children.

Using the app, you can allow running only those apps and games on the phone or tablet device of your kids that are appropriate for their age group. Using this set time limit application, you can create safe zone areas for your kids and teach them how to be patient with their device.

It is a complete solution that provides your kids with all the safety they need on how to use their phones without being exposed to inappropriate web content. 

Using the mobile application, you can make configuration changes in your kids’ phone settings to make them launch only those apps that they have approved. You can lock their access to make phone calls, send or receive SMS, run blocked websites and buy the paid applications.

Using this great screen time Android app, you can explore some great features in your child’s phone and help him to organize all the apps that are favorite to him for their access from the single portal. This kid lock app Android app has some of the best locker applications that you can install on his phones. 

With the app lock feature, your kids cannot click on the unnecessary ads that appear in the apps and cannot make in-app purchases. This application works perfectly well even if you might have installed hundreds of apps on your phone.

The app interface is built with an intuitive and simple design that appeals to your kids’ eyes. You can use a strong arithmetic password like a pin code in the app timer lock feature.

The app works in the parent – shell configuration mode using which you can switch the user to be a parent and lock the “home” button in your child’s phone. This great set time on Android application is multilingual and works perfectly to optimize your phones and tablets.

This is great screen time for kids app which has received 3.7 ratings from the app users. In the Pro version of this parental controlling app, you can even change the wallpapers on your mobile desktop. This Pro version of the app also comes with a built-in video player using which you can play videos from your phone. 

Price: The Kids’ Shell Safe Kid Launcher app is available for free and comes with the pro version offering in-app purchases for $12.99 per item.

Supported OS:

The Kid’s Shell Safe Kid Launcher application is an Android app compatible with the 4.0.3 version and above.

FamilyTime App Parental Control

FamilyTime Parental Control

FamilyTime is one of the best parental controlling applications with the most powerful features that are helpful in limiting the screen time of your children.

Using this app, you can track and control all the activities on their cell phones, such as finding their location, accessing the internet, monitoring their phone logs, blocking the apps, tracing them using geofencing and many more.

This kids’ time limit app works as your ultimate parenting aid using which you can receive all the updates you need and be aware of the live whereabouts of your kids. 

Using the app, you can fully manage their screen time and block unwanted applications with just a single tap. If they are in trouble on their way, you can receive instant panic alerts and can help them out quickly.

This is a smart digital parenting application using which you can impose time limits on your kids to avoid them being distracted whenever they are studying. Using this app, you can thus ensure that they can concentrate on what they are doing and limits the time they spend on their phone screen. 

Using the internet filtering option available in the application, you can block the pornography material from your child’s device which makes you be worry-free.

It blocks all kinds of adult websites and displays only the content which is suitable for them. With the SafeSearch feature which you can activate on YouTube, Google and Bing, the app ensure that your children do not access the unpleasant content which is completely inaccessible to them.

Web filtering blocks any kind of access to specific categories that are unsuitable and filters out the right content to make you feel comfortable that your children are safe. With the features of geofence places, family locator and locating tracking, parents can find out where their kids are in real-time.   

You can read the FAQs and Knowledgebase sections available on the app website that provide the complete user guide you can use for following the instructions on how you can install the app and use its features.

For technical issues or to find out how you can set up a specific feature, you can get all the details from the FamilyTime Support Cell. In case you have further issues, you can contact the customer support team through live chat and email.

Their technical support team will find out if they set that Android free app properly or not to ensure that it is free from any technical glitch. 

Price: The FamilyTime application is available in free and premium versions. There are 4 subscriptions plan available in the premium versions viz. MyFamily2 at $1.46 per month, MyFamily5 at $1.15 per month, My Family3 at $1.25 per month and MyFamily at $2.25 per month. 

Supported OS:

The FamilyTime app is compatible with the iPhone, Android and iPad devices. 

How to Limit Time on Android Screen

How to Limit Time on Android Screen

To limit the screen time on your child’s phone using the parental controls time application, you firstly need to download and install the screen time limit application on their phone device.

Take an example of Google for Families Family Link application which is one of the best shell apps Android apps to control the screen time of your family on devices such as Android phones or Chromebook.

Firstly, you can create an account for your child on Google to use Family Link, the best screen time app. At their bedtime, you can lock their screens using a screen time remote app so that they can get the break they need and have rest after they have used their smartphones for a certain time period.

The time limits you are imposing using the kid screen lock apply only to those applications that are installed on their phones. System applications are not supported with app limit functionality. You can also set up limits using the screen control app for only Android N+ devices.

Once you have setup Android tablet for child time limits, you will be receiving a notification when they have set the screen time for the first time, applicable for Android devices only.

Using these parental time control apps, you also get alerts when their devices are about to get locked. Once the phone devices are locked with the kid protection software, you can not see notifications, unlock their devices or use any of their apps.

However, you can answer their phone calls and tap on the emergency option for making calls if there is a calling plan in their phones, applicable only for the Android phones. 

Following are the steps you can follow to set daily limits on the toddler lock app for iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open Family Link app.
  • Step 2: Select your child’s name.
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Set up” option or the “Edit Limits” option under the “Daily Limit” button.
  • Step 4: Follow instructions on your phone screen on how you can set up the daily limits.   

How to see screen time on Samsung? To set up time limits for the applications that your children use with the time limiter software, below are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: Open the Family Link application. 
  • Step 2: Select your child’s name.
  • Step 3: Tap on “Set Limits” under the option of “Today’s activity”.
  • Step 4: Choose your app and then click on “Set Limit”. 
  • Step 5: You can set your daily time limit now.
  • Step 6: Click on “Set”. 

How to check screen time on Samsung? To change the above set time limits for the applications that your child uses, following are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: Open the Family Link application and select your child’s name. 
  • Step 2: Click on “More” under the option of “Today’s activity”. 
  • Step 3: Go to “Edit Limit” for the app you want make changes in. 
  • Step 4: Change the time limits as per your desired number. By tapping on “Delete Limit”, you can remove the time limits you had set before. 
  • Step 5: Click on “Edit” option and new time limits get updated once your child goes online.

To encourage your kids to follow their routine schedule properly using the screen time Samsung app, you can limit their screen time and devote their time towards their studies and other daily activities.

Below are the steps on how to restrict internet on Android and reward your child with bonus time:

  • Step 1: Open the Family Link application. 
  • Step 2: Select your child’s name. 
  • Step 3: Click on the Bonus time option which appears as soon as the device of your child is getting locked or has already been locked. 
  • Step 4: Now, you can follow the instructions appearing on the phone screen to give a bonus time to your children. 
Block Unwanted Apps

Block Unwanted Apps

Children are using their mobile phones daily. They can see hundreds of applications in their phones that can be either in-built or newly added. To ensure that they are using their phones safely and only installing the applications that are relevant to them, you can monitor their phones using parental controlling apps.

Using such Samsung Galaxy s3 parental controls apps, you can block the applications you do not want and allow downloading only the apps that bring educational benefit helpful for their studies or for their entertainment so that they can enjoy spending their time using their phones. 

With the fast-paced technology, the risk of online threats is increasing day by day and hence the digital environment is not safe enough for your children.

Many kinds of online crimes that you need to prevent your kids from including online bullying, adult content, online predators and others. How to set time on Android phones? To protect the children, parents can use screen time limit applications and keep a watchful eye on them to avoid them accessing the inappropriate content on their mobiles.

How to set time on Android? With the help of these parental controlling apps, you can set time on Android phone and take all the safety measures you need to block the unwanted applications either temporarily or permanently by restricting the undesirable content on their mobile phones. 

Using the screen time limiting applications, you can apply parental control time limits and get the power you need to control your children on how you can use the internet on their mobiles.

Since you get complete access to their phones, you can find the apps that are visible on their phone screens including the downloaded and installed apps.

If you are not sure about any toddler lock Android app, you can read the short description and come to know whether the application is safe or not. Whenever your child installs any app on his phone, you will receive alerts and can even review the complete history of all the apps they have downloaded directly from the family feed in your control panel.  

The parental control toddler lock apps help parents get all the access to their kids and find insights about the digital lives of their children. They can view how the applications are visible and control them so that there are only the right apps displayed on their phones.

With the screentime app, you can find out how long your child has been spending their time on their phones, what apps they had been using, what keywords they have researched in their mobile browser and the list of all the applications they have used in a day.

Some screen time control apps also come with Family Protection Pass using which you can block the unwanted apps on almost all the devices such as Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and others.

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